What Should a Man Wear to an Outdoor Winter Wedding?

Suppose you’ve ever been asked to a wedding. In that case, you’re familiar with the exhilaration that comes first, followed by the worry about what to wear. More so, when the wedding you’re invited to will be an outdoor winter wedding. 

Although getting married in the winter may not be the most typical wedding season, there are many reasons this time of year is special. Winter weddings undoubtedly have their benefits. One of them is indeed a snowy backdrop. Still, it goes without saying that these breathtaking sights go hand in hand with chilly temperatures. While that’s great for wedding photos, cold weather may be uncomfortable for guests, primarily if part of the ceremony or reception is held outside.

Good news! You have choices if you are currently a guest getting ready for this kind of occasion.

Winter Wedding Outfit Guidelines

To help you in selecting an ensemble that is both fashionable and practical, an extensive guide to dressing for an outdoor winter wedding is provided below.

Layering is a must.

When attending an outdoor winter wedding, especially if there is also an indoor portion, consider layering as protection against the varying temperatures you are sure to experience. If you’re ready, you’ll feel better. You’ll always look your best if you keep your body at its appropriate temperature and degree of comfort.

There are two ways to layer. The first is by donning a single, thick coat. Secondly, if the weather is not below freezing, you can always add a couple of thinner layers like a light sweater and throw in a jacket and gloves.

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Know your fabrics.

The cold temperature should guide your fabric selection. The best clothing to stave off the brisk winter air are outfits made of luxurious, heavy materials. Although we are certain you are intelligent, we feel it is necessary to point out that donning a cotton or linen suit in the cold is inappropriate unless you want to experience shivering in the seats.

Tweed, flannel, wool, and, if you’re a baller, cashmere—anything that feels particularly hyper British—is recommendable. To stay completely insulated, go for a strong cloth weight. Don’t go half-lined either; a full lining will prevent goosebumps and improve the suit’s structure.

For guests looking for cocktail, formal, or black-tie wedding wear, velvet is another popular fabric. Any winter wedding guest can stand out and stay warm by wearing a velvet suit in rich, seasonal color. Velvet is not only thought to be on-trend but also exudes sophistication and a traditional sense.

Review the wedding location.

Location is crucial for the overall atmosphere of your winter wedding attire. If you get an invitation to a city wedding, err on the side of sophistication with pinstripes, checks, and accents in black, navy, and red. The color scheme for outfits for rural winter weddings should be earthy, while textured fabrics like tweed and wool can work well with dark charcoal.

Take your shoes seriously.

Even while other seasons don’t require as much consideration, giving your footwear for the significant event, some attention is still essential. Of course, the dress codes specified will heavily influence the type of shoes you wear. However, the shoe’s design is reasonably essential for a winter wedding.

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If any segment of the wedding is held outside, you should bring two pairs of shoes. We advise wearing boots with toe warmers for the outside ceremony because they are warm and secure, and party-friendly shoes for the indoor reception. Note that y our outdoor shoes should be water-resistant if you anticipate snow on the ground. Also, y our choice of socks is similarly crucial. The thin sports socks from Smartwool are an ideal choice for formal booties and boots.

What to Wear to Outdoor Winter Wedding for a Male Guest

Morning Formal Winter Wedding Attire

Morning coat attire also referred to as “formal day dress,” is the daytime counterpart of white tie. Please be aware that this should not be mistaken with its less formal equivalent, the morning suit. A morning suit consists of a morning coat, waistcoat, and pants that are all similar in color and material, frequently gray.

Morning dress is formal attire for specific weddings, official functions, and social gatherings because of its exclusivity. Sometimes people wear it to church services or gentlemen’s clubs.

The trend of gentlemen riding horses in the morning while wearing a cutaway front, single-breasted morning coat gave rise to the phrase morning dress in the nineteenth century.

Evening Formal Winter Wedding Attire

A black tie is the best choice if the wedding is formally in the evening. Black tie is typically saved for weddings after sunset or 6 o’clock, whichever is earlier.

A velvet smoking jacket is one way to stand out a little at a formal nighttime wedding, given the drop in temperature. Previously reserved for wearing at home while smoking a pipe or cigar, they are now an excellent alternative to black tie. The warm and attractive material goes well with the brisk outdoor climate. Black, midnight blue, bottle green, and burgundy are acceptable hues and go perfectly with velvet slippers.

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Daytime Informal Winter Wedding Attire

It should go without saying that it will be chilly outside in most of the world throughout the winter. If you plan to spend time outdoors, your typical all-season weight wool probably won’t keep you very warm. Remember that even if the ceremony and parties occur inside, you can still be exposed to photos and other activities.

Daytime Formal Winter Wedding Attire

Evening activities are frequently characterized by deeper colors in any season. The primary suit colors for a winter wedding that begins at 6 o’clock or later are dark gray charcoal, navy blue, and black.

Note that a three-piece double-breasted suit will keep you looking sharp and staying warm. A classy overcoat would be a welcome complement to your ensemble for taking pictures outside and navigating tight spaces between buildings. Also, cocktail attire is the standard dress code for evening weddings. This dress code is relatively plentiful and blends black tie and casual features in a relaxed manner.

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to decide what to wear to a winter wedding because so many seasonal outfits are available in shops and online. It’s crucial to choose fashionable and climate-appropriate clothing when the weather becomes cooler. So, we hope that this article has and will help you in selecting the ideal winter wedding outfit.

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