What Accessories Should You Wear to Achieve a Rugged Man Look?

Unlike women, guys do not naturally gravitate toward fashion. Sure, you understand the value of owning a high-quality, rugged outfit, but maybe you have no idea where to begin. Some believe that clothes make the man, but functional accessories with a unique look and style make a man in this day and age. And to ensure that your look reflects the rugged, manly style that complements your lifestyle, you will need something more than just clothes. 

A man’s selection of accessories communicates to the world who he is, including everyday items such as money clips, phone covers, and a wallet. Anything you wear will speak volumes of your personality. So, if you are leaning towards rugged men’s fashion, it is time to update your accessories. And we are here to help you with that.

Key Accessories for the Rugged Man

If you don’t have the right accessories, your look will be severely lacking. Determining which accessories best complement your style can be a difficult task. But whether you’re venturing into the world of rugged fashion for the first time or have a depth of style knowledge, we’re sure that this article will help you get off on the right foot.


Sure, you may look at your phone to tell the time, but a watch is a timeless item and a must-have for the rugged man. Many guys buy multiple watches, whether for casual use, enhance an outfit, or make a big statement. They ignored the essential functions of a watch in favor of something more visually appealing.

This frequently leads to a nice-looking watch that lacks the functions that should be standard in the first place. So, it would be best if you looked out for a stylish, functional, and sturdy timepiece, as it is always a great purchase.

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Bracelets are one of today’s most popular men’s accessories. Most bracelets for men are an incredibly sexy accent for any casual or formal look. They can significantly boost your rugged style, or they can provide the much-needed slight boost and individuality to round off your clothing. They can be worn individually or in a set to create a classic style.

Bracelets come in a wide range of forms, with beaded bracelets being one of the most popular, alongside solid metal and chain bracelets. Bracelets are an effortless way for guys to exhibit their identities because there is so much variety in bracelet styles.


Show them your style when you show them the money. Of course, wallets must be practical; after all, they contain your cash, ID, and all of your cards. But they should also look good. Sadly, there are many men out there who are still holding on to the wallet they purchased years ago, unaware of how damaged it looks.

If you are in need of an upgrade, now is the time to do so because there are so many styles to select from. Fine, trendy rugged wallets can be surprisingly reasonable, and if you like to take your cash in a money clip, choose a compact and elegant cardholder wallet.


Sunglasses are a visual treat on hot summer days. During the summer, men’s sunglasses are one of the most prevalent accessories seen. Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for any man. They are a mark of style and the embodiment of cool. And there are many different types of sunglasses to complement your face and your rugged style.

They will not only shield your eyes from dangerous rays, but they will also make you seem attractive. Although not everyone likes wearing sunglasses, the feeling is fantastic when you find the perfect pair for you.

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We are serious every time that we say that every man should buy a high-quality leather belt. A decent belt does more than keep your pants up; it also keeps a look together. A good cowhide belt will last long after other accessories have gone out of style – whether it’s a much-needed separation for tall men between the top and bottom half of an ensemble or a subtle complement to leather Derbies.

Choose brown, black, or a combination of the two, and always go for the best you can buy. This device will be holstering your pants for many years, and you don’t want to be unseated by a disintegrating knockoff. Subtle, timeless buckles in raw metallic tones will also work well for you.

Swiss Army Knife

If you are the sort of guy who appreciates the outdoors or is mechanically skilled, you should try having a Swiss Army knife or multi-tool. This is particularly true if you already have a pocket knife for some reason. Unlike a regular knife, a Swiss Army Knife can assist you in a broader range of scenarios. You may think this is a bit overkill. Still, it certainly falls under the category of accessories that a man should have to get the rugged man look.

This is especially vital if you’re planning a camping trip or other outdoor activities for the day. Furthermore, if you use it in everyday life to fix something, that’s a significant aspect.

Best Style Accessories in the Market for Rugged Men

Red Wing Trucker Wallet

Until now, men’s wallet selections have been fundamental in appearance, with only a few card slots. If you find yourself in need of more storage, we recommend Red Wing’s compact carry-all. The Trucker Wallet is vital, as its name suggests, with a hard-wearing leather hide and a set of sturdy brass buttons.

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Electric Knoxville S

Electric is known for producing sleek and sporty sunglasses, but with the Knoxville S, the firm upped the ante. The S version of one of Electric’s most popular models is lightweight. It has a flexible, impact-resistant frame and non-slip nose pads, so you can go out without wondering if your sunglasses can manage the activity.

Pro Trek WSD-F20BK

The Pro Trek range of timepieces is jam-packed with outdoor-adventure technology. This new edition is supported by Google’s Wear OS and is compatible with Android phones. It includes built-in capabilities such as an altimeter, barometer, activity tracking, a digital compass, and a standalone GPS antenna with a map directly on the watch face. That’s almost everything that you need right there on your wrist.

Miansai Nexus Leather Bracelet

Miansai’s tiny leather number completes our bracelet picks. It’s basic, subtle, and classically minimal, made of authentic Italian hide and a small sterling silver button fastening. As an extra plus, it pairs well with a wide range of watches.

Tanner Goods Standard Belt

Working hard to keep your pants from dropping down is never a good look, so save yourself the trouble and get this belt from Tanner Goods instead. It’s made of 10oz English bridle leather and measures 1.5 inches wide. It has a roller-bar buckle, hand-stamping, and a waxed finish that will only get better with age. You can even compare it to the rest of your metal items because there are five distinct hardware colors to select from.

The Bottom Line

Remember that if you want to achieve the rugged look you’ve always wanted, the key is to get yourself the right accessories. We hope that we were able to help you with this article.

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