What Is the Best Casual Rugged Men Clothing Style for You?

The rugged man style has been in the fashion scene for years. And although the rugged man’s attitude or persona is one thing, the rugged outfit should give extra effort. As we all know, the outfit is the first thing that people will surely notice. It’s the attire that draws attention and creates a lasting impression. That is why it is so important to plan your outfit ahead of time.

So, if your fashion game is in the rut and finding the perfect casual rugged man outfit seems impossible, then you landed on the right website because we are always here to help.

Rugged Men Outfit Ideas with Henley and Jeans

The rugged approach gives casual apparel a bit of edge by using subtle patterns and focusing on minor elements like button type.

For instance, shirts like Henley could elevate your rugged fashion a notch higher. Choosing henleys with unusual neck closures is a subtle edgy feature that highlights a manly look. Furthermore, using textures in your Henley will make it look less clean; for example, a ribbed or waffle henley is a terrific option.

You can also pair your shirts with jeans and pants to look rugged. Choosing neutral and earthy-colored jeans and pants might help you create the look. Rugged men dress for the outdoors, which is reflected in their color choices. So, guys who prefer a tough look should avoid wearing brightly colored pants.

You can try many outfit ideas as you aim for that rugged look, just like the ones we have listed below.

Henley and Jeans Outfit

  • A charcoal henley shirt paired with black jeans is a smart choice for a casual yet stylish look. The greatest way to complete this look out of unlimited options is by wearing brown suede driving shoes.
  • When you need to look trendy in a hurry, the off-duty outfit of a dark green military jacket, white henley shirt, and navy jeans comes in handy. And if you want to be a little more rugged, pair your outfit with dark brown leather casual boots.
  • A black and red plaid shirt jacket, gray henley shirt, and navy jeans are a casual styling combination that every modern rugged man should own. You can also toss in a pair of dark brown suede desert boots to instantly shake up the look.
  • The casual ensemble of a brown suede Harrington jacket, black henley shirt, and black pants will show off your rugged male styling skills. And you can also go for a pair of black leather casual boots if you need to upgrade your look with a pair of shoes instantly.
  • A navy henley shirt, blue denim jacket, and navy ripped skinny jeans are terrific casual outfit combinations to keep in your closet. Black leather Chelsea boots will undoubtedly add a touch of sophistication to this ensemble.
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Rugged Men Outfit Ideas with Polo Shirts and Jeans

Who said that you couldn’t wear a polo shirt when you’re pulling off a rugged look? That’s a lie. Because the rugged man can wear a polo shirt without seeming like he’s headed to the golf course, to make the polo look informal, go for some exciting accents like edgy buttons or no buttons at all.

We have listed some rugged man outfit ideas for you to try next time.

Polo Shirts and Jeans Outfit

  • You can choose a brown bomber jacket, gray short-sleeved shirt, and black jeans for a relaxed style – these pieces go together perfectly. And finishing with dark brown leather casual boots is a surefire way to add a touch of refinement to your wardrobe.
  • You can wear a blue denim jacket, red plaid polo shirt, and light blue ripped jeans for a laid-back but highly trendy look. Then you can opt to add a pair of dark brown leather casual boots to the mix for a more elegant finish to your ensemble.
  • To attain a casually rugged look, wear a navy short sleeve shirt with navy jeans. You can choose a pair of black leather tassel loafers to add a stylish touch to your ensemble.
  • A brown flannel long sleeve shirt, a white polo shirt, and blue jeans are a safe and appealing combination. And to add a touch of refinement, match your outfit with a pair of brown suede casual boots.
  • Pair a tan polo shirt with black ripped jeans for a casually rugged look, and you’ll be surprised at how well these items go together. You can also try on some gray suede Chelsea boots to complete your look with a more polished approach to footwear.
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Rugged Men Outfit Ideas with T-Shirts and Jeans

Solid t-shirts are a go-to option. But T-shirts with minor patterns can let your otherwise understated outfit stand out a little more. Rugged men shun bright colors in muted, earthy tones such as olive green, blue, grey, or burgundy. And they go well with pants or jeans of the same color pallet.

Below are some outfit ideas for your t-shirt and jeans combination.

T-Shirts and Jeans Outfit

  • If you want a more relaxed yet rugged look, a black t-shirt and navy denim are excellent choices. And for a touch of class, put on a pair of dark brown leather boat shoes to the mix.
  • A contemporary combo of an olive puffer jacket, gray crew-neck t-shirt, and gray sweatpants is one that every modern rugged man should have in his off-duty wardrobe. You can complement this ensemble with brown leather low-top sneakers to add some extra style.
  • For gents who prefer a casual rugged appearance, a navy denim jacket, black t-shirt, and olive pants are the ideal combination. Topping off this look with a pair of tobacco suede casual boots is a great way to add extra artistry.
  • The simple pairing of a black crew-neck t-shirt and navy jeans is quick and easy to put together. It will make you look great and ready for anything without having to spend a lot of time digging through your closet. And a pair of brown leather high-top shoes instantly up the fashion quotient of this look.
  • The combination of a black t-shirt and olive jeans looks fantastic and instantly elevates any gentleman’s appearance. You can finish off this look with a pair of tobacco leather low-top sneakers to add a touch of ruggedness.
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The Bottom Line

A rugged style indeed does suits men of all ages. And, as with most things in life, it improves with time. You’ll certainly look like a casual pro with far more on his mind than what he’s wearing if you dress like one of these casual rugged man outfit ideas. We hope you’ll be inspired by these ideas to get outside, go on adventures, and see where your rugged look will lead you.

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