What are the Best Casual Clothing Pieces for Plus Size Men?

Getting dressed up is all fun until you can’t find the proper clothing to wear. For plus-size men, styling their outfits might be more frustrating than fun because there isn’t much plus-size clothing option, unlike plus-size women. But that should not stop you from rocking even the most casual outfit. So, let us help you with that.

When it comes to your wardrobe, perhaps you just default to the “baggier, the better” look. Or maybe you’ve gotten used to being the king of baggy shirts and loose-fitting pants when it comes to covering up your body. You may believe that the only husky fashion options available are boring and baggy, but this is no longer the case.

Brands are now welcoming customers of all shapes and sizes. Plus-size men can now dress as stylishly as anybody else, but it still takes some thought and planning. You need to know that you’re not going to look flawless in every outfit you try on, just like everybody else.

That’s why we’re here to help you discover the best casual clothing pieces for you.

Best Casual Fashion for Plus Size Guys

Even if you’re a plus-size guy, know that you can wear the same on-trend looks like everyone else; we just have to remember to do it in a manner that’s visually appealing to big guys. That is an important point to note because wearing the appropriate attire will make you feel confident and at ease.

Below are the key pieces that we believe you need in your closet.

KingSize Shrinkless Lightweight V-Neck Pocket T-Shirt

The brand specializes in clothing for men who are both big and tall. As a result, all of their sizes are only available in big or big and tall sizes. And this stylish V-neck t-shirt is lightweight and won’t shrink, making it the perfect choice for plus-size men looking for casual tops.

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Also, you can always order the shirts in bulk because there are so many colors to choose from. Even the brighter color choices are made of robust and robust fabric that will keep you safe. The catch is, there are no see-through issues with this shirt.

The relaxed fit is complemented by tapered seams that provide added shape. The extra-wide sleeves and neck openings make this shirt much more pleasant to wear. We all know how stylish a V-neck is for big guy’s figures, and this one is no different.

The best feature of this shirt is that the V-neck is noticeably shorter than other V-necks, providing much-needed chest coverage without detracting from the overall effect. And the lightweight material resists shrinkage. You won’t have to fear the dryer’s fury or fret about your beloved t-shirt being ruined. Overall, this is a great item that should be in every plus-size guy’s closet. And because the shirt is so versatile, you can dress it up or down.

Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Fleece

For big men, finding the perfect jacket can be difficult. You would not want to put too much bulk, but you’ll need a casual yet reliable jacket when it gets cold. So, when it comes to jackets, go for heavier, structured fabrics that will provide you some shapes without turning you into the Michelin Man.

And this Columbia’s soft fleece helps to keep you warm without being too bulky. Because it’s made of super-soft polyester filament fleece, you can count on it to warm you up. It also helps for comfortable movement, whether used as a layering piece or as your first layer of protection against the winter.

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The jacket is available in a range of colors, which include some dark, neutral hues. Color blocking is used in some of them, drawing attention to your face instead of your stomach or legs.

The warm collar’s angles also help. Because it’s made of a versatile fabric, you can wear it up or down to safeguard your neck from the winter. On the other hand, the zippered pocket is strategically placed to create a sleek vertical line on your body. The entire look is linear and visually appealing because the zippers zip vertically.

Bonobos Men’s Highland Golf Shorts

While shorts aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when a plus-size man thinks of garments, these shorts are truly unique. This pair was designed for athletics, so it’s not only comfortable but also breathable and long-lasting.

They’re comfortable for any activity. You don’t have to stress about being uncomfortable while running errands or sitting on the couch the whole day. Even if you’re fat or meaty, the hefty amount of room in the thigh will surely cater to you.

The black and navy styles are both dark and solid, giving you a clean, sleek look that goes with any top. For a day outside, you can wear a polo or t-shirt or a better-looking button-down for a summer dinner.

Bonobos shorts seem to hit at just the right angle every time. These are just the right length. They fall just above the knee, and if you’re short, you can quickly customize them to the perfect length for you. The inner waistband of these shorts also has gripper gel, which keeps your shirt tucked in securely.

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Wrangler Comfort Flex Waist Jean

Finding a pair of jeans that help you feel like you’re wearing pajamas is the final goal. Aren’t these the ones that snag you in all the right spots and highlight your assets?

And Wrangler is a name you’ve probably heard before. You’ll be singing their praises from now on, as t these jeans are a perfect fit. Such pants will grow or shrink with you, thanks to the elastic waistband. Because the waist is so accommodating, you can wear these even if you’re in between sizes. Elastic is indeed synonymous with comfort.

When you wear this, you’ll have a neat appearance without feeling stuffy. This is due to the regular fit of these jeans. They provide enough space without being too baggy. The fabric is also flexible enough to support you to move around without overheating. You’ll feel at ease regardless of whether you’re out on the town, riding motorcycles, or sitting quietly around watching a football game.

Wrangler always uses genuine, heavy-duty hardware and the highest-quality denim. In addition, all Wrangler jeans come with a one-year factory defect warranty.

The Bottom Line

We mean it when we said you deserve to be comfortable and stylish, even if you’re on the plus-size side. With the right clothing piece, you’ll be able to flaunt that dad bod greatly.

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