What Shirt Color Goes Well with a Navy Suit?

A navy suit is a timeless piece of men’s clothing that has long been a mainstay in every gentleman’s closet. Its classic appeal and neutral color make it a lasting style that can be worn repeatedly. It’s a great alternative to a black suit. The color navy is a classic piece that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Even if you’re going to a work-related event, a wedding ceremony, or a cocktail party, a navy suit can be a good choice if paired with the fitting shirt.

Investing in sharp clothing pieces is one of the most impactful investments one can make. Your primary outfit purchases, like any other substantial investment, necessitate thorough research and planning. But don’t worry, because we got you covered!

Navy Suit and Shirt Combinations

An outfit isn’t complete unless all of the components are carefully chosen. There are a plethora of options to try, including accessories, shirts, ties, and anything that will give your navy suit a boost.

The uniqueness of a navy suit is its adaptability. This not only means that you can wear it for a variety of occasions, but it also signifies that you can pair it with a wide range of shirts.

Here are some navy suit and shirt combinations that you can try:

White Shirt

When you’re not sure what shirt to pair with your navy suit, white is the safest bet. Any gentlemen can indeed pull off the combination because it is so simple. A white shirt would be an excellent complement to navy blue suit combinations. When paired with the right style elements, the navy suit with a white shirt will effortlessly look stylish.

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A navy-blue shirt with a white shirt would be an excellent choice for a bright sunny day at work. After you’ve determined which blue suit white shirt look will work best for you, the next step is to find the best tie for a navy suit with a white shirt.

You can also switch out the white button-up casual shirts for white t-shirts in the summer and polo neck sweaters in the winter for a smart casual look. And make sure to keep the tones of the inner layer piece subtle.

Pale/Sky Blue Shirt

The pairing of a navy suit and a pale blue shirt works exceptionally well. It must be added to your repertoire of go-to outfits. A light blue shirt is an excellent alternative to a traditional white shirt. It has the same familiar look while appearing softer when partnered with more blue.

Although the distinction is not as striking as with a white shirt, a few shades of difference between your suit and shirt are required to create a polished look. Because a light blue suit and a pale blue shirt can easily clash, wear this shirt with navy or mid-blue suits only.

Gray Shirt

If you want to look effortlessly smart in your navy-blue suit, you can try pairing it with a gray shirt. The outfit, which is distinctly less conventional than a white shirt, deviates from tradition while keeping the rest stylish and classy.

Gray’s calm tone provides a soft contrast with blue hues, resulting in a stylish yet subtle vibe. While you’re at it, you can choose accessories in similar themes to the toned-down hues to make the most of this sleek pair. This will result in a stylish and sophisticated look with no harsh color clashes.

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Pink Shirt

Pink shirts are becoming increasingly popular among men, and the results are indeed sophisticated and fashionable. They commonly look great with gray suits, but they also look really sharp when matched with navy blue. The pink shirt is ideally suited to the brave gentleman who enjoys making a statement.

The color scheme, which provides an outstanding balance, is suitable for making a modern look. While the collaboration can be worn on various occasions, it works incredibly well whenever you want to look smart and stylish but not customarily formal.

Remember that the paler pink shades are a comfortable and elegant pairing for a navy without clashing.

Printed and Patterned Shirts

Even if navy suits are a great classic choice, their conventional tone can be a little underwhelming in some instances. So, if you want to make a more significant impression with your navy suit, consider combining it with a printed shirt. A printed shirt can be just what your outfit needs to add a fashionable touch.

Pair your navy suit with a striped or patterned shirt to make a bold statement. Consider stripes, gingham, polka dots, or checks. The important thing here is that the colors don’t clash with your suit. A simple way to avoid this is to wear a shirt with a white foundation.

Things to Remember When Wearing Navy Suit

What to wear with a navy suit can be a challenging and sometimes tedious task. You’ll either wear more blue, or you’ll choose a random color and completely ruin the look. That’s why we listed above some color shirts that will surely complement your navy suit.

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Also, we have listed below some things to remember when you wear your navy-blue suit.

  • Keep it simple with a crisp white shirt or a lighter pink or blue. These colors provide some contrast, allowing your blue suit to stand out.
  • The world is your oyster when it comes to ties. The best choices are black or navy, but red, burgundy, and greens can also be used if you want to add some subtle shimmer to your outfit.
  • Remember that black and brown shoes can be worn with navy suits, and lace-ups or loafers are also a good shoe style.
  • If your suit is well-fitting and shorter in the legs and body, then you might want to pair it with a polo shirt and sneakers. It will be a pleasant change in the warmer months.
  • Make sure your accessories are appropriate for the occasion when you wear your navy-blue suit. A leather belt will do the magic.

The Bottom Line

The navy suit is without a doubt one of the most versatile types of dress wear you can have in your closet. It will provide you with many years of excellent service if you choose and invest in high-quality ones. Begin the look with classic white and sky-blue shirts, then branch out later to unleash your creativity.

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