What is the Proper Dress Code of Men for a Funeral?

Style is frequently about dressing for oneself, expressing one’s personality, and showcasing one’s sense of style. And usually, dressing up is fun, but not so much when it is for a funeral. Attending a funeral is one of the most sensitive occasions to master the art of dressing accordingly for the setting. Funerals are moments that call for respect, and part of showing respect includes dressing appropriately. So, it would be best if you were decently dressed when it’s time to pay your respects.

A funeral is an occasion where you need to sync in with the crowd and disappear into the back as everybody offers respect to the deceased’s loved ones and honors the deceased. Dressing in a way that is understated, refined, crisp, and sensitive to the situation will show respect. Keep in mind that appearing careless or excessively showy are both improper. It is inappropriate to dress inappropriately for a funeral and may also be highly disrespectful.

So, knowing what to wear to a funeral is crucial. But don’t worry, we got your back.

What Men Should Wear to a Funeral

Death frequently occurs suddenly, so when we learn the heartbreaking news that a loved one has died away, it can be a shock. Most people don’t have much time to prepare or even shop for an ensemble to wear to the service. It is because funerals and memorial services typically take place just a few days after a person passes away. When deciding what to wear to a funeral or memorial, we visit our closets for inspiration.

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Below, we have listed the clothing pieces/pairings you can wear at times like this.


Men should always wear a two- or three-piece suit as a gesture of respect when attending a funeral. You risk being underprepared and disrespectful of the event if you don’t wear a suit. The finest selection for a funeral outfit is black, which is a logical option. The gloomy color is customary for funerals and expresses your sorrow over the circumstance.

The greatest suit colors to wear are charcoal and dark grey, second only to black. These dark colors, like black, will perfectly express the solemn atmosphere of the occasion and show your respect. You can also c choose another dark or subdued tone if you strangely don’t have a black or dark grey suit and can’t get one before the day. On the other hand, dark navy is another option you may consider.

Keep in mind that your suit should always be in a solid color when dressing for a funeral. This sad event has no time for patterns, checks, or stripes. Additionally, ensure that your suit is ready for the day. This involves ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned, ironed, and fitted before the event.


Utilizing outerwear you own is another stylish funeral dress for men that is entirely appropriate. This will appear particularly fitting for a graveside or outdoor service. Still, it can also be used in other funeral settings.

You can convey elegance and somberness with an essential coat or a smart black suit jacket. It can even elevate your look if it’s chilly and raining while being generally appropriate. Use a cardigan, a very classy pullover knit vest, a fine woolen, or a proper dressy vest/waistcoat to expand on this concept. This can be a good link if you don’t have a suit or blazer.

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Dress Shirts

White dress shirts are the customary option for attending funerals. An outdated white shirt could look sloppy and unprofessional because white tends to fade and appear off-white when cleaned with other colors. A spotless, brand-new shirt will ensure that is not the case. Just ensure it is ironed and clean.

You can also choose a black or similar dark-toned dress shirt instead of the customary white shirt. Block colors are always preferable, but a very subtle design might also be appropriate. Wearing a short-sleeved shirt to a funeral is strictly prohibited. The appearance is too informal for the situation and can be interpreted as a slight against the event’s solemnity.

Dress Pants

You would have guessed by now that your pants must likewise be dressy. Shorts and jeans are not approved. While a great pair of ironed chinos would be acceptable, wearing fitted dress pants is far more appropriate. And although a very dark grey might be okay, black is undoubtedly the best color for your pants. Prevent using bolder fabrics or colors. And remember that you want to come across as discreet and courteous, not trendy and flashy.


You should wear black, formal lace-up shoes to a funeral. This is the conventional option, and will always go with a suit in black or a dark color. Always make sure your shoes are ready in advance. Before the funeral, ensure the leather is adequately shined and clear of dents and scratches. Also, dark brown footwear is the next best option if you can’t wear black. For a coordinated look, make sure your leather belt matches the color of your shoes.

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Without accessories, a man’s funeral outfit will not seem finished. Aim to make your clothing look presentable rather than flaunting your style. You can also wear a plain, unassuming belt in the same style and color as the leather. Also, bands, watches, and cufflinks can be added, but do so to complete a plain, formal attire rather than showcase your jewelry.

A tie is probably necessary to complete the outfit, as an open neck can seem too casual. Just remember to choose a color that complements your outfit well. It doesn’t have to be black, mainly if you already don a black suit. You can wear a high-end tie to respect the family instead of showing off. In most situations, a bow tie won’t be acceptable, though.

The Bottom Line

There is no reason you shouldn’t dress in both practical and fashionable attire at a funeral. The most crucial thing to remember is that funeral attire should reflect the family’s preferences for honoring their loved one. Depending on their beliefs and level of formality, you may be more or less familiar with their preferred attire for a funeral or memorial. But do not be hesitant to inquire about appropriate clothing for funerals. To want to dress appropriately is a sign of respect. Therefore immense respect for you for being considerate.

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