Can Men Wear Pastel Shirts?

Every gentlemen’s wardrobe is usually filled with neutral-colored shirts – gray, navy, and black. White shirts are also part of it, and we believe that guys patronize these colors because they are great, and we agree with that.

They were easy to pair up with almost any colored pants and will not give you a hard time pulling them off. But you have the option of staying safe and sane or going big and bold. It’s entirely up to you.

There’s never been a better time to try something new than today. Pastels are a great way to break up the traditional masculine color palette of gray, navy, and black. So, yes. To give light to your dilemma, men can definitely wear pastel shirts, and we will help you deal with them.

How To Wear Pastel Shirts for Men

Pastels, also known as chalky colors, are a great way to add a splash of color to an outfit in a softer, more subtle way. Even though pastels are typically associated with spring, they can be worn at any time and in any location.

Pastel colors are also surprisingly easy to wear for something that makes such a strong statement. Pastel colors are great because they can be worn in almost any situation, at any age, and against almost any skin tone.

And we know that you’ve been thinking of adding some colors to your monochrome wardrobe, so here’s how to wear pastel color as men.

Pick Your Pastel Thoroughly

Pastels come in a variety of colors, some of which are softer than others. And it will be challenging to choose the right shade for the first time. But you have to remember when choosing one is that your skin tone determines the right color for you.

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When choosing the right pastel shade, whether you have a warm or cool undertone is essential. If you’ve found the perfect shade for your skin tone, then you will be ready to roll.

If you have an olive or yellow undertone, you have a warmer skin tone, which means you should choose hard pastels. On the other hand, soft pastels would look great with those who have a cool undertone, such as pinkish or peach.

Consider the Fitting

Loose, relaxed fits will convey to the world that the look you’re wearing is tailored to a manly figure, counteracting the color’s stereotypically female appearance. Remember that when it comes to pastels, loose fits are the way to go.

Know What Accessory You Should Wear

If you are going to wear pastel shirts, note that metallic accessories will look great with them. Pastels go well with metals, and you’ll gain a lot in terms of sartorial value. Keep in mind that metals are neutral, which means they can be worn with pastels.

Matching Pastel with Other Colors

Picking your pastel carefully is very important, as we already mentioned above. It would be best to consider your skin tone, but you also need to discover how to mix and match your pastel shirts with other colors.

When it comes to wearing pastel colors, there are no hard and fast rules, but we do have some suggestions for how to incorporate them into your daily outfits.

Neutral Colors

You can always pair pastels with neutral if you are afraid to fail your first mix and match. The term neutrals refer to a group of colors in the fashion world; gray, black, navy, white, and other colors.

Note that the more attention-getting shade will be anchored by the neutral piece, which will make it an accent rather than the main event.

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If you’re wearing an all-neutral outfit, break it up by switching out one of the pieces for a pastel one. Also, pastels are great for a laid-back office look or a weekend ensemble.

Other Pastels

There’s no denying that pastels work well with other pastels. When you combine two or more pastel colors, you’ll get a warm, laid-back, and welcoming look. Everything you need to understand is how to match colors, and you’re good to go.

So, if your workplace enables you to dress casually, you can go for an entire pastel look. Just remember that to keep the look more sophisticated, you need to avoid slogans or patterns.

Saturated Colors

When pastels are combined with highly saturated colors, they will instantly look fantastic. You can either wear a pastel pink with a highly saturated blue or create a color scheme of different colors. You can also pair a pastel blue with a navy blue, as they look great together. Whichever way you do it, it will undoubtedly look great on you.

Pastel Shirts Outfit Ideas for Men

As we mentioned earlier, pastel shades are at the opposite end of the color spectrum from neutrals. And whether you believe it or not, pastels are inherently casual. When it comes to shirts, however, this varies depending on the rest of the outfit.

So, to save you some time pairing your pastels with other clothing pieces and shoes, we’ve provided some outfit ideas for you.

Pastel Blue

  • Consider wearing a pastel blue long sleeve shirt with white chinos if you want to up your casual game. You can opt to add a pair of brown suede loafers to your ensemble to add a bit of depth.
  • A pastel blue shirt paired with blue ripped skinny jeans is a nice casual outfit to add to your selection. You can complete this outfit with a pair of black leather loafers to add a little something extra to your ensemble.
  • You will surely love how combining a pastel blue dress shirt, a blue blazer, and gray dress pants will make you look instantly stylish and sophisticated. Add a pair of navy leather tassel loafers to the mix for a more polished look.
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Pastel Pink

  • To look incredibly smart anywhere, anytime, pair a pastel pink dress shirt with navy chinos. In terms of footwear, opt for burgundy leather oxfords, which are more on the elegant side of the spectrum.
  • Try pairing a pastel pink dress shirt with blue jeans for a sophisticated look. Black leather loafers are many gent’s instant favorites of many options for finishing off this ensemble.
  • An outfit consisting of a pastel pink dress shirt and a blue suit is a piece of undeniable evidence that it is a sophisticated ensemble for a modern man. Brown leather double monks are a great way to add a touch of relaxed casualness to your look.


  • You can create a sleek and elegant menswear look by pairing a lilac long sleeve shirt with beige chinos. Then you can wear a sleeker pair of shoes, like dark brown leather loafers, to complete the look.
  • A lilac shirt looks exceptionally stylish in a modern man’s outfit when paired with navy dress pants. And wearing a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers can amp up the dressiness of your ensemble.
  • A lilac shirt and navy jeans should be on your list of must-have casual items. Wear a dressier pair of shoes, like brown leather casual boots, to complete the look.

The Bottom Line

Pastel-colored clothing is timeless and will never go out of style quickly. That alone is what makes them an excellent investment. Having a few pastel go-to pieces on hand will ensure that you are always on-trend.

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