What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants?

Mixing and matching a top with navy blue pants might get confusing sometimes. Although there aren’t a lot of options within a man’s wardrobe, pulling off the right attire with shirts and pants can still be done, just by knowing the simple contrast and color combination.

Pants are a staple in a man’s closet, undoubtedly since they are available in different colors and can be worn on different occasions. But if being unconventional isn’t your jam and you’d rather stick to traditional colors, you could end up having just black or navy blue pants. So, for you to still create a fashion statement with navy blue pants and tops, you must know what shirt color goes with it.

Navy Blue Pants and Shirts Combination

The trick to perfecting your navy blue pants outfit is knowing the general rule of contrasting colors. Since navy blue trousers are considered dark pants, pairing them with a light-colored top would be perfect.

Below, we’ll break down shirt colors that match well with navy blue pants.


It’s safe to say that all men should have a white shirt in their closet.  The color white is so simple, yet it catches the attention of many people. The white shirt and the navy blue pants combo is ideal if you’re someone who appreciates the elegance of the monochrome. Don’t forget to complement this outfit idea with brown leather loafers.

Pink or Light Pink

The casual combination of a pink shirt with navy pants is incredibly easy to put together in seconds, making you look oh-so dashing. To give this look a more sophisticated twist, wear your favorite brown suede loafers.

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Light Blue

The combination of a light blue dress shirt and navy dress pants is a great choice when you need to look stylish yet exceptionally smart. And for business wear, it’s a classic pairing. To add style, partner this combination with a pair of black leather loafers.


The combination of blue and gray is always trendy while being conservative and ideal for the workplace. Not only do these shades match well with each other, but they also fit beautifully, making them the most versatile men’s clothing color combination.

Navy Blue Trousers and Shirts Combination

Navy blue is part of the 5 universal pants or trousers colors. So, for those who don’t want to fuss about what to wear and don’t have the time to think before going somewhere, here’s the list of shirt colors that will surely go with your trousers.

White Checked Shirt

There’s no question that a simple white shirt is a perfect shirt for any occasion, but just for a change, you can also pick a white-colored shirt to match with your blue pants. . The checkered pattern can be of any sort, whether thin or thick pattern.

Blue Striped Shirt

A striped shirt is also available in various designs, such as horizontal, vertical, pin and wide. The interesting thing about the striped shirt is that you don’t need to wear a tie because the stylish patterns would be enough to complement your formal look.

Plain Black Shirt

You can also pair your navy blue trousers with a simple black shirt. Everyone knows that a simple black shirt is one of a stylish man’s favorites.

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Red Shirt

A red shirt and blue jeans are a kind of an off-duty style that you sorely need when you’re out of time. You can finish your look with black and white low top sneakers.

Yellow Shirt

A light-yellow shirt paired with navy blue trousers or chinos can be worn when you are attending a casual event.  You can opt to pair it with dark brown formal shoes, a watch, and a brown leather belt.

On the other hand, you may also pair a yellow crew neck t-shirt or a yellow polo t-shirt with navy blue jeans for a casual look. Finish the look with a pair of white sneakers.

Purple Shirt

A purple shirt might be unconventional for some, but wait until you try it with navy blue jeans. A purple shirt and navy blue trousers are a fun look to add to your everyday range of styling. Round off this look with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.

Navy Blue Dress Pants Outfit

One of the essentials in a man’s wardrobe is dress slacks. You can wear dress pants regularly for work in a casual corporate setting. Or maybe you need to pull them out once in a while, like dressing up for dinner with your friends or having a job interview.

No matter what the circumstances are, you’re going to want a pair that fits you and yet looks relaxed. This suggests finding what to look for and how to style men’s dress pants in a unique and fashionable way is a must for any man.

Below are some outfit ideas on how to wear navy blue dress pants for men:

  • Step up your fashion game by matching a dark green polo with navy dress pants. To complete your casual look, you can opt for more casual shoes, such as a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers and sunglasses.
  • Don’t hesitate to look sleek and suave in a charcoal wool turtleneck and navy dress pants. Matching this look with a pair of navy and white athletic shoes, you can easily turn up the street appeal of this outfit.
  • You may also choose to wear a white polo and navy dress pants for a basic but classy look. Also, if you want to style your look quickly with a pair of shoes, add white low top sneakers.
  • The combination of a gray check double-breasted blazer and navy dress trousers reflects elegance and sophistication. A velvet tassel loafer is guaranteed to give your outfit a touch of trendy casualness.
  • You wouldn’t believe it but you can rock a tan suede biker jacket with navy blue dress pants, and get a sleek and stylish look. You can also pull-off the whole look by finishing with a marine leather loafer.
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The Bottom Line

Men, having some good and stylish navy blue pants is the key to building a great wardrobe. Regardless of your lifestyle, whether you want to dress lowkey or attend a fancy gathering, owning navy blue pants is a good idea.

And aside from the styles, shirt colors, and outfit ideas that we have listed above, there sure are a lot more ways to pull off navy blue pants. Do you have any idea? We’d love to hear it!

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