What to Wear with Burgundy Pants for Men

Men usually have pants with basic colors such as black, navy, or white. But as the fashion scene evolve, colored pants evolve, too. For example, Burgundy is a great color choice when choosing a new pair of pants to add to your wardrobe. You might think that it is not a usual color for pants, but you will later discover that there are many ways you can pull a burgundy pants outfit. Ready?

After covering your basic blue, black, and white bottoms, burgundy is the easiest color you can add to the mix, which we already mentioned earlier. It’s a color that men don’t gravitate towards naturally, but these pants are a total game-changer once you try them on.

Before we go on and discover the versatility of this color, you might want to know that burgundy is a deep reddish-brown shade inspired by wine from the Burgundy region of France. Now, let’s dig deeper.

What Color Shirt To Wear with Burgundy Pants

Neutrals such as white, black, navy, cream, and gray are the perfect colors to complement burgundy since neutrals are usually often a safe color to match. They are called the fill-in color that ensures that a color spot can be “filled in” by the neutral without drawing attention.

The beauty of burgundy is you can keep things calm by wearing it with navy blue, gray, white, cream, or black, or be a bit more colorful by pairing it with a light pink, chambray blue, and olive green.

As there is a clear visual contrast between the two colors, blue also goes well with burgundy. To really get that nice contrast, opt for light blue, but it can also be done with darker shades of blue. Blue is also a great color to pair with as it has overall high color matching choices, so this is another great color to pair with burgundy as well.

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What Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Pants

Aside from the perfect color shirt, the right color shoes are also necessary to pull off your burgundy pants. That is why, for your convenience, we listed some colors that will certainly look good once paired with burgundy.

Beige Shoes

Burgundy pants pair perfectly with beige shoes. In its neutrality, beige is an outstanding color, as it lends the front and middle of the red stand without vying for publicity.

White Shoes

If you want to pull=off a very New England-inspired summer combination, then match your Burgundy trousers with white shoes. Slip-on while a white buck or casual driver would be more casual and make it a little dresser.

Navy Shoes

Red and blue are primary colors, which look fantastic when put next to each other. The overall result is still positive, while you’re combining two unique colors. Make sure to wear a plain, understated top, and keep yourself grounded.

Light Brown

Light brown shoes paired with burgundy trousers are a perfect combination. This is ideal for an evening out in the summer, and the brown gives the outfit a touch of dressiness. You can wear it at any time, day or night, in the right season.

Dark Brown

Dark brown would be a perfect pairing, but when contrasted against a casual trouser like burgundy, the hue gives off too much of an air of formality. Feel free to do this, but it will definitely be easier with other colors.

Burgundy Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

Now that we’ve established the shirt colors and shoes that could go along with your burgundy pants, it is time to try on some outfit ideas.

Laid-Back Looks

  • The combination of a white long sleeve shirt and burgundy pants expresses comfort without compromising style. You can get a bit experimental in your footwear by matching your outfit with brown leather tassel loafers. Don’t forget to wear your clear sunglasses and a silver watch.
  • A crew-neck white print t-shirt and burgundy sweatpants will surely make for the perfect off-duty look for the modern gents. To quickly turn up your look’s style factor, add a pair of white and blue athletic shoes, navy sunglasses, and silver bracelets to this ensemble.
  • It is a wonderful choice for a laid-back outfit to pair a white polo with burgundy trousers. Rounding this outfit off with a pair of low-top white canvas sneakers is the best way to give your look an extra dose of style.
  • A blue denim shirt and burgundy pants are a combination that you should try if you want to pull-off that laid-back look. Add your favorite h tan camouflage canvas low-top sneakers to the mix to give your getup a smarter finish. You can also opt to wear accessories like olive sunglasses and a leather watch.
  • The off-duty pairing of a light blue long sleeve shirt and burgundy pants is incredibly simple to put together in no time, making you look sharp and prepared for everything. You can finish this laid-back look with black leather sandals for a splash of wow factor.
  • Match a black crew-neck sweater with burgundy chinos for another fresh off-duty ensemble. Incorporating a pair of brown suede derby shoes into the mix will surely add a little spice to this outfit.
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Casual Outfits

  • In any modern man’s clever casual wardrobe, a grey overcoat, white and black printed hoodie, and burgundy chinos are important.  You can always wear a pair of low-top, gray canvas sneakers to shake things up a little.
  • Consider matching a light blue shawl cardigan and white short-sleeve shirt with burgundy chinos for a casually tidy look; these pieces play pretty well together. Your look’s classy feature could be easily stepped up by a pair of navy leather derby shoes.
  • The look that the combination of light blue long sleeve shirt and burgundy chinos will give you is a dapper yet comfortable look. To feel countercultural, wear a pair of black leather sandals to spice up this ensemble and make it trendy.
  • Choose a burgundy print polo and burgundy chinos if you’re in search of a casual yet on-trend outfit. Balance this look with a more sophisticated style of footwear, such as loafers made of burgundy leather.
  • A brown suede biker jacket, burgundy crew-neck top, and burgundy chinos are important in any man’s perfectly curated off-duty arsenal. Add a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers to this outfit for a dressier feel.

Formal Wears

  • Pairing a black blazer and burgundy chinos strikes the ideal balance between casual and formal. On the classier end of the spectrum, go for something in shoes and supplement your ensemble with black leather tassel loafers.
  • A navy check blazer and burgundy chinos are absolute mainstays if you’re picking out a classic and casual wardrobe that holds to the highest sartorial standards. Dial-up this getup by slipping into white leather tassel loafers.
  • If you pick out a timeless and stylish wardrobe that keeps to the highest sartorial expectations, a navy check blazer, black polo, and burgundy chinos are absolute the mainstays. By slipping in white leather tassel loafers to the mix, you’ll surely turn up this getup.
  • Pairing a grey plaid blazer, brown turtle neck, and burgundy chinos will strengthen your expertise in men’s fashion. Dial down this highly formal by throwing in a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes.
  • Combine a tan raincoat and light blue dress shirt with burgundy chinos for a pared-down but a dapper choice. Make a little more effort with shoes and add a black leather double monks to this getup.
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The Bottom Line

Owning a couple of burgundy pants could be the greatest wardrobe decision you’ll ever make. It is a versatile clothing piece that you can wear on any occasion. Plus, it is so easy to pair with your basic wardrobe staples. So, what are you waiting for?

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