Winter Fashion for Plus Size Men

When the colder months arrive each year, gents have the chance to put their best foot forward in terms of style and start donning their favorite men’s winter fashion trend. Winter is the most exciting time of year where plus-size men could layer up in style, with oversized knitwear, big overcoats, and countless layering options in between. This is not just when you can cover those belly fats but also the best time to dress up and show your creative side of fashion styles.

Fortunately, overcoat manufacturers recognize that plus-size guys are always looking for something to take their clothing style a notch higher, even during the winter season. And the good thing is, peacoats, carcoats, trenches, and other large and tall outerwear are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive.

But the real challenge is choosing one made of the perfect fabric, has an appealing cut, and is well-made enough that it will last more than a season. Well, the challenge was accepted. Because we made this article just for you, read on!

Different Types of Coats for Plus Size Men

While there are assertions for almost every style of coat, and the occasions in which they are ideal, one of the true cornerstones of every man’s style is having the appropriate clothing for the proper situation. This means that you can’t wear the same jacket everywhere regardless of the rest of your outfit. Instead, you should have a variety of alternatives, one of which should always be dressier.

Below are some coats you can choose from when you go shopping for your next winter outfit.

Duffel Coat

You’re likely thinking of a duffel coat if you’re looking for a coat with hook and loop toggles. Well, we can’t blame you because duffel coats are a really great option for plus-size men. And since they are single-breasted and cut a tiny bit longer, they seem to be slightly slimmer. Also, many duffel coats have a hood, keeping you a lot warmer while making you look a little more casual.

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Car Coat

A car coat is exactly what it sounds like – it is designed to be worn while driving, not just any car, but the kind that men and women rode in a century ago. Because that type of vehicle usually didn’t have a top, passengers require warm and protective clothing.

Car coats are now considerably shorter than they used to be, hitting about mid-thigh due to variations in both style and necessity. They are still primarily made of wool or cashmere. They are regarded as fashionable and functional overcoats, making them an outstanding choice for plus-size men.

Pea Coat

Wearing a peacoat, pea jacket, pilot jacket, or reefer jacket (depending on who you ask) is trying to put on a bit of history. 

The European and later American Navies wore this heavy wool overcoat as a piece of their standard uniform. Peacoats were worn by American Navy sailors as early as 1720, according to historical records.

While fabric and fit have been updated, peacoats are still recognized for the same features such as waist-length, double-breasted, large buttons – often with the navy anchor engraved on them, and vertical pockets.

The Best Plus Size Men’s Pea Coats

If you’re searching for the perfect winter coat for plus-size men, a pea coat is likely to be it. Let’s admit it. Nobody will take you sincerely if you are part of the troop that wears mountain climbing gear around town, given the increasing number of men wearing brightly colored down jackets nowadays.

Below are the best pea coats for plus-size men that you can find in the market.

Nautica Men’s Big & Tall Wool-Blend Peacoat

The wool blend peacoat from Nautica has a classic double-breasted closure that guarantees maximum warmth. You’ll also notice the traditional navy-style buttons, which add a nice touch to the coat (makes you look very stylish). It’s made up of 52 percent wool, 30 percent polyester, 7 percent rayon, 6 percent nylon, and 5 percent other materials. This peacoat is also pleasant enough to wear without long sleeves, thanks to the quilted polyester lining.

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BGSD Men’s Mark Classic Wool Blend Pea Coat

BGSD is an American-designed and marketed brand, guaranteeing that you receive a high-quality product in the American size range. They also ensure that you have access to customer service if something goes wrong. It’s possibly the most famous brand you’ve never heard of as it’s been making big-guy jackets for over 30 years already.

It’s made of 70% wool, which gives it an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, while the remaining 30% polyester adds softness. The classic cut also offers additional room in the waist and chest, making it ideal for plus-size men while keeping an appealing silhouette.

KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Double-Breasted Wool Peacoat Coat

Since 1920, KingSize has provided peacoats for big and tall gents and other high-quality alternatives for big men. Their peacoat is made of a wool and polyester blend, making it both warm and soft. It’s also available in a relaxed fit, making it a perfect peacoat for plus-size men.

Do’s and Don’ts Plus-Size Men Winter Clothing

When flexing your winter outfit, you need to know the dos and don’ts so you won’t look funny. Make sure to take note of them.


  • Do layer your look. Wearing multiple layers of clothing is referred to as layering. It’s as easy as grabbing one of your old flannels, throwing on a cool jacket or even a hoodie over the top, and wearing a minimalistic t-shirt underneath.
  • Do stick with neutral colors. The Winter season gives you the power to ditch the bright multi-colored sweaters; as you know, big guys don’t look good in busy prints. Wearing complimentary colors instead is a better option. Everyone knows that black is a slimming color, but don’t take this advice too literally. It’s a good idea to wear dark colors to help cover up problem areas, but mix it up a little to avoid the monochromatic look all over. Lighter colors catch the eye, so choose pants in neutral colors like olive or gray to balance out a large torso.
  • Do go for texture. When planning your winter wardrobe, it’s critical to incorporate contrasting fabric textures. Wool and cotton knitwear should be at the top of your winter shopping list. Texture, while it may sound like a luxurious fashion word, simply refers to adding a variation to an ensemble. When wearing the exact color tones all over, this is particularly important. Nobody wants to be mistaken for a roll of polyester *wink*.
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  • Don’t add extra bulk. Layering is a great way to increase comfort, freedom of movement, and warmth. As a plus-size man, you should layer in the winter to prevent having to wear bulky overcoats that contribute to your frame’s bulk. At the same time moreover, you should desire heat retention. This is where the three-fold rule comes into play. You would want to wear three layers, starting with a thin bottom layer, a fractionally thicker middle layer, and finally, the heaviest outside layer. This will provide maximum comfort, mobility, and, most importantly, warmth.

The Bottom Line

Getting yourself some coat and other winter staples is an excellent investment for your wardrobe. It is high time to show yourself some love by purchasing the best winter clothing pieces for plus-size men.

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