How to Look Rugged During Summer

The very thought of a man’s rugged appearance conjures up images of a fully mature scruffy-sexy version of a man, with stubble and unkempt hair, aged and rough skin, and being a little rough around the edges. But how do you pull off such a look during summer? Or, is there any way that you can wear some rugged clothing even if the sun is unforgiving?

Overall styling contributes to the appearance of ruggedness. Yes, you do need to style a little more to mature your impression to be more rugged. And this might entail a little spicing up your outfit as well as adding a little manliness to your fragrance selection – even during summer.

So, if you find it hard to achieve the rugged style during the hot weather, worry no more. We are here to help you!

Men’s Rugged Clothing Tips for Summer

For guys, summer and fashion do not always go hand in hand. And you usually connect summer trends with the preppy look: pink shorts, polos, and Topsiders. And, while they have the spirit of comfort, preppy does not have a monopoly on cozy aesthetics. Because during the summer, you can always pull off a rugged style with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

If you want to have some rugged-style clothing during summer, we have listed below some tips for you.

Work Shirts are Off Limit

If you want to achieve a rugged appearance, you should avoid wearing work shirts. Look for shirts that don’t need to be tucked in, are relatively short, and appear to match the rugged style. A cowboy or military shirt may appear to be an excellent choice.

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You should also note that oversized band T-shirts and T-shirts with large designs should be avoided when shopping for T-shirts. The key to pulling off your rugged summer look is to get some nice colors. Also, m Make sure the top three buttons are left unblocked. As for rugged styles for guys, classy and sophisticated T-shirts are the rage during summer.

Blue Jeans Are Your Best Friend

How unique can your rugged look be if you’re not wearing your classic blue jeans? Anyone who thought you only needed ripped-off pants to bring off your rugged style is entirely wrong. Because you only need to put on those macho blue jeans with a correct fit. You will feel completely at ease with the styling.

If you’re one of those men who have a closet full of skin-tight jeans, it’s time to say goodbye to your thin affair. It has lasted a long time and cannot be extended if you have decided to be rugged in your summer styling. If you’re going for the rugged image, even those tailored shirts go back in the crates for donation. To make your rugged clothing stand out during summer, then stick to your blue jeans.

Summer Essentials for the Rugged Man

The summer months are always around the corner, and most of the country goes insane from the heat. And investing a little time and money in your rugged summer gear is critical to having the best summer ride possible. To excellently pull off the rugged style during summer, you should have a couple of what we believe are wardrobe staples for the rugged man. 

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Short-Sleeve Plaid Button-Downs

Few items of apparel in your wardrobe may not be as versatile as a plaid button-down. Plaid is one of those beautiful patterns that looks fantastic on everyone and can be worn for various occasions and weather, even summer. Whether it’s a night out with the guys, going camping, or even going on a date with that special someone, a checkered button-down shirt is your go-to rugged summer essential. 

Many versions use snaps instead of buttons, which makes it much easier to wear without the inconvenience of replacing buttons. Also, the appearance of a collar conveys to everyone that you put in an effort and have a sense of style. It’s a lot better than a t-shirt, yet it’s still casually rugged enough to look good.


If you intend to go outside, you will, of course, require a good pair of sunglasses. But not just any sunglasses will do; aviator sunglasses are the ones for you. Since WWII, aviator sunglasses have been a fashion and cultural mainstay. And we believe that every rugged man should own a pair in addition to your wardrobe staples.

Old or New Jeans

Summer is the perfect time to either revitalize an old pair of jeans by taking them to a tailor or buy a new pair. Wearing shorts to every outing, especially if you’re headed to a nice restaurant, would not give you a rugged look you’re aiming for. Wearing pants still looks better, even if they are tattered. And besides, nobody wants to see your knobbly knees and pale legs. Even tattered Levi’s with patches look better than the terrible hemmed shorts. We’re just saying.

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A nice jacket may seem overkill in the summer to most people, but it would be necessary if you are in the Bay Area. Wearing a new bomber jacket with a neat, clean t-shirt on those cool summer nights is ideal for projecting some flair and comfort. And also, the leather bomber has been a men’s fashion icon once.


In terms of footwear, you have a lot of possibilities. Summer shoes, such as vans or boat shoes, may work with almost anything. White is always appropriate while still adding a splash of color.

But that doesn’t mean your shoes have to be dull — black and white are easy colors to wear, but a sleek pair of low-profile sneakers in any colorway may look great and add an awesome pop to any summer ensemble.

The Bottom Line

You’re not alone if you don’t feel ready to start the summer yet. After all, the move to a new season, particularly the sweltering middle of the year, would be incomplete without a few summer-style necessities. And for all that the season throws at you, all the details must be considered. We hope this article helped you to prepare the rugged summer style you’ve been working on.

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