Which Men’s Shirt is More Attractive, Solid or Printed?

Often when men shop for clothing, they stick to solid colors and avoid patterns. And honestly, it is not a bad plan. Trying to mix and match solid colors is simpler and much less risky than pattern mixing and matching. However, patterns can add variety to an otherwise dull outfit and texture and visual interest to an ensemble when used correctly.

With many choices in the market, men still tend to get confused if they will purchase a solid or printed shirt. The question of which is more attractive when worn arises. So, let’s settle this dilemma by looking deeper into the world of solid and printed shirts.

Solid Shirts

Solid-colored shirts, mainly white and blue, are the cornerstone of any gentleman’s wardrobe. But when it comes to solid colors, you can always rely on blues and neutrals to lay the groundwork for your wardrobe. With such colors, you’ll have more outfit options. The versatility will make you feel more confident when incorporating other colors and patterns.

But aside from the usual solid colors that one can find in a gentlemen’s outfit, other solid colors look great on a shirt. Different great solid shirt colors are light blue, light pink, gold, off-white, French blue, lavender, and just about any of these woven into a shirt.

Choosing the Right Solid-Colored Shirt for Men

Not all colors look good on everyone due to differences in skin tones, eyes, hair, and other factors. Though there are always exceptions, there are some general guidelines for selecting the best solid color for your shirt. Just like the following:

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Skin Tones

Keep in mind that contrast is essential. The only straightforward rule is to avoid wearing clothes that are too close to your skin tone. Avoid lighter shirts with light or pale complexion, such as white, beige, pastels, and yellow. These colors will make you look washed out. You can choose darker colors such as browns, dark reds, and lilacs.

The opposite is true for darker skin tones. If you use too many darker colors, your look will become muddy. However, anything bright can make you stand out. We suggest that you seize the opportunity.

On the other hand, you’re lucky to have olive skin and/or your skin color land in the middle. As long as there is some contrast between your clothes and you, most colors should look great against your skin.

Eye Color

Colors that complement your eye color will be placed next to your eye color. If you have green eyes, a light blue or yellow will look great on you. However, you can always choose a complementary color and rock that contrast if you really want to make your eyes stand out. Orange or gold will look fantastic with those blue eyes.

Different Shirt Patterns for Men

The more design on a dress shirt, the less formal it is. Some shirt patterns, which are more casual than a solid white or blue, will undoubtedly add some spice to your outfit.

Below are the popular shirt patterns that we believe will make you ten times more attractive than you already are.

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A checkered pattern is made up of stripes that cross horizontally and vertically to form squares. A surprisingly large number of prints are classified as checkered. This is one of the most popular ones you’ll see in men’s clothing.


Pinstripes are stripes with the “width of a pin,” which are typically less than 1/16′′ wide. The term refers to both shirt and suit fabrics, where the pattern is commonly used. It’s a classic fabric pattern for business suits.

The lines are usually white, but they can also be gray. The pinstripe pattern’s continuous flow draws the eye up and down, elongating your silhouette and making a shorter man look taller. Pinstripes’ thinness can also help divert attention away from the midsection, creating a larger man appear slimmer.

Plaid Checks

This pattern features crisscrossing colorful stripes, similar to Madras checks but in more muted colors. In comparison to Madras checks, the checks are more symmetrically placed. It is also known as Tartan; read on to learn more about the characteristics of this pattern.


The houndstooth pattern is made up of broken/uneven checks that are pointy in shape like a hound’s tooth. The conventional houndstooth pattern is black and white and kept small in scale. Still, it can be found in various colors and seen in larger versions on big statement pieces. It’s usually associated with tweed and can be found on overcoats and sport jackets.


Pattern inspired by, you guessed it, windowpanes. This pattern’s checks are widely spaced and flatter most men’s heights and body types. It’s a bold pattern that’s appropriate for stylish but not overly formal occasions. Windowpane is a typical pattern found on dress shirts. Suits with a windowpane pattern are also available. They’re simple to match with a tie; choose one that perfectly fits the cosmos.

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The pattern that conjures up images of summer picnics. Gingham was initially a type of fabric, but it is now commonly used to describe a kind of checkerboard pattern distinguished by even-sized squares of a specific color on a white canvas. This is an excellent pattern for a casual button-down shirt. Alternatively, napkins stuffed in your collar while eating spaghetti.


This pertains to both a type of ultra-light cotton fabric and the pattern on that fabric. Madras can take the form of plaid, with horizontally and vertically color stripes that are frequently brightly colored, shifting in thickness, and unequally spaced. Madras can also take the form of plaid squares/patches of various designs that have been sewn together in such a bold, busy quilt.


Its unique V-shaped weaving pattern, in which diagonal lines alternate directions with both parallel bands. It’s called herringbone because it’s meant to look like the skeleton of a herring fish. The pattern is commonly found in wool fabrics. It’s a famous pattern for casual jackets and coats because it looks both rugged and professorial, and it goes well with jeans.

The Bottom Line

Choosing between a solid-colored or patterned shirt might be daunting at the time. But we suggest that you keep one of each in your wardrobe because you’ll surely need them.

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