What to Wear as an Alternative to Jeans for Men?

Jeans might be your go-to bottom essential in your wardrobe, and we understand that. Jeans are so easy to pull off, and they could be paired to almost anything. It can also be worn for casual events to semi-formal events and still look good on you. But are fed up with styling jeans all the time and are looking out for alternatives to jeans? Well, we’ve got your back here!

Jeans have fought their way from being considered purely casual wear to being acceptable in almost every occasion a man can find himself in over the last few years. As a result, many men’s wardrobes predominantly comprised jeans, giving them no time to try out on something new besides jeans.

That is why we’re here to give you suggestions for alternative pants for jeans and some outfit ideas for you! Check it out.

Different Alternatives to Jeans for Men

Because of their popularity and versatility, jeans might be filling up every gent’s wardrobe. And guys, too, can get stuck in a jeans rut, so why not diversify your wardrobe with some new styles? There’s something oddly refreshing about putting on a pair of different pants that aren’t your usual jeans.

Here are some jeans alternatives for you:


Consider chinos to be the lighter, more refined cousin of jeans. They’re more comfortable in the heat, but they’re almost as tough as they are in the cold, and they should be treated as such.

Chinos also strike an excellent balance between smart and casual. They can be worn outside of the office, for drinks with your friends at the pub, or for an evening out with your partner.


The tailored sweatpants trend doesn’t have to end with summer heat arrival, thanks to lightweight cotton joggers. And it is safe to say that men worldwide love joggers because they are comfortable and stylish. So, pair it with a jacket, an open shirt jacket, or an overcoat for a stunning look. A good pair of sneakers or loafers will complement your look.

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Because you can’t wear jeans to a formal event or the office, it’s crucial to invest in a bottom layer that can be worn with suits, blazers, and dress shirts to achieve a formal look. Nothing beats a trouser for this circumstance. You can opt to choose dark-colored trousers such as gray, black, brown, or navy blue.

There are different kinds of trousers that you can choose from and are very easy to pull off.

Tropical Wool Trousers

In the heat, the right kind of wool, like ultra-light tropical weight wool, can keep you just as cool as cotton. And aside from its coolness, it will give a more polished and formal look.

Corduroy Trousers

Jeans have become popular not only because of their aesthetic appeal but also because of their practicality. Few materials come close to corduroy in this regard. Corduroy is a smart alternative that adds texture to your outfit while remaining tough and supple.

Cropped Trousers

If you’re going to break your jeans rut, start with a pair of trousers that are entirely different from your go-to jeans. Cropped pleated trousers are not only a quick way to update your wardrobe, but we’re confident they’ll quickly become one of your favorites.

Suit Trousers

These trousers aren’t just for the office; they can dress up any outfit, making them a versatile piece. If you have a dinner date coming up and aren’t sure what impression you want to make, remember that being overdressed is always preferable to be underdressed. Don’t forget to pay attention to the rest of your ensemble by wearing brogues or loafers with it.


No man does not enjoy wearing shorts because they are fashionable and extremely comfortable. For daytime wear, pair it with a floral or solid-color t-shirt or shirt. Check that your shorts aren’t too long or too short, as this can ruin the look. It’s a stylish alternative to jeans that can be worn in a variety of ways.

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Jeans Alternatives Outfit Ideas for Men

You must have been so comfortable mixing and matching your shirt with your favorite jeans. Not only that you’re comfortable, but you’re also used to it, so trying something new and putting it together might be daunting for you. That is why we listed some outfit ideas that you can try with your jeans alternatives. 

Chinos Outfit Ideas

  • To put together an exciting and modern-looking off-duty outfit, pair a white crew-neck t-shirt with gray plaid chinos. And to complete your look, white and black leather low-top sneakers are a good choice.
  • You’ll surely love the combination of a tan Harrington jacket, white crew-neck T-shirt, and khaki chinos. This outfit will give you a sharp look without sacrificing functionality. Adding a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers to the mix is a simple way to add a more relaxed vibe to the look.
  • To put together a cool and relaxed outfit, you can try to pair a navy crew-neck sweater with white chinos. Choose a pair of shoes on the more relaxed side of the spectrum, such as white leather low-top sneakers, to complete your look.

Cargo Pants Outfit Ideas

  • An outfit of a black crew-neck tee and olive cargo pants will certainly look great together in an off-duty ensemble. Then, you can complete your look with white canvas high-top sneakers for maximum fashion points.
  • If you prefer classic looks, the combination of tan polo and beige cargo pants will surely appeal to you. With just a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers, this entire ensemble will come together beautifully.
  • When you need to look great but are in a hurry, the casual outfit of a black and white print crew-neck t-shirt and gray cargo pants is a foolproof option. For a touch of class, pair this look with grey print canvas low-top sneakers.
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Joggers Outfit Ideas

  • If you’re looking for a look that’s all about casual street style, try pairing a teal print windbreaker with joggers. Add white and black athletic shoes to the mix for a more daring look that complements your outfit.
  • If you prefer to dress in jeans and a tee, you’ll appreciate the simple pairing of a white crew-neck tee and joggers. Add a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers to the equation if you need to class up your outfit with just one piece easily.
  • A burgundy nylon shirt jacket and olive joggers’ outfit will give you a seriously stylish yet comfortable vibe. You can also wear a pair of white athletic shoes to amp up the whole look.

Shorts Outfit Ideas

  • Combine a mint print crew-neck t-shirt with white denim shorts for a simple yet neat and relaxed look. With this outfit, a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers would be perfect.
  • A beige windbreaker, a charcoal crew-neck T-shirt, and gray shorts are a stylish combination to have on hand. Finishing the look with brown suede desert boots is a simple way to add a touch of class.
  • Off-duty style is best achieved with a beige long sleeve shirt and navy shorts. You can complete the look with white canvas low-top sneakers to show off your sense of style.

The Bottom Line

Don’t think your options are limited if you’re tired of wearing jeans all the time. Instead of jeans, you can experiment with a variety of trousers and chinos. There are also many jogger and shorts options on the market that you will undoubtedly enjoy as much as jeans. Which one are you going to use as an alternative to jeans? We’d love to hear from you.

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