What is a Stetson Hat?

Some hats have interesting (not weird) names. They make you wonder why they are called like that, and the moment you learn about it, you’ll feel like your life has been changed forever. Like with the Stetson hat, you will first be clueless on what it is and why it is named like that. But it is okay because we’ve got you covered.

The Stetson hat is dubbed after its designer, John B. Stetson. It is also known as the famous cowboy hat. With its huge crown and wide brim, this customized sombrero has graced the heads of America’s most cherished Western heroes, serving as a symbol of Western pride and bravado.

Sounds interesting, right? Then, read on!

Where Does Stetson Hat Come From?

Stetson is a brand of hat manufactured by the John B. Stetson Company, thus the Stetson hat. While gold panning in Colorado, Stetson fashioned a rugged hat for himself out of thick beaver felt. And according to the legend, Stetson invented the hat while on a hunting trip while showing his companions how he could make cloth out of fur without tanning. Fur felt hats are lighter. They keep their shape better and withstand weather and renovation too.

Then Stetson crafted an enormous hat from felt he produced from hides collected on the trip and wore the hat for the remainder of the journey. Although the hat was originally worn as a joke, Stetson quickly grew fond of it for its means to protect him from different factors. It had a wide brim and a high crown to keep an insulating air pocket on the head. Also, they used it to carry water.

A cowboy is said to have seen him, Stetson, as they continued their journey. So, the cowboy rode up, tried on the unusual hat, and paid Stetson with a five-dollar gold piece, riding away with the first-ever western Stetson hat on his head.

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What is Stetson Hat Made Of?

Felt is the primary material in making the Stetson hat. It is made from a wide range of fur, ideally beaver, rabbit, and wild hare. Another element of creating a Stetson hat is leather, used to make the hat’s interior sweatband. Linking the sweatband may necessarily require the use of glue.

The ribbon that surrounds the outside of the crown where it meets the brim is made from a two-ply or two-cord band. Also, the ribbon is stitched with thread. Small metal eyelets are also commonly used for ventilation.

The slope of the crown, the roll of the brim, and the number and arrangement of the creases in the crown are three of the most crucial considerations when buying a Stetson hat. These are giving each Stetson hat its different character,

Cowboy hats can also be decorated with feathers, embroidery, silver accessories, and other similar embellishments. For many, the appeal of the Stetson hat is that when worn with cowboy boots, you’ll instantly appear at least 6 inches taller.

How to Wear a Stetson Hat

Even when cowboy hats are customarily worn to safeguard ranchers, cattlemen, and others from extreme heat and other aspects (while not blowing up by the wind), they can also be worn to make an eye-catching style statement. However, there are numerous factors to consider when wearing it.

Wear the appropriate Stetson or cowboy hat for the right season.

Wearing a felt hat in the summertime is not only impractical, but it also makes you look absurd. Felt hats will leave your head hot and bothered, and noticing a felt hat in July is an easy way to tell the difference between tourists and true cowboys. Remember that when the weather warms up, wear straw hats, and when it cools down, wear felt hats.

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Purchase the correct Stetson hat size.

Nothing looks funnier than a guy wearing a hat that f does not fit him. If it’s too big, it’ll blow away in a light breeze. If it’s too small, and you’ll look crammed into the crown, not to mention the uneasy feeling. So, how does a cowboy hat should fit? We’ll talk about that later.

Shape your hat.

By lightly flexing and squeezing them, most cowboy hats can be conformed to a specific shape. How you do this will vary the type of material of the hat. The front and back of the brim should be relatively flat.

You should also curl the sides so that they stick up just a bit. Remember that you don’t want them to be too tightly coiled. You can also softly dent the sides of the hat’s crown. This does not entail the use of any tools; just plainly put your hands to work.

When you’re inside, take off your Stetson hat.

Another vital aspect of being a decent cowboy is to remove your hat when entering the house. Elevators, lobbies, and building hallways are exceptions. Still, once you’re in a space with people, you should remove your hat, mainly if there’s a lady present.

Turn your hat upside down when you put it down.

Set your hat upside down when leaving it on a flat surface or storing it in a hatbox. This allows the hat to breathe and maintains the shape of the brim.

How Should a Stetson Hat Fit

Cowboy hats are designed to fit the natural shape of your head, so they should fit snugly on your brow and back of your head while feeling a little looser at the sides. If the hat is too tight, you may experience headaches. If it’s too loose, it’ll knock off or continue to rotate around on your head.

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It should be simple to find a comfortable fit if you have your actual size on hand. However, if you don’t, see if you can fit a finger comfortably between your head and the cap, as this is a good size indicator.

If you’re unsure regarding hat shaping, you can always consult a professional. Hat shaping services are available at much Western wear and horse tack stores.

Measure Your Head for a Cowboy Hat

A cloth measuring tape is the most convenient way to measure your head. If you don’t have one, wrap a string all over your head and use a marker to mark the point it overlaps. After this, lay the string flat against a standard measuring tape or yardstick and measure how far the mark extends. Wrap the string around your head so that it sits about 18″ above your ears and just above your brows, near the middle of your forehead.

Remember that hat sizing is not standardized; different brands use different sizes than others, so you won’t likely wear the same size across brands. That is why understanding how to measure a cowboy hat size is critical. Having a rough estimate of your head size in mind will save you time and effort when it comes to finding your perfect fit, regardless of the brand.

The Bottom Line

A true cowboy’s symbol is not only his bravado but also what he chooses to wear on his head. Stetson hats, also known as Cowboy hats, have a long history of use, both for functional purposes while working and as a fashion piece. It represents not only a hero and a leader but also a dignified cowboy.

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