What are the Best Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Men?

For far too long, men have been restricted to the size and color options available on the high street. And many mainstream men’s fashion brands don’t have the time or resources to stock clothing that fits a wide range of king-size men. This can make it difficult for larger men to find flattering wardrobe choices.

Thanks to some fashion brands of today who are making an effort to widen the clothing options for plus-size men. With this, it would give every gentleman to experiment on their looks and outfits. Although, like everyone, sometimes, it is tough to style your outfit, do not worry. This article is dedicated to giving you outfit ideas that you can try today!

Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Men

Wearing clothes appropriately may not change your shape or size, but it does give you a more balanced image. With a bit of effort and time, you’ll be surprised at how well every clothing piece you have works out.

Below are the outfit ideas that you can rock on every occasion you’ll be in.

Casual Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Men

Suppose you want to rock some carefree summer vibes while maintaining a light-as-a-feather style. In that case, there are many causal ideas available for you. For the upcoming spring-summer season, you can dress up like a pro.

Comfortable yet Classic Look

Depending on your aesthetic, you can go with a simple print like vertical stripes or a more vibrant, maximalist print like florals or tropical. This is a plus-size ensemble idea that you can quickly wear for a relaxing vacation or a night out at your favorite bar.

For a sleek profile, choose a pair of shorts with a length that falls just an inch or two just below the widest part of your mid-thigh. And to improve the look of an existing pair of shorts, you can cut them to this ideal length.

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Just Chillin’ Look

A list of plus-size outerwear ideas for men would be incomplete without a polo t-shirt. This is an unmissable classic and ultra-wearable fashion style for plus-size guys. You can choose a print, solid-tone, or color-blocked polo t-shirt and pair it with a complementary shade of bottoms for an elevated look all-around. This plus-size man clothing style is very country club yet preppy, and it can be introduced into your outfit at any age.

Choose a polo t-shirt made of a light and ultra-stretchy knit or jersey fabric to ensure optimum comfort. This will help with more effortless movement and more airy wearability, resulting in less sweating and fabric patching.

Relaxed Look

Cropped cargo pants are a great addition to plus-size outfit ideas. With this one, you can go for a cosmopolitan appeal and a chic look. In a pair of cropped cargos and a shirt combo, you can layer it like a boss for summer and stay as cool as ever. You can also play around with color and prints to make this look fun and interesting.

If full-length cargo pants are more comfortable for you, go for them instead of cropped ones. The same outfit with full-size cargo pants can be an excellent alternative for cold weather or a fantastic outdoor look. You can also opt to add a wind-cheater to beat the monsoon.

Beach Look

The key to overcoming your fear of exposing your body at the beach is simple: you should just forget about it. Everyone at the beach, including you, should be focused on having a great time.

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And when it comes to the ensemble, you can start by swimming in a tank top or t-shirt, which are light and quick to dry. You can also layer it with a dark-colored shirt made of lightweight material like linen if you want to cover up your body.

Laid Back Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Men

If you are planning to make a serious color statement and are unafraid to try new things, there are great laid-back outfits for you. Such outfits will make you stand out with your fashion choices.  

Here’s a list of the best plus-size outfit ideas to allow you to attain your fashion goals in style.

Dapper Look

All you’ll need for this look is a pair of your favorite jeans and a bright rainbow-patterned sweatshirt or hoodie. You can go all out with neon block printing or go for a more stylish look with ice cream colors that are slated but vibrant. In any case, we’re sure that this outfit idea will make a fashion statement.

When choosing an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie, keep shoulder measurements in mind. Oversize trends run the threat of making you look ridiculous rather than stylish because your sizing is already larger. This can be caused by excessive drooping of the shoulder seam.

Swagger Look

Another outfit idea for you that conveys absolute swagger and a ton of demeanor is this one. With an outfit that includes a classic denim jacket, you can dress up street-style on your sleeve. And remember that men’s jeans don’t have to be pants all of the time. You can wear a chic denim jacket that reflects your knack for an excellent and timeless style to keep up with the latest trends.

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For a chic and put-together look, go for skinnier, closer-fitting pants on the bottom. You should also ensure that your denim jacket is a large and comfy fit. And to give you the best profile, your jacket should fall at the base of your hips, but not too far below.

All-Time Classic Look

Simple and classic styling are frequently expected when it comes to plus-size outfit ideas. The classic shirts for men and denim pants combo are one such idea that delivers exceptional style with minimal effort. So, to attain a smart-casual look that can be worn almost anywhere, just match a button-up shirt in your favorite color with your favorite pair of denim. After fitting them, you can just leave them untucked. This is a look that every man needs in his wardrobe, whether it’s for a dinner date or a relaxed work shift.

And because this is one of the plus-size ensemble ideas that involve your shirt is untucked, pick a shirt that isn’t too baggy but still fits you well. Also, make sure it buttons down and isn’t left unbuttoned at the bottom for more than 2-3 inches.

The Bottom Line

Your body will be presented in the most flattering way possible if you have a great set of wardrobes. And we believe that plus-size men’s clothing styles and outfit ideas should give your body a clear, clean, and defined shape. It should also bring out your confidence. Are you ready to try any of the outfit ideas above? Let us know!

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