What Color Neckties Should You Wear on Weddings?

Choosing the right tie to wear to a wedding is a constant struggle. Most of the time, it will vary on occasion, the setting, and the suit you’re donning, but one thing is for sure: ties are required at weddings.

Due to its formal sheen and more “slim” appearance, silk and satin ties were customarily worn to weddings. But the institution of wedding connections has evolved over time, changing and becoming significantly more varied. So, to create a modern impression, you will want to look at linens and cotton. Still, obviously, it varies depending on the venue of the wedding.

The sheer number of alternatives can be a significant roadblock. The wedding party and wedding ties are as plentiful as Simpsons episodes, and nobody has time to look at all the wedding ties available. But fret no more; we are here to help.

Bowties or Neckties?

Your choice of neckwear will significantly influence your wedding attire. Still, picking between a necktie and a bow tie does not have to be complicated. It only requires determining whether the wedding will be formal or casual.

Wedding Neckties

Neckties might be considered the less formal option for a wedding between the two. Sure, they are stylish, but wearing a necktie to a wedding that has a black tie dress code would not be appropriate. A necktie will do if the wedding isn’t quite so formal, like a casual wedding. Overall, wearing a tie is a practical and secure choice for wedding guests. You might already have a few, and it’s not difficult to find new ones on the market. They are easy to wear and go well with any outfit you choose.

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Wedding Bowties

The ideal accessory for a formal wedding is unquestionably a bow tie. We assure you that a bow tie is appropriate if your wedding invitation states black tie or black tie optional.

However, there are other reasons to wear a bow tie to a wedding than that. Bow ties can also be a great addition to a more laid-back occasion. Despite being less popular, they make a great addition to any suit and will undoubtedly set you out from the crowd. Having a great pair of bow ties in your closet is crucial if you even have a remote chance of attending a black-tie wedding. Even if your wedding attire is casual, the correct bow tie can make a striking impression.

Color Neckties for Different Wedding Themes and Location

One of the main ways grooms and groomsmen may add a little color and style to a wedding is with a wedding tie. We hope this variety of wedding tie options will help you choose the perfect one.

Tie Colors for Church Wedding

If you’re attending a church wedding, the perfect ties to wear are solid-colored satins. The most traditional location for weddings is a church. Therefore, it’s appropriate to honor the event with a formal, classic tie. The burgundy, emerald, navy blue, or ivory ties will offer you a classic, put-together appearance. Consider wearing a textured satin or polka-dot tie if you want to dress it further.

Tie Colors for Country Wedding

If you’re in the countryside, far from any glitzy skyscrapers, with primarily rolling hills and a clear blue sky as your backdrop, you need to take note of this.

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Because of their rustic look, linen or cotton ties are the finest to wear for this type of wedding. Wearing an excessively glossy satin tie is the best way to appear like a painful finger in the countryside. Linen ties are the ideal accent to attractive rural settings due to their casual drape and textured offering. For an applicable statement, pick among burgundies, blues, greys, lavenders, and soft pinks.

Tie Colors for City Wedding

Weddings in the city require the brashness and boldness of satin ties. A satin tie will help you present yourself in the most professional way possible. The modern nature of city weddings gives you more leeway to choose grand color schemes. If you want to create a bold statement, choose colors like sapphires, reds, purples, and black.

Tie Colors for Beach Wedding

Beach weddings call for a particular type of tie because it is one of the most idealized wedding places you can imagine. It demands linens, pastel colors, and perhaps even florals, so put away your shine satins and silks. A blatantly garish satin tie could overpower the environment and undermine the laid-back vibe.

The ideal beach wedding tie is made of textured linen because its rustic aesthetic matches the laid-back atmosphere. If you want to accurately depict the coastal environment, choose muted shades like baby blue, gray, and khaki.

How to Choose Color Wedding Neckties

Solid vs. Pattern

The most preferred choice for ties at weddings is one in a solid color. They can be matched to wedding colors and/or bridesmaid gowns, the simplest. Because they can be straightforward to match, striped and paisley ties are a typical pick for weddings. Try paisley or stripes with no more than three colors if you attend a wedding.

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Selecting a pattern with at least one color that matches or coordinates with your wedding colors is the secret to a beautiful wedding tie.

Consider ties with floral patterns. Wedding ties with floral patterns are currently very trendy. However, these designs can be pretty busy and colorful. Choose a floral tie with dusty blue anywhere in the pattern if that hue is your wedding’s theme. Don’t be concerned if the pattern includes shades that aren’t in your color scheme.

Dusty blue flowers are combined with black, burnt orange, plum, and pink in this Maywood floral tie. Those dusty blue flowers on the tie will stand out when accompanied by dusty blue bridesmaid gowns and other wedding decorations. Most guests won’t notice if specific colors aren’t included in your wedding design.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect tie for you might be extremely overwhelming because there are many tie styles and color combinations. So, we really hope that this post was helpful to you in that regard.

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