What Goes with Navy Blue Shorts?

If there is one short’s color that we believe you should have, it’s navy blue ones. We know you might have fallen in love with denim or black shorts, but wait until you see the flexibility and versatility of this ensemble. Navy blue shorts is indeed a wardrobe essential.

Because we believe that navy blue shorts will give you all the feels from casual to could-be-formal, we’ve listed all the color shirts and outfit ideas that will go well with your blue shorts. Let’s dive in!

Colored Shirt and Navy-Blue Shorts Combinations

There are some color shirts that we believe might go perfectly and match your navy blue shorts. Luckily, these shirt colors can always be found in a man’s wardrobe, so you won’t need to take a lot of effort into finding these shirt colors.

Crisp White Men’s Shirts

A safe and traditional bet to partner with your navy-blue shorts includes a crisp white button-down shirt. Choose a shirt with lighter materials, and you can casually roll it up to classy.

Yellow Men’s Shirts

You might think that this is an odd choice of color for a shirt to pair with navy blue, but softer yellow shades are a suitable choice. The softer shades of yellow contrast with the navy, making the entire ensemble more pleasing to the eye.

Red Men’s Shirts

The color red is traditionally paired with navy blue. It’s a classic combination that you can wear on special occasions.

Chambray Men’s Shirts

Chambray is typically light-blue in color. While it may look like denim, chambray is lighter. This will look good with a darker blue shade, such as navy. This will give off a fresh vibe once worn.

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Black Men’s Shirts

Navy shorts paired with a black shirt will give that edgy yet classy look. Plus, you can never really go wrong with black.

Navy Blue Shorts Outfit Ideas for Men

The key to a great outfit is knowing the basic shirt and short color combination. Now that you have some idea on what color will go well with navy, it’s time to discover full outfit ideas that you could wear anytime, anywhere.

Off-Duty Outfits

  • If you want to pull off a trendy yet simple look, the combination of navy and white print crew-neck sweater and navy-blue shorts is a perfect choice. Put on your favorite white canvas low-top sneakers to complete your look, and you’re good to go.
  • If you are looking for proof that white and navy go well when paired, then a white polo and navy shorts get-up is the one. For a more casual feel, and orange slip-on sneaker will tie the whole outfit together.
  • For today’s gentlemen, a grey vertical striped short-sleeve shirt and navy shorts make for the perfect off-duty look. A pair of white canvas low top sneakers are the perfect piece to complete this look.
  • The combination of a blue vertical striped short sleeve shirt and navy shorts will certainly give you a dapper and relaxed look. A pair of low-top white leather sneakers will pull this complete outfit together.
  • For a comfortable and fashionable look, go for a hot pink polo and navy blue shorts. Pull off this look with your favorite white low-top sneakers and black sunglasses.
  • For a more laid-back look, put on your white floral short sleeve shirt and navy blue shorts. Then, add a pair of tan suede loafers to the mix and, voila, a perfect off-duty ensemble.
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Casual Looks

  • To achieve a casual yet stylish look, a choice of red polo partnered with navy blue shorts is all you need. Put on your low-top white canvas sneakers, sunglasses, and watch, and be amazed by how these pieces will seamlessly come together.
  • For a cool casual getup, the combination of a navy polo and navy shorts is the outfit you’re looking for.  You can take a more casual direction by slipping into a pair of bright-colored flip flops.
  • Make a gray sweatshirt, charcoal print crew-neck tee, and navy shorts your outfit option if you’re in search of a comfortable yet dapper ensemble. Complete your look with a pair of gray athletic shoes to add a friendly vibe to this look.
  • The perfect laid-back style formula is a blue crew-neck sweater and navy shorts. And to totally shake up the look, add a pair of black leather brogues to the mix.
  • For casual city style without compromising functionality, you can wear a dark green print crew-neck t-shirt and navy blue shorts. Add a touch of stylish casualness to this ensemble by wearing dark green athletic shoes.
  • You can opt to wear a floral short sleeve shirt in black and white and navy shorts to bring together an interesting and up-to-date comfortable casual wardrobe. By completing your look with a pair of black and white canvas low-top sneakers, let your stylistic tastes completely shine.

Semi-Formal Ensembles

  • If you plan a semi-formal outfit that maintains the highest menswear quality, a blue blazer, white button-down shirt, and navy-blue shorts are the classics.  Complete your outfit with black and white leather brogues to give a classier finish to your overall outfit.
  • Your semi-formal styling arsenal, a white long sleeve shirt, and navy shorts are a combination you should try. Dark brown suede loafers can provide your getup with an elegant twist.
  • If you’re a fan of semi-formal pairings, then the combination of a red check blazer and navy shorts will make you fall in love. White canvas low-top sneakers will add up an all-too-classic look effortlessly.
  • For a dapper and classy look, the combination of a blue chambray long sleeve shirt and blue shorts is a nice outfit. Put on brown suede tassel loafers to make this outfit great.
  • A light blue vertical striped long-sleeve shirt paired with navy blue shorts is a clever combination to have for a not-so-formal outfit. To pull off this ensemble together, consider wearing a brown canvas espadrille.
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The Bottom Line

Navy blue shorts are indeed a must-have wardrobe staple. The outfit ideas we listed above guarantee that buying a pair of navy-blue shorts is a great idea, as one can be partnered with many tops. It can also be worn on almost any occasion. Let us know which outfit idea you’ve tried already.

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