What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner for Men

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a time to relax, reconnect with loved ones and remember what you’re grateful for – be it family, your health, or just the simple things in life. But the preparation for Thanksgiving might be a little stressful for some. You might feel a little pressure on what to cook or where or how to celebrate. The holiday’s stress might be a little too much for you – giving you little to no time to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner outfit.

Thanksgiving is all about getting relaxed and cozy with your loved ones, and you might opt to wear something simple, too.

You don’t want to overdo it, but you also don’t want to look like you did not put any effort into it. So, you might be wondering and worrying about what you should wear on Thanksgiving. Well, you are on the right website because Men’s Venture is here to help you.

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Men

First things first: in order for you to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving dinner outfit for men, you need to know the location and the theme (yes, there are some Thanksgiving parties with themes) of the party or dinner you are going to attend. This will be your basis on what attire you are going to wear.

So, we listed down below different Thanksgiving outfit ideas for men.

Graphic or Plain Tee and Jeans

If you are staying at home on Thanksgiving or you are going to host the party, then a graphic tee or just a plain t-shirt paired with your favorite jeans will be the best idea. It will make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you entertain your guests or as you eat with your family (if you don’t have anyone to come over).

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Flannel Shirts and Tab-front Stretch Chinos

Flannels pair with stretched chinos and your favorite pair of shoes will give you that casual look. You can also wear this outfit whether you are going to spend the holiday at your house or at your parent’s house. This could be your go-to attire for the next Thanksgiving dinners you are going to attend. It is very simple yet looks cool as well.

Dress Shirt and Black Jeans

Thanksgiving is also the best day to be introduced to your girlfriend’s parents. And you only got one shot with it. You surely want to make a good impression, so, what is the best Thanksgiving attire to wear? To look cool, you can opt to wear a dressed down dress shirt worn with pitch-black jeans. You know, mom loves this kind of get-up.

Sweater, Blazer, and Jeans

If you want some layer, you can wear a sweater over a blazer for a super stylish look. It’s incredibly important to get your blazer tailored out for this look.

Hoodie and Joggers

If you plan to just watch football on Thanksgiving Day with your girl or with your friends, you surely want to dress comfortably. Hoodie and joggers paired with your favorite sneakers and good sunglasses is the best outfit for you.

Suit (of course)

Well, if you are going to attend formal Thanksgiving dinner, you can never go wrong with suits. A navy-blue suit is not just a great color but it is also a very versatile one, it gives very modern vibes.

Thanksgiving Looks for Men

Aside from the outfits listed above, there are also other holiday looks that you can try. We really think you’ll like them too.

Classy but Casual

As we already mentioned above, if you want to look your best, the blue suit is one that will never disappoint you. But to make it look classy and casual at the same time, you can try wearing it with the no-socks style. Yes, that’s a trend.

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Cozy and Warm

Thanksgiving Day is for most Americans the start of the winter holiday season. If you’re planning to snuggle up next to the fireplace with your loved ones, you’re going to want to wear a dress that feels as nice as it looks, pieces like a plaid top, a puffy jacket, and joggers. Winter boots will also come in handy if you try to go outside.

Modern and Minimal

To elevate your style to match the occasion, you can go for a look that’s sleek, modern, and minimalist to help you make a sharp impression. A bomber jacket, a shirt, and jeans are the real deal. And to polish the look, you can wear your favorite pair of boots to pull-off a modern look.

Comfortable and Classy

A sweater and a button-up paired with colored jeans (the neutral colored ones) and leather sneakers will definitely show-off your classy style. Plus, it is a really comfortable fit for any kind of Thanksgiving dinner.

Cute but Cool

In addition to the different looks above, you can also try matching outfits with your family, for the sake of the Thanksgiving spirit. You can decide whether you will wear the same color of clothes, or you can shop for t-shirts with the same design for everyone in the family. It will really look super cute and cool.

What Not to Wear on Thanksgiving

You finally got a bunch of ideas on what to wear on Thanksgiving, but you should also take note of what not to wear. You sure want to leave an impression on the people you are going to spend the holiday with, but make sure that it is a good impression. To avoid giving a bad impression, you must avoid certain clothing pieces or outfits (as a whole).

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No cowboy hats or bandanas

Aside from the fact that cowboy hats and bandanas are hard to pull off accessories, thanksgiving isn’t really the holiday for it. Try not to accessorize too much, because less is still better.

No sweatpants

Unless you are going to hit the gym or going to watch a game, sweatpants are a no-no. Especially if you are going to attend a formal or semi-formal party or dinner. It won’t help you get a good impression from grandmas and grandpas.

No shirt and shorts

Again, if you don’t have anywhere to go, you can actually wear a pair of shirts and shorts, but going to a dinner party with this attire, well, you’ll definitely get an impression (just not the good ones). You might want to put a little effort into wearing, at least, a jean.

Not too many neutral colors

Try not to wear too many neutrals at a time to create sleek and sophisticated looks. Neutrals are colors that can be worn in association with any other color and are typically used as a blank canvas on which you create a color scheme for your outfit for a more edgy look.

The Bottom Line

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all your blessings and being with your loved ones.

Like every holiday, Turkey Day is a good day for a nice meal, but also for fashion and dressing up to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. You must wear the right Thanksgiving outfit and pull it off. If you do, you might end up adding us to your “what are you thankful for” list.

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