Style Tips for Plus Size Men

Even when you’re innately big-boned, plus-size men should not be excluded from looking like a celebrity. And the era of covering up a larger body is over. It’s saddening that it took a while for people to realize that any shape can be stylish with the right know-how. Nonetheless, plus-size men now have choices that allow them to embrace fashion.

Plus-size men’s wear can be a refreshing transition of pace in wardrobe options and a new view on the much-needed representation of plus-size men in the fashion world. When it comes to body optimism and plus-size movements, the focus is frequently on the female form, with little acknowledgment that fat representation is also badly necessary for men.

And to be frank, any man, regardless of his size, can look attractive and stylish. You only need to pay attention to your dressing style. That’s why we’re here to help.

Style Tips for Plus Size Men

Clothing should fit well to attain a modern look, which often conflicts with the thought that your clothes must fit tight. Instead, when you’re plus size, you would like to strike a balance between too loose and too tight. So below, we have listed some tips and tricks on achieving a fitted look by paying attention to body proportions and styling.

It is all about the fit.

When carrying an extra wood, the urge is to cram it all in with tight clothing or cover it up with sizing up. But neither of them will work. It won’t hide your shape. Instead, it emphasizes it. Wearing your clothes too tight will not give you the modern style you desire. On the other hand, tight clothing hugs and defines each curve, which can sometimes be off-putting.

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So instead, seek out clothing that fits well and has some shape, resulting in a flattering silhouette. You would want your clothes to shape you slightly but leave a lot for curiosity. 

A t-shirt, for instance, should shape your shoulders and arms while falling straight across your belly rather than defining each curve.

Visual trickery is the key.

Visual trickery is the key to looking slimmer and bolder. To begin, reduce the amount of surface area. This means always tucking dress shirts into pants and wearing a belt to separate the belly from the crotch, even if it hangs down a little too far. Make a vertical line, such as a V-neck or a row of buttons, to draw attention to the center of your body rather than your gut.

You can also darken the areas you don’t want to draw attention to, such as your belly, buttocks, or thighs, and wear lighter tones over your slimmer areas.

Be careful with patterns.

The pattern is a strong factor, and the more of it on display, the stronger its effects become. It adds personality and style. It’s worth noting. However, that larger, bolder, and high-contrast patterns will make you look larger.

On plus-size men, busy patterns can become overwhelming. Low contrast patterns are ideal if you don’t want to appear more prominent. If you like striking shirts, create balance by not wearing them too tight or adding a layer on top to create vertical panels. You can consider leaving your shirt open and wearing a t-shirt with a bold pattern underneath.

Make use of colors, but not all of them.

Avoid blocked bright hues like red, purple, green, yellow, and pink on shirts and tops to prevent looking like a huge piece of fruit. Dark, plain colors look better for plus-size men, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid bright colors entirely. You should also note that eyes can be drawn away from your waistline by a bright pocket square. This trick works on everything up top.

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On the other hand, solid neutral colors like navy, chocolate, olive, black, and gray look great with colored pants. Perfect for tees, jackets, and knits, these broad, block spaces in dark shades help to complement your shape.

Structured tailoring is your best friend.

The rounder man’s best friend has always been tailoring. Almost every man requires the services of a tailor, and fashion for the plus-size gentleman is no exception. Since you’re larger than average and won’t be able to buy a suit off the rack, you can just skip the retail shop and go straight to the person with the measuring tape and thread.

Made-to-measure or bespoke suiting will cost more than a store-bought suit but will fit you perfectly. But it will allow you to customize everything from button color to lapel width. And a high-quality fabric in a classic color will last for generations.

Choose a full break on your pants, with a pant skimming heel or a slightly shorter length. The jacket should cut the shoulder steeply and sit flat with no tugging when fastened, hiding the belly perfectly.

What are Some Wardrobe Essentials for Plus Size Men?

Having some wardrobe staples on hand would surely help you style your next outfit effectively. But, do you know which clothing pieces you should have to be outfit ready? If not, well, worry no more. We have listed down the essentials a plus-size man needs to be on his wardrobe.

Dark Tees

The old saying that says dark clothes slim you down is true. Why? Well, dark clothes don’t show shadows, so any lumps and bumps hidden beneath them aren’t as noticeable. You don’t have to wear it from head to toe, but it’s perfect for tees, sweatshirts, and shirts, which serve as a neutral and appealing foundation for the rest of your outfit.

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V-neck tees and Henleys

Because of their slimming necklines and vertical focal points, V-neck tees and Henleys should be your go-to pieces. Striped business shirts are also acceptable, but you should consider tucking them in.

Knee-length Shorts

If the summer weather calls, go for knee-length cargos instead of cargos with bulky pockets. Low-rise chinos or pants are ideal. Those that have a smaller distance between the waistband’s top and the crotch. Also, don’t sit your trousers under your belly button because this elongates your torso, making you appear tubby and short-legged.

The Bottom Line

Fashion is not all about the size; it is about the style. Plus, size men can always look stylish and dapper. And with just a few tips and tricks, you will surely be able to rock a great OOTD, whatever the event may be.

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