Should Ties be of Similar Color to Your Shirt?

You may think that putting together the perfect shirt and tie combinations is simple because there is nothing new about them. However, that doesn’t imply they can’t be entertaining. Any smart outfit can look more sleek, modern, and coordinated with the right colors. So, whether you’re dressing for your workplace or a special occasion, color is an important consideration.

Remember that a tie that matches your shirt and suit can help to boost your look. On the other hand, shirt and tie combinations that contrast sharply can make you stand out in all the wrong ways. If you’re fed up with matching your shirts and ties, then you should now worry any more. We got your back!

Shirt and Tie Rules

While it will take some thought to finding the perfect tie for the right shirt and vice versa, rest assured that the effort will be worthwhile. And, while some men may be intimidated by the mere thought of exercising their minds to match their shirts and ties, it will be too late for them. It will be past time for them to recognize the significance of this minor but significant detail and take care of it.

When it comes to shirts, you can never go wrong with traditional colors. Ensure you have all of the essentials, such as white, powder blue, and pale pink. This will give you more options when it comes to pairing your shirts with ties.

Mixing Some Pattern

Printed shirts are a welcome change, but you must stick to traditionalist patterns and colors to keep your looks grounded, just as simple checks and washed-out ginghams. Choose some knitted and textured ties to spice up your stylistic corporate looks.

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Patterns and Solids

When first experimenting with mixing and matching tie colors, start with a solid shirt to avoid pattern confusion. A blue shirt and a pink shirt will serve as an excellent starting point for your tie and shirt matching explorations.

You’ll soon realize that donning a solid shirt with a patterned tie, and vice versa, will surely take some thought, but it isn’t as hard as it sounds. If done correctly, these shirt-and-tie ensembles can look fantastic. One of the most popular combinations for men is a solid tie with a patterned shirt.

More Patterns

The most challenging neckwear issue for most men is matching neckties with bold patterns. But even when wearing a patterned shirt with a patterned tie isn’t difficult, many men seem to try to prevent this look to avoid a possible faux pas.

However, contrary to popular belief, patterns do not have to be different to complement each other visually. As they can be distinct patterns, they can also be similar patterns in varying proportions. Your pattern proportion must vary, regardless of whether the prints are identical or different.

The key to wearing patterned neckwear is first to make sure that the colors of the tie do not clash and then to ensure that the patterns of the tie do not conflict with any patterns in your shirt or suit.

Note: When wearing a patterned tie with a shirt and suit, make sure the pattern isn’t already on the clothing. A thin-striped shirt should not be worn with a thin-striped tie. However, the same thin-striped shirt can be worn with a polka dot, solid, or even thick regimental striped tie because the patterns are not similar.

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Shirt and Tie Combinations

The other way of making things work is to complement your shirt and tie it to a color from the same family. If you’re wearing a solid light-blue shirt, try pairing it with a solid dark-blue tie. Therefore, it will have the same contrasting effect and give you a sleeker and classier look.

To understand this more, we have listed some great shirt and tie combinations below.

Blue Shirt and Tie Combination

Aside from a white shirt, the most common piece of clothing in a man’s formal closet is a blue shirt. This is because it provides a plethora of opportunities for complementing your ties.

If you want a more conservative look, a light blue shirt with a navy blue tie is the perfect match for you. This combination will surely provide a classic and stylish look, especially when paired with a charcoal gray solid or pinstriped suit.

However, if you are starting to venture outside your comfort bubble, an analogous color scheme will suffice. During the fall and winter seasons, a darker green tie and a darker purple tie would look great with a lighter blue shirt. During the spring and summer months, a standard purple tie would be ideal.

Now, if you want to be more daring by incorporating color harmony in your outfit, a blue shirt goes well with a red, pink, or burgundy tie. Don’t worry; you will still look good with this shirt and tie combination.

Pink Shirt and Tie Combination

As men’s sense of style becomes more daring, the pink shirt has primarily become a wardrobe staple among the usual white and blue.

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If you prefer an even more conservative style, a monochromatic color scheme with a burgundy tie will be ideal. This will result in a sophisticated look that isn’t overly audacious.

On the other hand, an analogous color scheme would work well if you want something contrasting but not overpowering. For example, a dark purple tie with a light pink shirt is a really great combination. This combination will undoubtedly serve you well in terms of appearance.

Another great idea if you want to incorporate a greater sense of color harmony and counterbalance, pair a pink shirt with a blue or navy-blue tie. This will add balance as well as enough contrast to create visual appeal.

The Bottom Line

Pairing ties and shirts is a difficult task. If you pair them incorrectly, you will become the joke to the rest of your group. On the other hand, if you pair them correctly, you will be viewed as well-organized and have a strong sense of fashion. And if you keep the tips, we provided above in mind, putting together the perfect shirt and tie combos will be a piece of cake. This will make you look great and feel much more confident.

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