What are the Best Rugged Boots for Men?

Boots are the friend you can count on, and they will help you get that rugged look. If sneakers are like that friend who is always up for a laugh, boots are like that friend who thinks he’s a rocker and is like your best dressed and most sophisticated pal. They seem to be the person who will assist you with a move or come over to fix your boiler at the last minute. It would be best if you had a pair or two of the best-rugged boots for men. They’re simple and always there for you.

Boots have been a staple of fashion since the invention of clothes. They were one of the first styles of footwear invented, and they have evolved and changed over thousands of years. Many distinct sorts of boots have arisen on the fashion scene over time.

But even at first look, the dozens of different varieties of men’s boots available today might easily overwhelm a prospective customer. That is why we believe that with a bit of guidance from this article, you’ll be likely to choose the perfect type to fit your rugged man style effortlessly.

What are The Types of Boots for the Rugged Man?

When choosing a pair of boots, ask yourself this question: Could you climb a mountain, walk through a field, or cross a desert? If you think you can, well then, good. Because even if he’s never left the city, a rugged gentleman’s footwear should appear as it came directly from the outback. The proper boots are an essential item for achieving that rugged man appearance you’ve been after.

So, we have listed some types of boots that you can try as you lean to the rugged fashion.

Chelsea Boots

These boots are called after the London neighborhood of Chelsea. Chelsea was the coolest neighborhood in the city in the 1950s. It was a hotspot for aspiring singers, painters, writers, actresses, and socialites. Because they were so common in the neighborhood, the low-cut boots worn by these remarkable people became known as Chelsea boots.

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These boots are always made with an elastic side panel and are close-fitting and with ankle height. They’re one of the few long-lasting Victorian-era fashion accessories. They had a significant reappearance in the 1960s because of The Beatles.

Note: Try to invest in suede Chelsea boots for a more casual look. The majority of suede boots are available in brown and black. Also, the black suede boots look great with a sophisticated metropolitan outfit. In contrast, brown ones look great with a lovely country-style outfit.

Chukka Boots

According to history, Chukka boots got their name from polo, where a single period of play is commonly referred to as a chukka. The chukka is both traditional and contemporary. They’re an open lace boot design that can look excellent with jeans and suits alike. They’re ankle-high and most often produced with leather uppers and rubber soles.

Nevertheless, the appropriate chukka boot can accomplish more than meets the eye – it can be dressed up or down due to the way it was built. And could be an excellent staple for your rugged man wardrobe.

Hiking Boots

Hiking became popular in the early 1900s, and this prompted the development of hiking boot designs. Back then, everything was made of leather, including the soles. The leather soles of the boots were hobnailed to increase traction. Hiking boot and hiking shoe designs have become more modern as hiking became more popular and boot technology evolved. And the many aesthetic variations of hiking boots, perhaps the biggest of all men’s boot categories, could quickly fill a section of their own.

The arrival of rubber soles transformed hiking boots, providing them better traction and reducing the need for hobnails. And they are often made with lace-up styles and are ankle-high. But because many of the top-end hiking boot characteristics are aimed more towards serious hiking aficionados, many men enjoy hiking boots that can also be worn casually.

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Work Boots

Work boots have some of the most robust construction of any boot style, making them ideal for getting things done. They come in a variety of styles. Cowboy boot styles, moc toe styles, and almost any other type can be considered work boots if they contain qualities that make them robust, comfortable, and job-friendly. Workboot styles have no or low heels, robust soles, and sometimes protective toes.

Trench Boots

During the early years of WWI, American soldiers rapidly discovered that they had a footwear issue. The standard-issue Russet marching shoes at the time couldn’t handle the French terrain. Soldiers first developed trench feet. This was unacceptable, so one general stepped up to the plate.

General John Pershing permitted upgrades to the Russet marching shoe. A triple-thick sole with iron toe cleats, as well as leather construction and waterproofing, were added. This was known as the trench boot, but it was also known as the Pershing boot.

And today’s trench boots are low-profile and influenced by military classics, with a little higher heel and ample lacing. They are a cross between a Chukka and a hiking boot in terms of fit. These boots look fantastic with both casual and dressy rugged clothes.

The Best Boots for the Rugged Man

Boots usually appear to accomplish more than shoes. While shoes are disputing issues in a boardroom, boots are hard at work in the garage. That is why this type of footwear is the best for your rugged look.

So, we have listed below the best boots you can find in the market today.

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The Scout Boot by Taylor Stitch

Taylor Sitch’s Scout Boot is not only fashionable, but it is also an excellent all-around work boot. It is made in Léon, Mexico, with triple-needle sewing and Goodyear storm welt construction for durability. It’s composed of weatherproof yet durable Espresso Grizzly leather, a pigskin inner, and a Vibram lug sole.

Service Boot 1035 by Viberg

Viberg’s Service stitch-down structure sets this boot apart from other trench boots. The shape is as sleek as it is sturdy, and the Ridgeway soles make it a maneuverable boot in rain and snow.

Warner Leather Chelsea Boots by Grenson

Grenson’s Warner boots are a chunkier take on the sleek and tall Chelsea boot. These are more robust and less prone to slippage since they have a “G” last and a thick, lugged sole. And we think that’s a good thing.

Wolf Boot by Rancourt & Co.

Rancourt & Co.’s Wolf Boot is an international production handcrafted in Maine using Snuff Kudu leather by the UK’s Stead Tannery. This version, however, is an outlier. The rest of Rancourt’s Wolf Boots are similarly crafted in Maine but with leather from Chicago.

Mountain Pass by Danner

The Smores unique hue is only available at Huckberry. It’s used on Danner’s Mountain Pass hiking boot, constructed in the USA with a water-resistant full-grain leather top, a Vibram outsole, Gore-Tex lining, and a detachable PU footbed.

The Bottom Line

When purchasing shoes to complement a rugged style, consider whether you’ll be able to climb a mountain wearing them. If you answered yes, then make it a must-have item in your closet. A gentleman’s footwear is one of the most critical factors that cannot be overlooked while achieving the ideal rugged image. The correct pair of shoes will provide a masculine and menacing sense to your overall appearance.

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