Do Men Wear Bonnets? Top Fashion Trends for Men in 2023

Do men wear bonnets? This might seem like a strange question to ask, but as the fashion industry evolves, so do the trends.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the top fashion trends for men in 2023, and whether or not bonnets for men are one of them.

According to a recent article on, men may not have considered wearing a bonnet, but it has numerous benefits for safeguarding their hair and retaining natural moisture. Bonnets can be effective for men while sleeping or lounging at home.

There are various sleep caps for men available in the market, and it’s essential to choose the one that suits their needs the most. Wearing a bonnet might not be one of the top trends for men in 2023, but it can still be a useful accessory for hair care.

Let’s dive deeper into what men’s fashion trends we can expect to see in 2023.

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Hats for Men

Yes, some men do wear bonnets as a fashion accessory. While traditionally seen as a woman’s accessory for protecting hair while sleeping, bonnets have become a popular trend for men with natural hairstyles.

Different types of bonnets for men include silk, satin, and fleece. Silk bonnets are great for reducing frizz and preserving hairstyles overnight, while fleece bonnets provide warmth in colder weather.

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When styling, try pairing a bonnet with a casual outfit or athletic attire for a laid-back look.

Grooming and Skincare for Men

While men’s grooming and skincare routines have become increasingly popular, it is unlikely that wearing bonnets is a part of it. Bonnets are typically associated with women’s fashion and are not commonly worn by men.

However, proper hair care and grooming can help men maintain healthy hair and scalp. Regular washing with a gentle shampoo and conditioning can help prevent dandruff and other scalp irritations.

Trimming and styling hair can also give men a polished and put-together appearance. Additionally, taking care of the skin with a daily cleansing and moisturizing routine can help improve overall appearance and confidence.

Lifestyle and Entertainment

In the world of fashion, accessories can play a crucial role in completing a look. While hats are a go-to accessory for both men and women, one may wonder if men wear bonnets as well.

Bonnets, originally worn by women in the 19th century, have evolved over time and are now also worn by men in certain contexts. In Scottish and Irish cultures, men wear Tam O’Shanter bonnets as part of their traditional dress.

These caps are made of wool, have a pompom on top, and are typically worn with a kilt.

In modern-day fashion, unisex bonnets have also become popular, with some men sporting them as a statement piece. These bonnets come in various designs and materials and can be paired with street-style clothing for a unique and trendy look.

So, to answer the question, “do men wear bonnets? “, the answer is yes, but it’s not a common accessory in most cultures.

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However, in specific traditional and fashion contexts, men can certainly wear bonnets as a fashion statement or cultural tradition.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should guys wear a bonnet?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a bonnet as a man. It doesn't make you gay or effeminate wearing one. Wearing a bonnet for men is great for protecting your hair and keeping the moisture locked in.

What does a bonnet do for men's hair?

Wearing a hair bonnet to bed is the quickest and easiest way to avoid any knots and tangles from forming. Hair bonnets are the perfect way to stop strands from rubbing on your pillowcases. They reduce the amount of frizz you wake up with, as well as maintain hair styles.

Were bonnets made for men?

Bonnet has been used as the name for a wide variety of headgear for both sexes—more often female—from the Middle Ages to the present.

Is a bonnet better than a durag?

Durags are more form-fitting than bonnets and are useful for maintaining hairstyles where compression is important, such as 360 waves. However, if you have shorter hair and you need something that's not too tight, a bonnet would probably work just fine.

Can you use a bonnet for box braids?

Yes, you can use a bonnet for box braids. Many women are choosing to use bonnets over durags because they think it makes them look more attractive.

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