What is the Best Plus Size Underwear for Plus Size Men?

Given that underwear is the first thing you put on every day, it’s likely the very last thing in your wardrobe you spend time selecting. But, in case you don’t know, it is worthwhile to do. Choosing the best piece in your arsenal will not only make you feel better throughout the day, but it will also make your garments hang nicer.

The task of finding the perfect underwear for plus-size men had always seemed impossible. Most of the time, you’ll end up with highly tight briefs that squeeze your waist and chafe your legs. Sometimes the legs are too tight and not stretchy. While the legs fit perfectly, the waistband is a no-no. It’s frustrating, but you need to keep looking for the best plus-size men’s underwear because it is vital, whether you agree or not.

That is why we are here to help you find the perfect one for you. Keep reading!

What to Look for Your Plus Size Underwear

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of underpants for everyday wear, support, comfort, and a flattering style that improves your confidence are all important factors to consider. There are a few things to consider before buying that new pair of underwear. And to finally end your epic quest for the best plus-size underwear that fits both your lifestyle and your budget, you need to put these in mind.


Don’t worry. We are not referring to which pattern to wear in your standard drawers. Consider more shape and fit for sufficient support, depending on your daily needs.

Opt for a boxer brief with a longer leg and a tight fit, such as compression underwear for the gym if you don’t like underwear that gets up too high. You can also check out a low-rise style to prevent a wedgie or wrinkly bottom. Low-rise underwear won’t feel too tight or shift in position during the day if you get the right size.

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And unless we’re speaking about quality underwear to wear during your exhausting workouts, the length of your undies is mostly a matter of personal preference. To avoid thigh chafing, you’ll probably want a longer leg, which will also come in very handy even during hotter sweat sessions.

Also, if you’re constantly adjusting your junk, look for boxer briefs and trunks with pouches to keep your man bits from moving around too freely. Your goods will be held in place by the right-side seams.


Even when cotton is breathable and easy to care for, a pair made entirely of cotton will lose structure over time and give you a swamp-ass vibe. If you’re after a little more current, look for a blend that includes nylon and spandex. Nylon is a moisture-wicking fabric that does not pill or loosen. But even so, a small amount of spandex in the fabric aids in easy and comfortable motion.

Modal or micro modal fabric is another excellent choice. This incredibly soft fabric is made from beech trees and feels like nothing else your junk has ever felt. It’s light and silky to the touch, as well as shrink-resistant and moisture-wicking. Modal is used in manufacturing most of the best men’s underwear on the market that you’ll hear guys speak about.

Best Plus Size Underwear for Plus Size Men

If you’re a plus-size man, you’re probably not the only one who has trouble finding underwear that fits. Fortunately, a few great brands have taken into account the majority of factors and created some highly appealing options. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best underwear for plus-size men.

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Fruit Of The Loom Men’s No Ride Up Boxer Brief

Fruit of the Loom has been known as one of the best underwear brands for decades. They’ve made many high-quality briefs and undershirts, so it’s only natural that they’d have the best plus-size underwear, which they do with their No Ride Up Boxer briefs. These boxer briefs for big men are incredibly comfy and durable.

The Fruit of the Loom No Ride Up briefs come in two styles and 25 color combinations. The first choice is the Coolzone Fly, a breathable mesh fly that gives some groin ventilation. The conventional fly, on the other hand, makes it simple to leave when you need to. These boxer briefs are made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester and are incredibly comfortable. They have a stretchy, non-binding waistband that stays put once you pull them up.

Calvin Klein Men’s Big Tall Cotton Classic Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein is one of the most well-known underwear brands, so they can get away with just putting a logo on the waistband. So, it’s a little interesting to see that they have tags in addition to the logo – especially in this day and age when all men whine about them. Even though the tags are simple to remove, it’s still annoying to have to do so. This 100% cotton boxer brier features a functional fly, a hook, and eye closure and can be machine washed.

Even if it is a bit pricey, it’ll be worth the investment – particularly if you’re a plus-size man who’s had sizing issues in the past. Furthermore, the durability of the seams ensures that you’ll be able to use them for a long time.

OCOATTON Combed Cotton Boxer Briefs For Big And Tall Guys

For plus-size men, OCOATTON briefs are a perfect choice. Sizes up to 7XL are available, which is one size larger than most other brands. So, whatever your circumstance, you will be able to find a good-fitting brief from this company.

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The OCOATTON Combed Cotton Boxer Briefs are a pair of highly comfortable underwear made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This enables them to provide a tight fit that won’t lose shape, stretch out, or shrink. They also don’t have any ride-up legs, so you didn’t have to worry about chafing when wearing them.

They come in a pack of 6 and have an open fly design. These are the most comfortable and best-fitting choices you’ll find wherever if you’re a plus-size guy who needs sizes up to 7XL.

Harbor Bay Big & Tall Briefs

If you’re used to wearing tighty-whiteys and wouldn’t want to switch to boxer briefs, then this one is for you. This Harbor Bay brief has a non-constrictive waistband and loose leg openings that won’t feel like a bandage all over your thighs, more so than the briefs you’re had before.

It has a total rise in the front and back, so you won’t get a wedgie wearing it. There’s a Y-shaped support panel in the front that you can toss in the washer when it gets dirty. The only major drawback is that it will not prevent chafing on your thighs. So, if you’re not planning on working all day, this is a good option.

The Bottom Line

Unlike before, there is now a wide range of options for plus-size underwear for big guys. So, say goodbye to your regular underwear that is very tight and irritating. Try any of our recommendations above and say hello to more comfortable days.

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