Is it Bad to Wear Pink as a Guy?

It’s been a decade-long argument whether a boy can wear pink clothe or not. Some people tend to connect one’s masculinity with the color of their clothes because when someone says ‘pink,’ it automatically means something girly. But the point of view about pink being “unmanly” is fading away. People, especially men, now understand that pink is for everyone.

Does the question “can men wear pink?” ring a bell on you? If so, please take note of this: It is not bad to wear something pink as a guy. If you’re worried that wearing pink will make you look effeminate, don’t be. The way you style it and your confidence in your outfit will determine your ability to pull off this color.

How To Wear Pink Shirt for Men

Pink is a dynamic color that is easy to match, works perfectly on men, and flatters all skin tones. From preppy polo shirts to full suits, millennial pink is now one of the hottest colors to wear, regardless of gender expression. So, to never miss out on the beauty of pink shirts again, here’s how you can wear them:

Long-sleeved Pink Shirt

If you’re opting for a classic, smart look, pink long-sleeves are the one for you. For a better look, you can pair it with a clean-cut suit. A pink shirt paired with a grey or navy suit is a must-have fashion staple. (Consider avoiding shiny suits when you wear a pink long-sleeved shirt.)

Pink Oxford Shirt

You can actually ditch wearing a suit entirely with an Oxford shirt in pink. If you opt to go for a more business-casual look, wearing a pastel pink Oxford shirt with light chinos is the perfect combination for an elegant look.

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Pale Pink Shirt

A pale pink shirt with a charcoal suit looks fresh and offers a change from the standard white or blue shirt. It is a sensational part of every business wardrobe. If you prefer a more conservative look, you can go for a tie with a subtle pattern that complements your suit.

Pink Chambray Shirt

A pink chambray shirt will look great with blue jeans outside of the office. You can pair them with plain white sneakers or loafers for a dressed-down but chic look. This kind of attire will suit your casual weeknight dinner or after-work drinks.

How To Wear Pink Shorts for Men

Pink denim shorts have taken over menswear for some time now. They are a great, laid-back addition to any holiday wardrobe and look great with a plain t-shirt and more. So, here is some idea on how to wear your pink shorts.

Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt and Pink Shorts

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is for any guy to put this outfit together. With just a light blue long sleeve shirt and pink shorts, you will be able to pull off a casual yet classy look. You can complete your look with tan leather driving shoes to show off your fashion sense.

Beige Wool Blazer and Pink Shorts

You can easily rely on a beige wool blazer and pink shorts for laid-back refinement with a manly take. If you feel like this outfit is a little too much for you, finish it off with a pair of beige leather boat shoes.

Grey Crew-Neck Sweater and Pink Shorts

Combining a gray crew-neck sweater and pink shorts seamlessly blurs the line between cool and casual and is sure to become one of your top picks. If you’re unsure about your footwear, opt for a pair of dark brown leather boat shoes, and thank us later.

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Blue Floral Short Sleeve Shirt and Pink Shorts

You can pair a blue floral short sleeve shirt with pink shorts for a relaxed, casual, and fashionable look. To make it look more dapper, a white low-top sneaker will surely complete this outfit brilliantly.

How To Wear Pink Chinos for Men

Even the most fashion-forward gentlemen may find wearing pink trousers to be a risky move. It’s all about getting the correct shade, though. If you want to try wearing pink trousers, a pale, almost white pink, or a peachy pink that’s almost beige will suffice.

White Polo and Pink Chinos

When you don’t have time to get dressed, a white polo and pink chinos are the kinds of no-brainer off-duty outfits you need. If you want to go for a more formal look, black leather loafers are a good choice.

Navy Wool Blazer and Pink Chinos

Try pairing a navy wool blazer with pink chinos when the occasion calls for a casually smart look. You can complement this outfit with brown leather monks if you want to instantly up the game a little bit.

Beige Shirt Jacket and Pink Chinos

For a clean and elegant look, opt to pair a beige shirt jacket with pink chinos. You can also add a brown canvas espadrille to the equation if you need to instantly dress down this outfit with footwear?

Blue Denim Jacket with Pink Chinos

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to get fully dressed with just a few pieces of clothing. Blue denim, jacket, black shirt, and pink chinos are all that’s needed. Complement this look with a pair of light blue athletic shoes if you want to break the pattern a little.

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Gray Long Sleeve Shirt with Pink Chinos

A clever idea for a cool and casual look is to pair a grey long sleeve shirt with pink chinos. You’ll also discover how incredible a pair of white leather low-top sneakers can do for an outfit.

The Bottom Line

To make pink work for you, make sure it’s the right shade. If you choose the wrong shade, it will wash out your skin tone and work against your appearance. It would help if you worked in opposites, as with so much in fashion. A stronger, deeper pink tone is best for paler skin. Like the kind found on Oxford shirts, a pale or pastel pink goes well with a post-holiday glow and darker skin.

But no matter what your skin tone is, or whether you’re a man, you can always wear pink.

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