What Color Shirt Matches Khaki Chinos

If there’s one pair of men’s pants that you should definitely have in your wardrobe, then that is chinos. They’re known and proven to be versatile and trendy, making you look on point for every occasion and in every situation. They are perfect for casual looks and fit with sophisticated outfits too, making them a must-have for every man.

Chinos refer to the distinct style of trousers popularized by the military of the United States. It’s a simple, casual, cotton pant that exists in the middle between jeans and dress pants. And when we say khaki, it refers to the color of a light shade of brown with a yellowish tinge.

But wearing chinos, especially the khaki ones, entails finding the right color shirt to go with them. To save you some time of worrying about what shirt and accessories you should partner with your khaki chinos, we’ve listed great outfit ideas for you below.

Khaki Chinos and Shirt Combination

Khakis are normally worn with earthy and subtle tones, but you can actually pair them with just about any color.

White Shirt

Like we always say, you can’t go wrong with a white shirt. It can go with any color of pants, including khaki chinos. This combination will give you a fresh and casual look, especially in summer.

Black Shirt

Just like the color white, black can also be paired with almost any color. Wearing khaki pants and a black shirt is always a good idea. If you want to achieve a more sophisticated and trendier look, go for this color combo.

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Navy Blue

For a more elevated and pulled together vibe, pair your khaki chinos with a navy-blue shirt. This color of shirt and pants combination is straightforward to pull off and is never outdated.


Yes, we know that the color teal might be hard to pull off, but once you partner it with your cool khaki chinos, you’ll love the outcome. This will give you a happy vibe, plus it’s really stylish.


You might be thinking at this point if you can wear khaki with khaki. And the answer is yes… yes, you can. Pairing both top and bottom in khaki will help you to look sharp without too much effort.

Do not be afraid to mix, match, and experiment with a colored shirt and khaki chinos. You can go with bold and bright colors or tone it down with subtle and earthy ones.

Shirt and Khaki Chinos Outfit Ideas for Men

Now that you have some ideas on colored shirts that you can pair with your favorite khaki chinos – it’s time to try on some outfit ideas. Below are the styles we suggest you try because we want you to look good on all occasions.


  • Pair a navy shawl cardigan with khaki chinos for a more casual look. And to finish this getup, try wearing brown leather casual boots.
  • For a casually dapper vibe, try pairing your khaki chinos with a white crew-neck sweater and white leather low top sneakers. To add some edge, wear your favorite watch.
  • Consider wearing a navy jacket and khaki chinos for an outfit that’s effortlessly stylish and picture-worthy. On the shoe front, get a little creative and compliment your outfit with a pair of suede loafers.
  • Pair a white and black print crew-neck t-shirt with khaki chinos if you’re aiming for simplicity and practicality. Put on your low-top white canvas sneakers to complete your look, and the whole outfit will seamlessly blend.
  • A navy and white striped short-sleeved shirt and khaki chinos is the perfect outfit combination that you can wear throughout the day.  Just wear your favorite pair of white canvas low top sneakers and a brown multi-strand braided leather bracelet to cap off this outfit idea.
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Casual and classy attires

  • Rock a navy shirt jacket and khaki chinos for effortless elegance with a masculine twist. High-top sneakers in white and red canvas will add a trendy casual touch to an otherwise mostly classic style.
  • Without wasting too much time searching through your wardrobe, the smart-casual combination of a dark-green shirt jacket and khaki chinos is super easy to put together in no time, making you look stylish and ready for everything.  To mix things up, add a pair of white and green running shoes to your outfit.
  • A long-sleeved white linen shirt and khaki chinos looks great when paired together. Not only that, it’s stylish and comfortable. You can rock this look with charcoal suede sandals.
  • With a purple v-neck sweater, gray vest, and khaki chinos, you’ll sure look cool and stylish. Using a pair of brown leather brogues will polish off your getup. 

Formal outfits

  • For a more formal and classier look, combine a dark brown blazer, white button-down, and khaki chinos. To complete your get-up, try wearing a pair of light brown suede boots.
  • To bring together a casually neat and well-executed ensemble, pair a gray blazer and gray shirt with khaki chinos. Incorporate dark brown suede loafers for an edgy look.
  • Rock a blue double-breasted blazer, yellow long sleeves, and khaki chinos for a more elegant yet manly finish. Pair this clothing combination with black leather loafers, and you’re good to go.
  • A beige military jacket, mint green button-down shirt, and khaki chinos will seem stylish, but this can be pulled-off as formal wear, too. To finish this look, wear brown suede loafers.
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The Bottom Line

Khaki chinos are a must-have wardrobe ensemble, as they can be worn on different occasions. If you don’t have a pair, it’s high time to purchase a pair or two. Go ahead… we’ll wait.

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