What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear With Navy Chinos?

Navy chinos are a classic and timeless color. It is one of the most traditional men’s clothing color choices. They’re a sartorial staple, a vital necessity to get by worldwide. They are being dark enough for business, light enough to wear throughout the day, and practical enough to be worn to every situation – from meetings to a first date.

The problem is that navy-colored chinos can’t be good on their own. For some people, it may be simple to match the color of their shoes to their navy trousers, but it may be hard for others. And choosing the right kind and color of shoes to go with them might be difficult at times, but we are here to help.

What Shoes to Wear with Navy Chinos

Men should own a pair of navy chinos because they are a menswear staple. These pants can be used for various events and dress regulations because of their versatility. Chinos are a versatile option for pants, but choosing the right shoes to go with them may be very difficult.

Even though navy chinos go well with almost any pair of shoes, certain outfits seem better than others. Similarly, some shoe pairings are more suited to specific events and attire than others. Thus choosing the incorrect footwear partner is a significant risk. Use the tips below to ensure your shoes are always a stylish complement to your attire.


Sneakers are essential to wear your navy chinos as a laidback weekend ensemble. Just choose plain white or black sneakers to prevent clashing colors and maintain the look’s coherence. Then, combine the team with your c-shirt, jacket, or sweater. The outcome will be a casual yet fashionable appearance ideal for trendy men. The best part is that you can quickly transform your attire into a sophisticated casual look by just replacing your T-shirt and jacket with a shirt and a coat when night falls.

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When unsure what to wear, chinos and loafers make the ideal outfit mix and are a terrific fallback. The sleek yet laid-back look of both pieces makes the combination especially effective. The outfit works well for cocktail parties, smart casual settings, and semi-formal setups. Simply highlight your code affiliation with the top portion of your attire. Additionally, think about pin-rolling your pants and donning your shoes with no socks for a modern ankle flash.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes, which resemble loafers but are not as versatile, give navy chinos a unique appearance. It has a classic look that is both refined and casual, making them ideal for days spent on a yacht or at a polo match. Even though the style is too casual for semi-formal attire, casual and smart ensembles can benefit from it.

What Shoe Color to Wear with Navy Chinos

Sometimes it might be challenging to choose the perfect shoe color for your navy chinos because there are so many colors available. The good news is that if you adhere to a few basic guidelines and principles, it’s not as difficult as it seems. So, continue reading to find out what color shoes pair best with a navy chino.

Dark Brown

For years, men have paired navy pants with dark brown shoes. It’s a tried-and-true mix that works nicely in any situation. Only the most obnoxious establishments will object to dark brown shoes. Drivers, moccasins, and loafers are casual brown shoes that go well with navy pants.


Depending on the hue, burgundy shoes are either reddish-brown or brownish-red. Because red and navy blue are complementary primary colors that look wonderful together, the red in burgundy pairs beautifully with navy chinos. Except for black-tie events, you can wear this to almost any gathering or event.

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Dressing down burgundy shoes is the key to making them seem appealing. Since oxblood derby shoes are more adaptable than oxford shoes, we advise choosing them. Even though some guys avoid wearing dark red shoes, they’re a terrific option to add personality while maintaining a smart appearance.


Tan is the most casual shade of brown. But remember that tan shoes should not be worn in professional settings or at work because of their brilliant color, regardless of how dark your trouser is. Tan shoes will generate more contrast with your darker-colored pants and will stand out more as a result. This is advantageous if you want people to notice your shoes. It also works particularly well with navy chinos. You should own at least one pair of tan shoes because this is one of those timeless outfit combinations that never fail to appear fashionable.


If you want to give your more casual clothing some personality, dark blue or navy is a terrific hue to use. Shoes made of suede or nubuck will be preferable to those made of calf leather because the latter tends to look bit overdone and flashy. Your best option in this situation would be navy suede derbies or chukkas. Finding navy shoes can indeed be difficult. And it used to be customary to pair navy shoes with navy pants, but that is no longer the case. Nevertheless, give it a shot if you can locate a pair you like.


When worn correctly, clean, white, minimalist leather sneakers without loud branding can be paired with anything, including navy blue chinos. The state of your leather footwear is another consideration. Your navy chino will look great with brand-new, spotless sneakers, but dirty and battered sneakers won’t. Therefore, utilize shoe care products for preserving your shoes in excellent condition.

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Light Brown

Although most men prefer a darker shade of brown, light brown shoes can be worn with navy pants, too. Even with these shoes, your navy pants will look nice; just ensure your belt and suspenders match.

The Bottom Line

It is no surprise that navy is currently one of men’s most popular colors of trousers. While navy may seem like a challenging color to match, it actually becomes a lot simpler when you think of it as a neutral shade. Like black, white, and tan, navy can be paired with a wide range of bold hues and designs. And there are many options and only a few things to avoid when choosing shoes to wear in navy chinos, so keep that in mind.

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