About us

The website is about men’s life, style, and fashion. Here you will find relevant resources, giving you inspiration and guides for your life. It’s not just about what you wear, but why you wear it, who you are, and what you try to express.

We bring you real stories from men around the world. Showing unique ways to express themselves. In ways, we can fit in a regular guide of what to wear.

We can’t tell you what exactly to wear, but we will give you some guidelines, and outline safe ways to select outfits for special occasions. But there are not just the right ways to dress. There are also alternative ways, ways to stand out, and pieces to wear to show your personality more visually.

Editor of Men’s Venture

My name is Jonathan B. Delfs I run this site Men’s Venture – about men’s fashion and lifestyle. You will find articles and reviews related to fashion and men’s life in general.

Any ideas for content or collaboration?

Let me know: [email protected]

About Jonathan:

  • A sucker for simple yet stylish outfits.
  • Years of experience working in retail fashion and clothing online.
  • Been responsible for sales budgets of more than $2 million annually in the categories; clothing and accessories. Targeting men in 28 markets.
  • Worked with editorial content for several companies and organizations. Now using it for own projects, creating niche content.
  • Loves natural fabrics. A BIG fan of Merino wool and other “tech” fabrics. It’s just great for everyday use, for activities, and as a basic layer under a suit.