What are the Different Types of Baseball Caps?

You probably know that a baseball cap is a rounded, soft cap with a curved peak. Everyone is aware that it is worn as part of a traditional baseball uniform to protect the player’s eyes from the sun while playing on the field. But there’s more to baseball cap than your basic knowledge about it. Are you excited to discover more about it?

You must have seen it your entire life and wondered what was so exceptional about a baseball cap. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Although the baseball cap is one of the most popular headpieces, the variety it provides is unfathomable. The type of closure, profiles, fit, decorations, brims, and so much more can contribute to the array. You may have never considered how intricate baseball cap design can be.

But this time, you’ll surely be mind-blown because of the baseball cap’s versatility. Let’s go!

What is a Baseball Cap?

A baseball cap is a soft hat made up of a soft fabric crown sewn from a few sections of fabric and a visor that shields the eyes from the sun. Some custom-made caps are made to fit the wearer in specific sizes. Still, most mass-produced models have a plastic extender in the center back that can be made larger or smaller to fit the wearer’s needs. On the top of the crown, where all the fabric sections intersect, a fabric-covered button sits. Team logos can be embossed on the crown’s center front, or the letters affiliated with the team can be applied.

Baseball caps are currently available in two different styles. One with a tall, boxy crown that is often horizontally striped, or the traditional soft crown made up of six or eight triangular-shaped portions of the fabric. Surprisingly, most baseball cap manufacturing companies continue to make baseball caps in wool, as they’ve been in over a couple of centuries. They also produce more conveniently washed fabrics like cotton or cotton-synthetic blends.

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It was said that straw was used to make the first baseball hats. It’s possible that what we now call a baseball cap was initially a yachting cap, but the first version that came close to what we know today was in 186. It is when the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore it and was later dubbed the Brooklyn-style cap. It quickly became popular. The cap was not as structured in the nineteenth century, and the peak on the cap was so much shorter, which was later changed to protect the player’s eyes from the sun.

Different Types of Baseball Caps for Men

As we already mentioned, baseball caps were invented in the 18th century. Baseball players exclusively wore them to represent their respective leagues. During this period, the caps were made of wool and leather. Still, today, there are many different types of baseball caps available in various designs, fabrics, and styles.


The Strapback Baseball Cap is the perfect fit for the wearer’s head. It is one of the most popular types of baseball caps. The key feature of this cap is the buckled strap at the back. Because of this structure, the cap can be adjusted to fit your head size. It makes the cap an excellent choice for those who enjoy wearing a well-fitted cap.

A strapback cap is suitable to wear while participating in sports because it does not fall off your head while running or due to wind.

Hook and Loop Back

Hook and Loop Back Baseball caps are similar to Strapbacks in that they both fit nicely on the wearer’s head. But even so, they differ on the closure. Instead of a buckle, the Hook and Loop Back Baseball Cap has a Velcro or hook closure.

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It is ideal for those who do not prefer a buckle because the buckle can break at times, rendering the cap useless. Nevertheless, due to the fixed placing of the hooks and the fixed length of the Velcro strap, the fit can be slightly loose. Because one size does not fit all wearers, wearing and checking for size is needed.

5-Panel Baseball Cap

This is one of the various types of baseball caps made up of panels, which are pieces of material sewn together. As the name implies, a 5-panel hat is made up of 5 pieces of fabric sewn together. That being said, the layout may or may not be circular.

For lateral placing, two pieces on the sides, two in the center covering the upper part of the crown, and one in the front can be used. The panels are sometimes of different colors to make the cap more attractive, and the seam is entirely different, making it obvious. Fashion tastes evolve and are unique to each wearer. Some people prefer that all panels be the same color, and that’s fine, too.

Trucker Cap

The trucker cap is among the six-panel baseball caps, with net or mesh panels on the back and sometimes on the sides and fabric panels on the front. Because of this feature, it is also regarded as a net cap. Truck drivers and farmers are given these caps for free as a form of advertising. And you’ll notice that the cap bears the company’s logo for promotional purposes. This is a more common practice in rural areas.

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These baseball caps are also less expensive to produce than traditional cotton baseball caps. Hairnets are occasionally used in place of these in kitchens and other hot working environments.

Unstructured Baseball Cap

An unstructured Baseball Cap lacks the extra support provided by buckram or other stiff fabrics. Because of the lack of this support, the cap may lose its shape when not worn or packed in a suitcase.

Some caps are made entirely of cloth, allowing the crown to fold completely. Only the visor is still intact. These are considered the best caps for people who love traveling.

Unstructured caps, on the other hand, have some drawbacks. These are less durable and prone to tearing, but they can be washed easily and are lightweight.

Structured Baseball Cap

The crown of the structured Baseball Cap is stiff, unlike the unstructured one. This is because of a rigid material just behind the panels of the cap, such as buckram. As a result, the crown of a structured cap is not bendable and does not lose shape quickly.

Even so, where there are advantages to the structured crown, there are also some disadvantages. For one thing, it is heavier, and some people find it very uncomfortable to wear. Another disadvantage is that it is less adjustable, so you must carefully check the cap’s size before buying it.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve learned about the various types of baseball caps, you can make a sensible decision about which one best suits your sense of style. Which one will you buy and try? Let us know.

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