Outback Hat: What is It and How to Wear It?

It’s crazy how many kinds of hats are there in the entire world. And it’s even crazier that although most hats look the same, they are not the same at all, just like with the Outback hat.

The outback hat is nearly identical to the cowboy hat. Still, the cowboy hat is an American hat, whereas the outback hat is the complete opposite. LiTheutback hat has a curving upward brim like the cowboy hat, but the crown is different. If you want to know more about this kind of hat, then read on!

What is an Outback Hat

Australian outback hats are a great alternative if you dislike the American cowboy hat but still want to wear it. As we already mentioned, the outback hat is the American counterpart’s Aussie-style cowboy hat.

The brim of an outback hat is similar to that of a cowboy hat, with a slight upward curve. On the other hand, the crown is quite different, resembling the crown of a safari hat.

The Outback hat has spread to many countries worldwide for decades, becoming one of the most famous men’s headgears. And there are many different types of outback hats available on the market, each with its brim shape, materials, and colors.

The Best Outback Hats for Men

With thousands of options for outback hats on the market, deciding which one is best for you is not an easy job. If you’re looking for a new hat to add to your collection, we’ve compiled a list of the best Outback hats on the market.

Outback Trading Australian Oilskin Hat

Each year, a large number of outback hats are produced to meet the demand. When discussing this type, the first thing that comes to mind is the oilskin hat. This hat was released in three different colors: brown, black, and field tan.

When you look at this hat on their webpage, you might think it’s made of leather, but it’s made of cotton. And cotton is effective in absorbing moisture, so it will keep your hair dry all day and not get wet if you wear it on warm days.

Despite being made entirely of cotton, this hat is waterproof. It can be worn to protect your hairstyle from rain. Furthermore, because it is breathable, this material is always a good choice for a comfortable feeling. It is intended for use in the snow, rain, and sun.

Dorfman Pacific Men’s Outback Hat with Chin Cord

Dorfman Pacific produces some of the best outback hats available. This hat is made of 52 percent cotton and 48 percent polyester and is designed for functionality and breathability. The high-quality materials also enhance strength and durability. While it may appear to be very fashionable, it is not all about fashion.

The outdoorsman hat offers UV protection up to a rating of 50+, making it ideal for a stroll on a sunny day. On a hot day, the interior is designed to absorb sweat. It has an interior browband that absorbs all types of sweat to prevent skin irritation.

It has a 2.7-inch brim that can be molded into any style you want. This will provide you just the right amount of shade. And you will also notice that the brim is designed to provide 360-degree coverage for your satisfaction at all times.

The hat also has an adjustable chin strap that can customize the fit to your head. On a windy day, this works well to keep it from sliding down. It is available in different colors: black and brown.

Henschel Outback Crushable

This outback hat is entirely made of full-grain leather. It has a low crown, a 2.5-inch flat brim, and a braided band. This hat has the traditional design of an outback hat with a distressed texture that will give you the desired distinctive and vintage look. This outback hat’s vintage look will go well with a pair of boots and washed jeans.

Furthermore, this hat is made of high-quality leather that is soft and smooth. High-quality leather is also one of the most durable materials available on the market. As a result, you can be confident that this leather outback hat is solid and durable and that it will age well over time.

Another feature of this hat’s material is that it is crushable, allowing you to pack the hat into your bag for transport easily. So when you take the hat out, it will return to its original form. Lastly, the cap dries quickly, allowing you to wear it even when it is raining or snowing outside.

The only downside of this hat is while the brim of this hat is flat, the outer brim lacks an inner wire. As a result, if you’d like a hat that you can reshape the brim of, this hat might not be an excellent alternative for you. And once you stand against a strong wind, the brim of this outback hat may become floppy and thus block your view.

Stetson Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Leather Hatband Outdoor Cowboy Hat

Because of their ability to protect, wide-brim hats are always in demand. The Stetson has a wide brim to protect your head from the sun. This headgear is ideal for keeping you cool while you enjoy outdoor activities. And for the fashion side, we recommend light brown because it is sleek and stylish.

This hat is made entirely of wool. Because of the high-quality wool material, you’ll notice that it is soft and durable, providing both comfort and function. The surface of this hat is breathable, allowing your skin to breathe, and it also improves ventilation. And because it is made of wool, it repels water effectively. You will be sure that your hat is constantly prevented from the elements, including rain, grease, and sweat.

The Stetson hat is built to last and has a soft interior. It has a dri–lex sweatband that prevents oil and sweat from harming your hat and allows it to keep its shape for a more extended period. This Stetson outback hat is the ideal blend of practical functionality and fashionable style.

Indiana Jones Men’s Outback Hat

Another high-quality hat is made entirely of wool. It has an original Indiana Jones pin and a grosgrain trim for an elegant and sophisticated look.

You will surely be able to take yours on outdoorsy travels because they inspired it. The hat is crafted to be crushable and fit within a bag when necessary. Still, it reverts to its original shape when removed.

This is one of the best Australian bush-style hats available. Aside from being ideal for rain, this hat also provides excellent protection on sunny days. The 3-inch brim enables you to go anywhere you want while remaining completely protected from the elements. Well, this is indeed a long-lasting and fashionable hat that most people will be proud to wear.

The Bottom Line

Outback hats will surely add a sense of adventure and aesthetics to any outfit. They depict adventure and are ideal for hiking, camping, travel, horseback riding, or anything else that involves exploring the areas outside of the city. Yes, you can wear it for functionality and be seen as a rugged symbol of good times.

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