What Are Boonie Hats, and Where Does It Come From?

Have you ever heard about the Boonie hat? Or was it your first time hearing about it, and you’ve landed on this article to find out anything about this hat? Either way, we understand why you would want to know more about this type of hat. People might have seen this hat style somewhere, but they have no idea what it is called. That is why we’re here to help you.

When fishing or boating, it’s critical to keep your head protected. It’s an often-ignored aspect of planning, but it shouldn’t be. And here is where a Boonie hat can help you, so you’ll avoid getting sunburned. It also reduces glare and helps to keep your head cool.

What else can we know about Boonie hats? Well, there’s more. Keep on reading!

Where Did Boonie Hats Come From?

A Boonie hat is a type of wide-brimmed hat commonly worn by military personnel. Other people call it a giggle hat, which is another name for it. Its design is similar to that of a bucket hat but with a stiffer brim.

A branch loop fabric tape band is often sewn around the crown of a Boonie hat to conceal additional vegetation. A Boonie hat also has a strap for added support. And you will notice that it is still used today by people who go hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing, aside from people in the military.

Speaking of the military, Boonie hats trace their origin to the military. But it isn’t easy to pinpoint where the design came from. Fisherman hats, known as bucket hats made of wool or tweed and bearing a passing resemblance to the modern Boonie, can be traced back at least 100 years.

The US military issued hats with a wide brim that went around the head in the late 1930s. These hats were dubbed Daisy Mae because they were first made of denim and then herringbone twill. It, too, had a resemblance to what is now called a Boonie.

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However, American troops were not the only ones who wore these hats. The British Commonwealth and its forces had their hot-weather uniform, which included a bush hat. During WWII and the Malayan Emergency, Commonwealth forces frequently wore this hat.

The Australians dubbed their version of this headwear giggle hats because of the shorter brim and more or less ridiculous appearance. The design was already popular among the troops due to its comfort and practicality in hotter climates.

What Are the Different Types of Boonie Hats?

We believe that understanding the various types of hats is always a good idea when choosing the right one for yourself. So, learn more about the different kinds of Boonie hats; we’ve listed them for you.

Woodland Camo Boonie Hat

Because Boonies originated in the military, the most common Boonie hat is a camouflage Boonie. The type of camouflage pattern, on the other hand, determines what a Boonie is called.

In 1981, the Woodland pattern was introduced for the Armed Forces in the United States, and it was used until the mid-2000s. This pattern had irregular markings and used four colors: sand, green, brown, and black.

A Woodland Camo Boonie Hat is a Boonie hat that features the Woodland pattern.

Tigerstripe Boonie Hat

Tigerstripe camouflage is designed for close-quarters jungle warfare. The South Vietnamese Armed Forces were the first to use it, and the United States followed suit in the 1960s during the Vietnam War. However, no one knows who created the pattern in the first place. Many other Asian countries later adopted the design.

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The pattern’s base color is light green or khaki. It has broad black brushstrokes that resemble tiger stripes, hence the name.

Desert Digital Boonie Hat

Instead of large blobs, the Desert Digital camouflage pattern typically uses pixels. Brown and sand are used to create a perfect dessert camouflage. The Desert Digital pattern first appeared in the early 2000s, and it quickly replaced the previous 3-Color Desert template.

Olive Drab Boonie Hat

The color olive is a dark yellowish-green, while drab is a brownish gray. The Olive Drab color was created by mixing these two colors. During WWII, the United States used several variations of Olive Drab for camouflage. It was used in vehicles, uniforms, and equipment. However, Olive Green, also known as OG 107, was officially replaced in 1952.

It is now commercially available for civilian use because the military no longer uses it.

Breathable Boonie Hat

Breathable Boonie Hats don’t have a cloth lining and have a mesh or net component. This feature allows air to pass through and is ideal for wearing the hat for extended periods. Almost all of the time, the mesh component is applied in a thin strip around the crown. However, to keep the cap stable, there may be isolated patches of the same.

The side vents spread around the crown of a Boonie are another way to make it breathable. These allow air to pass through and reduce perspiration.

What are The Benefits of Wearing Boonie Hats?

People who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, and other similar activities like to wear Boonie hats for various reasons.

The following are some of the advantages of wearing a Boonie hat outside, just if you’re looking for reasons to get your Boonie hat finally.

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Protection in the Summer

One of the most common ways to get skin diseases and skin cancer is to expose yourself to the sun’s harmful rays. The skin on the back of the neck and the face is the most exposed part of our bodies when we engage in outdoor activities in the sun. Wearing a hat is one of the best ways to avoid sunburn. When it comes to sun protection, Boonie hats are ideal because they cover both your face and the back of your neck.

Protection from Cold

Some enjoy going hiking in the winter. Boonie hats can also keep your head warm in the winter. A pleasant and cozy head has a significant impact on the body’s comfort and warmth. Wearing a Boonie hat can help you avoid getting the flu because you won’t lose as much heat.

Protection for Your Hair

Snow, wind, and cold can all harm your hair, but wearing a Boonie hat can help protect it. Also, it will help you keep your hair in place just in case you forgot to comb it or put a gel on it.

Very Stylish

Apart from providing protection, Boonie hats also look good on people. It is fashionable, and most outfits can benefit from the addition of a hat. Boonie hats are available in a variety of styles and colors. When doing outdoor activities, wearing one is just a great way to look good and protect yourself.

The Bottom Line

Boonies are a type of hat that can be worn for a variety of purposes. You can wear them for everything from casual daily wear to fishing and hunting. They provide additional safety and numerous benefits over similar hats. Just make sure it’s the type of cap you’re looking for.

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