What Color Beanie Should I Wear?

A beanie is one of the most essential accessories any man should wear during the winter season. It could help you flex your OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day) in a more stylish way. Not only do they warm you up on intensely cold days, but they’re also a trendy remedy for the bad-hair days. And who hasn’t had one of those?

There are only 2 things that you should remember when choosing a beanie – fashion and function. The best beanie should be both ultra-stylish and comfortable enough to keep you warm. But there are hundreds of beanies out there, and it might be a little overwhelming for you to choose which is which.

So, let’s focus first on the fashion side. To pull-off an OOTD with your beanie, you must have an understanding of what is the best color beanie to wear.

Best Beanie Colors for Men

As mentioned above, beanies are winter-season accessories, but throughout time, they’ve become versatile accessories that can be worn even if the weather isn’t cold.

The key to pulling off a perfect beanie outfit is to choose the right color. So, we listed the colors that you might consider when buying a beanie of your own.

Black Beanies

Black will always stay on the list of the perfect beanie color as it can complement any outfit that you wear. It’s the most basic color and the easiest to pull off. You might wear a black-colored beanie if you’ve been influenced by the traditional New England costume of the early twentieth century. There’s one to impress your friends.

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Charcoal Beanies

Well, this one is a little bit like the color black… but lighter. A charcoal-colored beanie is a must-have if your entire wardrobe consists of gray, blue, or black clothing. If you want to achieve a minimalist yet stylish look, this color is the best fit for you.

Yellow Beanies

Some people might think that a yellow beanie is hard to pull off, but those people would be wrong. If you love wearing neutral-colored outfits, a yellow-colored beanie is the perfect accessory for you. It fits well with most of the clothing pieces and offers a beautiful contrast to a large dark-blue coat. Although it is an underrated color, it will surely help you bring out the good vibe to those who will see you.

Green Beanies

If you are an outdoorsy person and you love hiking or camping, green-colored beanies are perfect one for you. It’s the best fit for your outdoor outfits and the color will reflect your love for nature.

Bordeaux Beanies

If you don’t want to go with bright red beanies, Bordeaux must be the color for you. This color also goes well with neutral color outfits such as white, black, or gray. Wearing beanies with this color will help you achieve a sophisticated yet in-style look.

White Beanies

Another basic color is white. You can’t go wrong with a white beanie as it matches every single outfit you’re going to wear. A white cozy cable knit beanie is indeed a staple cold-weather accessory.

Outfit Ideas with Beanies

Thanks to its versatility, you can easily pair your beanie with almost any piece of clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can make a sporty or smart casual look with it. And of course, this accessory is ideal for any hair length, short, long, or curly.

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Below are some outfit ideas that you can try with your beanies.

7 Foolproof Sweater/Jacket and Beanie Outfit Ideas

  1. Black sweater, black pants, black sneakers, a backpack, and a black beanie
  2. Denim vest, gray suit, white t-shirt, black loafers, and navy-blue beanie
  3. Navy blue sweater, gray pants, white sneakers, and red beanie
  4. White sweatshirt, cuffed jeans, parka coat, suede boots, and yellow beanie
  5. Olive green cardigan, trousers, brown shoes, a bag, and army-green beanie
  6. Printed sweatshirt, olive green pants, black sneakers, and charcoal-colored beanie
  7. Sweater, gray jacket, navy blue trousers, brown boots, and gray beanie

3 Easy Ways to Wear Beanies with Coats

  1. Trench coat, black shirt, skinny pants, boots and black beanie
  2. Gray coat, white t-shirt, cuffed jeans, black loafer shoes, and gray beanie
  3. Blue coat, green shirt, jeans, suede shoes, and charcoal-colored beanie

Simple Ways to Wear a Beanie for Men

Street Style

If you’re into grunge or street style, you don’t have to worry because a beanie can help you pull off that look. You can enjoy the streetwear style by adding a tailored beanie with a classic leather coat and sneaker combination. A cream-colored beanie will surely compliment all of the buttery neutrals and earthy tones.

Cold-Weather Fashion

Thinking about what to wear in winter or fall? Well, you can’t go wrong with a neutral coat, a graphic t-shirt, and light-wash denim. This outfit recipe is uncomplicated, probably already in your wardrobe, and looks even better when paired with a simple black beanie.

Colorful Outfit

Not only are beanies the key to keeping your ears warm, but they’re also a simple way to add color to an otherwise flat outfit. Bring a splash of color with a beanie of yellow or orange.

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You can also combine and balance styles, colors, and sizes for a more dimensional look. For you to keep things semi-modernized, pick a beanie that matches one of the shades of your ensemble.

Monochromatic Look

A head-to-toe black outfit is every man’s favorite. With black, everything suits, and versatility is infinite. Topping off an oversized fitting look with a slouchy black beanie is an easy way to be stylish, even in cool temperatures.

All-White Get Up

What’s more sophisticated than an all-white winter outfit? Well, not a lot. You can match your white beanie with a soft belted trench, for a more suave look.

The Bottom Line

Whether for warming up your head or heating up your style, you’ve got to have a solid beanie in your clothing collection. It’s a must-have accessory that’ll help you in more than just functionality. It’s going to help hide a bad hair day, fight the cold, top up your outfit, and most importantly… keep you cozy and warm.

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