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The term “plus-size” has been around for years now, and we often hear those from the fashion industry. And there are much more plus-size fashion choices now than there have ever been. Even though that is great for diversifying your wardrobe, it can be pretty confusing when it comes to determining your size. And because plus-size fashion brands use several different sizing systems to classify their garments, there seems to be some sizing uncertainty for plus-size men.

Plus size clothing is clothing proportioned specifically for those people whose bodies are larger than the average person’s. The term is used differently in different countries and depending on the industry in which the person works. But what does it really mean? And how do we know if you’re plus size?

What Size is Considered a Plus Size in Men?

You’ll definitely notice that until now, the emphasis of body positivity discourse has been on women. And some agencies even had plus-size women on their books. Despite all of the positive aspects of body diversity, it makes us wonder: if it’s taking place in women’s fashion, why isn’t it happening in men’s fashion? And really, what size is considered plus size in men?

In menswear, plus-size usually refers to a size XL with more than 42 inches chest measurement. Still, it can also refer to anyone who is very tall and well built. And a man’s measurement standard is similar to a 32/32 or 32/34. So, anyone who is more significant than a size 34 or 36 is regarded as a plus-size, and anyone who is larger than that is considered a plus-size man.

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How To Get Your Measurement

All products are sold by the international sizing scheme used by the designer/brand. And it’s crucial to understand that clothing sizes differ depending on the item, the manufacturer, and the brand. So, how do you know you’re getting the right size when you go shopping? You end up saving time and eliminating undesirable mistakes by measuring your body measurements and using a size chart. We have listed the ways on how you can measure your size.

Neck Size

Measure around the base of the neck, where it reaches your shoulders, with the tape. For a looser fit, place a finger between your neck and the measuring tape.


Place your hand on your hip and bend your elbow. You can ask someone to take a measurement from the back of your neck, then around your shoulder and elbow to your wrist bone.


This measurement should be taken beneath your armpits, around the widest point of your chest and shoulder blades. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and that you aren’t pulling too hard or holding your breath while trying to measure.


Place the tape around your natural waistline, close to your belly button. Remember that before you measure, you should place one finger in between the tape and your body.


This is the distance from your groin to your lower ankle. You may find that it is easiest to measure on a pair of pants that you already own.

Plus Size Men Clothing Size Guide

Now that you already know how to get your measurement, or by this time, you already know, you need to refer to a chart. And because X sizing can differ significantly between brands and designs, a size guide is essential.

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Plus Size Men Size Guide for Pants

Waist Size

SizeWaist in InchesWaist in Centimeters
L34 – 3686 – 91
XL36 – 3891 – 96
2XL40 – 44101 – 111
3XL46 – 50117 – 127
4XL52 – 54132 – 137
5XL56 – 60142 – 152
6XL62- 64157 – 162

Inseam / Length Size

Size LengthLength in InchesLength in Centimeters
Extra Long3589

Plus Size Men Size Guide for Shirts

US or International SizeUK SizeEuro Size

Plus Size Men Size Guide for Jackets

Body Height in CentimetersChest Width in CentimetersUS sizeEuropean Size
174 – 17998 – 101L50
177 -182102 – 105L52
180 – 184106 – 109XL54
182 – 186110 – 113XL56
184 – 188112 – 1172XL58
185 – 189118 – 1212XL60
187 – 191122 – 1253XL62
189 – 193126 – 1293XL64
191 – 194130 – 1334XL66
193 – 196134 – 1375XL68
195 – 198138 – 1415XL70
197 – 200142 – 1456XL72

Note: Plus sizes are recommended if you are 6’2″ or shorter. Your waist measurement is equal to or greater than your chest measurement.

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1X, 2X, 3X, and so on are the sizes for big or plus sizes. An XL is roughly equivalent to a 1X, and an XXL is approximately equal to a 2X.

0X is a size that falls between large and extra-large on some brands. The size may be labeled with a “T” or “Tall” after the size number for tall items. They’re usually referred to as 3X Tall or 3XT.

The Bottom Line

There will be those days when finding your clothing size would be frustrating, but it shouldn’t be. That is why we hope that the charts above would save you the fuss.

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