Cowboy Hat with Suit: The Ultimate Style Statement for 2023

Looking to add some Western flair to your wardrobe? Cowboy hats with suits have become the ultimate style statement of 2023.

But how did these traditional workwear hats become a fashion staple? Let’s take a quick look at the history of cowboy hats and their evolution into a trendy accessory in the fashion industry.

Cowboy Hat With Suit

Get ready to look like a true cowboy with a hat that perfectly complements your suit. Check out this Youtube video: “How to Pick Out a Cowboy Hat” and become a true western style icon.

The Right Cowboy Hat to Wear with a Suit

Cowboy hats are more than just a fashion statement, and they have become an iconic symbol. They are perfect for any outdoor work, including ranching, farming, or gardening.

Now, people are wearing cowboy hats with suits, and it has become a trend. Choosing the right cowboy hat to match your suit is important to achieve a sophisticated and stylish look.

Type of Cowboy Hats to Wear with Suits

Among different types of cowboy hats, felt cattleman creases are the most appropriate option to wear with a suit. Other cowboy hats, such as the amish cowboy hat, flat brim cowboy hat, gambler hat, tom mix hat, derby hat, and gus hat, are best to wear casually or with western attire.

Felt cowboy hats come in various colours, styles, and sizes. The most commonly used colours for cowboy hats are black, brown, and white.

Styles of Felt Cowboy Hats

Felt cowboy hats are available in different styles, including pinched front hats, open crown hats, and blended fur hats. Pinched front hats come in a variety of crease styles such as teardrop crease, cattleman crease, and center crease.

Open crown hats are available in three different styles- the brick crown, the telescope crown, and the diamond crown. Blended fur hats are also a popular style of cowboy hats, made of soft felt and a blend of fur.

How to Wear a Cowboy Hat with a Suit

Wearing a cowboy hat with a suit requires a specific set of rules. Firstly, ensure that the felt cowboy hat matches your suit in terms of colour and style.

Secondly, position the hat straight on your head and ensure that the hat’s brim is not bent or curled up. It’s crucial to pick the right size, so the hat fits comfortably on your head.

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Lastly, wear the cowboy hat slightly back on your head, angled downward slightly over your forehead.

Remember, a felt cattleman crease cowboy hat is perfect to wear with your suit, but make sure to follow the rules to complete your look perfectly.

Cowboy Hat Etiquette

Standard Points of Cowboy Hat Etiquette

When it comes to cowboy hat etiquette, there are some basic rules that must be followed in every occasion. One of which is to hold the cowboy hat by the crown, never by the brim, as this can cause the hat to lose its shape.

It is also important to remove the cowboy hat when indoors, especially in establishments that require this practice, such as churches and government buildings. Additionally, it is recommended to tip the hat when greeting someone, as a sign of respect.

Cowboy Hat Etiquette in Semi-Formal Settings

Wearing a cowboy hat with a suit can be tricky, but it is possible if done the right way. The cowboy hat can be worn with a suit during outdoor events such as weddings, horse races, and rodeos.

However, it is important to choose the right hat that matches the suit’s color and style. The cowboy hat should sit comfortably on the head, with the crown at the same height as the wearer’s forehead.

Finally, it is important to remove the hat while indoors and to avoid wearing it in formal events such as a black-tie event.

How to Choose the Perfect Cowboy Hat Size

Choosing the right size is crucial to achieve a perfect cowboy hat look. To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape or a string wrapped around the widest part of your head, typically above the eyebrows and ears.

After measurement, check the size chart provided by the manufacturer to find the corresponding hat size. Keep in mind that different brands may have slightly different sizing charts, so it’s best to consult the specific brand’s guide.

If you’re in between sizes, opt for the larger size, as a too-tight hat will cause discomfort and a too-loose hat can easily fall off. Additionally, consider the height of the hat’s crown, as a taller crown may require a slight size adjustment for a comfortable fit.

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When wearing a cowboy hat with a suit, make sure the hat complements the overall outfit and is proportional to your body size. A well-fitted cowboy hat not only enhances your appearance but also provides proper sun protection and comfort for prolonged wear.

When to Remove Your Cowboy Hat

It is important to know when to remove your cowboy hat as part of cowboy hat etiquette. The general rule is to remove your hat indoors, especially in public places such as restaurants, shops, and places of worship.

However, if you are in a private establishment or a place where hats are commonly worn, it is okay to keep your hat on. If you are at a social event such as a wedding or a funeral, pay attention to the dress code and follow accordingly.

When entering someone’s home, it is best to remove your hat as a sign of respect. Lastly, if you are meeting someone for the first time, it is polite to remove your hat as a gesture of goodwill.

Wearing Cowboy Hats in Different Seasons

When it comes to wearing cowboy hats with a suit, considering the season is important. During summer, it’s best to opt for the popular straw cowboy hat, which not only protects from the sun but also complements a suit nicely.

As for colder months, a felt cowboy hat is preferred for its warmth and durability. Darker colors like brown, gray, and black are great choices for formal events during any season.

Cowboy Hat Styles in 2023

As cowboy hats have become popular fashion statements and articles of workwear in recent years, the year 2023 sees a rise in certain cowboy hat styles that are perfect for pairing with a suit. The most popular styles include:

  • Cattleman Hat: This rugged and tough style complements the formal look of a suit, available in various designs and colors.
  • Amish Cowboy Hat: This flatter style provides a unique and noticeable appeal, perfect for those who want to stand out in the crowd.
  • Pinched Front Hat: This distinctive style has a pinched front crease and is available in different colors, perfect for those who like to keep things simple yet classic.
  • Flat Brim Cowboy Hat: This trendy style has a slightly flat brim that gives it a modern look, while maintaining its cowboy roots.
  • Gambler Hat: This hat is known for its unique rounded crown and wide brim. It is perfect for formal events and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.
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When it comes to color choices, traditional brown, black, and white models made of felt, straw, or fur blends are still in demand. However, other colors such as navy blue, burgundy, and green have been gaining popularity as well.

The design and features that are appealing to suit-wearers include varying crown heights, hatbands with silver or gold embellishments, and improvements in breathability and comforts such as sweatbands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a cowboy hat with any type of suit?

Yes, a cowboy hat can be paired with any type of suit. However, it's important to consider the occasion and the color and style of your suit to ensure it complements your cowboy hat.

How do I properly take care of my cowboy hat to extend its lifespan?

To maintain your cowboy hat's shape and style, avoid handling it by the crown and instead hold it by the brim. Keep it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, and use a soft brush to remove dirt and dust.

What other fashion items can complement wearing a cowboy hat with a suit?

Complement your look by adding western-inspired accessories, such as a bolo tie or a leather belt with a large buckle. Choose a neutral-colored suit and opt for a felt cowboy hat with a Cattleman Crease for a more formal look, or a straw hat for a more casual outfit.


Pairing a cowboy hat with a suit is a timeless fashion statement that will never go out of style. Following the 5 rules of cowboy hat etiquette is crucial to maintain the tradition while adding flair to your outfit.

When choosing the perfect cowboy hat with a suit, consider the color, material, and style. Using the proper travel care and handling the hat the right way is also important to keep it in great condition.

Remember to always tip your hat when appropriate and keep it close to your chest when holding it. Whether you’re attending a formal event, a semi-formal occasion, or just dressing up for the day, wearing a cowboy hat with a suit elevates your look to a whole new level.

Cowboy Hat with Suit


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