Dress for Success: What Should Men Wear to a Job Interview?

During an interview, a hiring manager or employer looks at more than just a job applicant’s experience and communication abilities. He also assesses how the applicant looks in general. But even more complicated than the interview itself can be choosing the appropriate attire.

We are all aware that initial impressions are often lasting. And if you want to land that job, you should dress professionally and according to the hiring company’s fashion.

You may need to wear business casual or formal business attire for your interview, depending on the position and level you are applying for. You wouldn’t want your clothing to be obnoxious, excessively tight, too loose, or otherwise distracting.

Clothing Items to Wear for a Job Interview

You don’t need to be stressed out because choosing what to wear to your interview doesn’t require spending much money or scouring trendy websites and catalogs. Men’s fashion is relatively simple; you can put together a fashionable, businesslike, and sophisticated ensemble with only a few essential clothing pieces.

Button-down Shirts

Select a button-down shirt with modest solid or printed colors. You can wear these shirts with gray or blue pants and a coordinating tie for a polished appearance. 

On the other hand, choose more striking hues or patterns if you’re interviewing at a company with a more relaxed dress code. You don’t need to wear a tie in settings like these; the button-down shirt you choose can further highlight your unique style.

Polo Shirt

Suppose the interview is in the warm season, and you know that the company has a casual dress policy. In that case, you might want to try wearing a polo shirt. To retain a professional look, wear a polo shirt with beige trousers. You can also attempt to make this shirt look slightly more refined by wearing it with a sweater.

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Navy Blue Blazer

A navy-blue blazer is an excellent complement to your interview attire and a refreshing change from the traditional black suit coat. Depending on the dress code, you can wear it with or without a tie. Navy blue pairs well with many different shirt colors and look great with khakis, chinos, or gray trousers. This one thing has a lot of versatility so you can use it in various ways. An elegant yet polished look is completed by navy blue blazers.


Another option for business-casual attire is a suit jacket in khaki or a light color paired with coordinating pants. Even with the lighter color, this choice is slightly more informal than a formal suit. This is a consideration if you’re unsure of the dress code because it’s safer to dress up rather than down in these circumstances. As usual, wearing a tie may dress it up even more.

Solid Color Tie

Use a solid-colored tie to maintain a neat appearance. A more conventional color tie with a solid design is your best option for a job interview. Black, green, navy blue and burgundy are examples of traditional hues. Keep in mind that your tie should match the rest of your attire. Keep your tie understated so that it doesn’t draw attention away from you, even though it can be the main piece of your outfit.

You can try out various colors or ties with patterns, such as diagonal stripes. Remember to wear a solid-colored shirt if you decide to wear a patterned tie and vice versa.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are the most appropriate footwear for an interview. Known as the most formal shoes, oxfords can be worn with either dress trousers or suits, based on the setting. Another style of shoe with a long history is the Oxford shoe. These kinds of shoes gradually expanded in variety and style as technology and fashion advanced. Therefore, many people can wear them in many different situations, such as formal events, weddings, celebrations, or everyday activities.

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Oxford shoes are cozy and come in various designs and hues to suit consumers’ demands and preferences in multiple contexts. These added characteristics make this shoe perfect for interviews because they will give you a more assured and polished appearance.

Rules When Selecting an Outfit for a Job Interview

Don’t make clothing decisions on the day of the interview.

Remember to check the fit of each piece of clothing a few days before your interview. Additionally, feeling at ease might boost your self-assurance. Ensure that the clothing is spotless and outstanding to complete your professional appearance. You can pick the clothing that makes you feel the best by trying on a few different interview outfit alternatives. You can also experiment with different shirt, jacket, and pants color and pattern variations.

Suit yourself simply.

You want the employer to concentrate on you during the interview so they may learn more about you. You must therefore dress in items of apparel and jewelry that won’t draw their attention. Generally, avoid designs and colors that clash or are too bright. You can decide what fits by being aware of the organization’s dress code. For instance, some creative occupations could value bolder attire that highlights your character.

Avoid wearing exaggerated jewelry.

Your accessories should match the rest of your attire and not divert the interviewer’s attention to it. Accessories can be anything from jewelry to watches to cufflinks to suitcases. Bring a bag with you to the interview so you may take numerous resumes and other application files. During the interview, you can remove any extra items, like your phone or headphones, from your bag. You can pick a small, neutral-colored briefcase or messenger bag.

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The Bottom Line

Making a good first impression at an interview depends on your choice of clothing. No of the situation, dressing professionally might increase your likelihood of landing a job. Fortunately, you’ve landed in this article to learn some rules to follow so that you may present yourself professionally in an interview.

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