The Perfect Suits that Suit the Plus Size Men

An excellent suit must be your boardroom battle weapon – something you can slip on and take command of the day, no matter what’s on your to-do list. And if you’re a plus-size man, you’re probably aware that finding a suit can be difficult. Some tailors don’t always have the experience of working with bigger men to make you look your best. Also, some ready-to-wear shops may have a minimal selection of suits in your size.

The primary issue is that most of the suits you’ll see on the high street are measured to fit slender, tall models – and most men aren’t models. If you’re a man who is part of the plus-size community, you might need a few pointers to ensure you get a fit that flatters your figure. This is where we enter the picture. In this article, we will talk about the best suit for plus-size men.

What To Look for Your Plus Size Suit

There’s nothing like a suit to make a man look and feel his best. That is especially true for men who are taller, broader, or larger than the average person. That is why it is very crucial to find the right one. So, here’s what you should look out for.

When asking what to wear, there’s nothing more to say than: “Suit up!”, as Barney Stinson did in the popular TV show “How I met Your Mother”.

The Fit

The right fit is crucial for any suit, but it’s even more critical if you’re a bit on the heavy side. There’s a natural impulse to use more fabric when it comes to covering well-built or larger bodies. The opposite is correct. You should opt to wear the smallest size that is comfortable for you.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different fits. You have the option of wearing a slim fit, or you can get away with a regular fit. Remember that y our preference, not your size, should guide your choice. However, as a basic rule, you should choose the trimmest suit that feels good to reduce fabric utilization.

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Read more about what fabrics to choose for plus size clothes here.

The Details

Now, turn your focus to the details after you’ve figured out your right fit. Remember that it’s always about balance. Taller men may prefer a two-button suit over a one-button suit to better punctuate lengthier jackets. Another helpful tip is to choose a blazer with a lower break. Lowering this point – in which your lapel reaches your first button – will help it rest more in line with a longer torso’s natural waist.

Pick a mid-width lapel elsewhere to keep it proportionate to the size of your jacket. And the same would go for your tie: a tie with a moderately sized blade, instead of a skinny one, will be more in proportion to the portion of shirt fabric on display. Lastly, slanted pockets will draw the eye in and up your frame, making a thicker torso appear slimmer.

The Pattern

There’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t wear a pattern if you have a larger frame. We disagree as we believe everybody should embrace that pattern. The secret is to maintain proper proportions. Stripes are good, even horizontal ones, but keep an eye on the scale. On a larger body, a chunky Bengal stripe can take on comedic proportions. So, for a cleaner look, use more refined stripes. Also, checks, florals, and other patterns are the same way. Remember that the less busy the pattern, the better.

The Shirt

When shopping for shirts, look for extra-long shirts, so they don’t slip out the back of your pants each time you sit down and move around too much. While it may seem clear to choose a larger neck size – ours go up to 21′′ – it’s also worth considering the lead edge of your collar. This outside edge that outlines your tie should be a little longer to make the collar proportionate to a larger chest.

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Best Suit Brands for Plus Size Men

The perfect suits for plus-size men aren’t found on the shelves of a department store. This is because those suits are made using a style that does not fit everyone. And due to your unique proportions, those suits will not fit you properly if you are on the plus-size side. That is why the perfect suits for big men are custom-tailored to your measurements.

And if you are looking for brands that will surely deliver the best quality suit for a plus-size man like you, we have listed them below.

French Crown

French Crown Suits collection has a wide range of plus-size suits for men. With the belief that every man should feel convinced and unique in his shape, the French Crown attempts to provide him with clothing to glorify his body.

These suits are made up of premium fabrics like linen, cotton, terry rayon, and polyester and are tailored to make you look your best on every occasion from party to business meetups. French Crown has 1000+ designer suits where sizes ranging from XS to 5XL. These high-quality suits for big men have the latest and in-trend patterns. Get the number of choices to select from the range of formal, casual, and semi-formal plus-size suits.


Brioni Suits are a fashion staple for men. You can indeed find your perfect size in both ready-to-wear and customized men’s suits. And for a timeless look, go with their classic Black Madison Suit. This stunning suit will be a mainstay in your wardrobe, except for when you’re wearing it, of course. A Brioni suit will create a great impression on everyone, regardless of your size, whether it’s for the office or a special event.


Since 1934, Canali has been supplying the world with high-quality Italian suits. It is a family-owned business that produces everything to measure and still handcrafts everything in Italy. And in addition to their made-to-measure offer, which sees a beautiful suit customized according to your specifications, many more of their suits are available in sizes up to the comparison of a US 48.

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The Dark Grey Wool Siena Suit with Micro Checks is a lovely choice for various body types. The dark color flatters larger bodies, and the suit has no vents, so you won’t have to worry about back vents. The suit has a clean, modern style with a micro checks pattern that adds depth to the color. This demonstrates to those around you that you have some style but prefer to keep things simple.


This is yet another Italian manufacturer that delivers nothing but the best. Each custom-made suit undergoes a process of more than 150 steps to guarantee excellence, and the company offers more than 750 various fabric choices. Most of their suits come in sizes up to US 48, and they also provide a made-to-measure service. The latter is ideal for plus-size men because they will find one of the finest suits for big men that perfectly fit their proportions.

Corneliani’s Printed Yarn Suit will make you feel like a classic movie star. There are no vents on this suit, and the color and pattern are both stylish. This is the type of design that will not go out of style so you can think of it as a long-term investment in your closet.

The Bottom Line

You’ll indeed never go wrong with suits. And unless it perfectly suits you (see what we did there?), it won’t be worth investing. But thanks to the brands and tailoring shops that are there to custom-made suits for the plus-size men, it is now an easy task.

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