2023 Men’s Pants Trend: Are Cuffs in Style?

Are cuffs in style for men‘s pants? It’s a question that has been on the mind of many fashion-conscious gentlemen out there.

With fashion trends constantly changing, it’s hard to keep track of what’s in and what’s out. According to recent fashion experts, cuffs have made a come back in the world of men’s fashion.

They are considered stylish and add a sophisticated look to any outfit. Let’s dive deeper into the trend of cuffs for men’s pants.

According to gq Magazine, cuffs on men‘s pants are a stylish trend that has recently made a come back. They give a polished look to any outfit and add a touch of sophistication.

However, fashion experts suggest that cuffs should be worn with the right attire. Cuffs are not recommended for casual wear or shorts.

They look best on dress pants or suit pants. It’s essential to ensure that the cuffs are of the appropriate width for your trousers.

According to Esquire Magazine, a cuff shouldn’t be more than two inches wide, and the ideal width should be around an inch and a half. This gives a balanced look to your pants and adds elegance to your outfit.

In conclusion, cuffs are indeed in style for men‘s pants. They add a sleek and sophisticated look to any attire, making them great for dress pants or suit pants.

However, it’s essential to wear them with the appropriate attire and ensure the width of the cuff matches your trouser size. So, if you’re looking to elevate your fashion game, consider adding cuffs to your men’s pants.

Check out this Youtube video: “Should Men Cuff Their Pants? | Pros & Cons To Cuffing Trousers” to discover the latest trends in men‘s fashion and find out whether cuffs are still in style.

The Definition of Cuffed Pants

Cuffed pants, also known as trousers, are pants that feature a turned-up margin at the bottom called a cuff. This practical element serves as a protective measure against wear and tear of the trouser’s lower portion.

Cuffs are typically made by folding up the bottoms of the pants and stitching them in place.

While cuffs were traditionally found on more formal pants, they have become more prevalent on everyday pants as well. The inclusion of cuffs on pants is often a matter of personal preference, but they can add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to an outfit.

However, it’s worth noting that cuffs may not be suitable for all pant styles or occasions. So, are cuffs in style for men’s pants?

Let’s explore further.

Are Cuffs in Style for Men’s Pants?

Cuffs have been a popular style for men‘s pants for decades. However, the answer to whether cuffs are currently in style for men’s pants is subjective.

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It ultimately depends on personal preference, style, and the occasion.

Some fashion experts suggest that cuffs are outdated and should be avoided. They argue that cuffs make pants look less streamlined and can shorten the wearer’s appearance.

However, others believe that cuffing adds a touch of timeless sophistication to men’s pants.

It’s important to note that cuffs are more commonly seen on dress pants and chinos rather than on denim and casual pants. When it comes to cuff measurements, a standard size for dress pants is one and a half inches, while a more substantial cuff around two inches is suggested for more casual trousers.

In conclusion, cuffs can add a classic touch to men’s pants, but their popularity and appropriateness depend on the occasion and personal style. It’s essential to consider individual preferences and the specific dress code when deciding on whether or not to cuff one’s pants.

Pros and Cons of Cuffed Pants for Men

Cuffed pants have been around for a long time and they have always been a subject of debate among men. Some men swear by the polished look while others find them outdated.

Here are the pros and cons of cuffed pants for men.


  1. They add an extra dimension to an outfit, making it look more stylish.
  2. They add weight to the bottom, causing the pants to drape better.
  3. Cuffed pants can help elongate the legs, making you appear taller.
  4. They are a great option for taller men with long legs, as they can help even out the proportions.


  1. Cuffed pants can make shorter men look even shorter, as they break up the leg line.
  2. They can be harder to alter if you want to change the length of your pants.
  3. Cuffs can add weight to the bottom of the pants, which may not be ideal for some body types.
  4. Cuffs tend to be more common in dress pants, making them less suitable for casual wear.

In conclusion, while cuffs may not be for everyone, they do offer some benefits for those who are looking to add a more sophisticated touch to their outfits. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and whether you think they complement your body type and style.

How to Wear Cuffed Pants Like a Pro?

Are cuffs in style for men‘s pants? The answer is yes, cuffs have made a comeback in recent years and are now considered a stylish addition to men’s pants.

To wear cuffed pants like a pro, follow these tips:

1. Choose the right pant length – For cuffs to look good, the pants must be the right length.

Generally, the pants should be long enough to create a natural break at the cuff. The ideal length is when the pant hem falls at the top of the shoe, but does not touch the ground.

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2. Go for classic fabrics – Classic fabrics like wool and twill work best for cuffed pants.

You can also opt for lighter fabrics in the warmer months, such as cotton or linen.

3. Consider the occasion – Cuffed pants are more appropriate for casual to semi-formal occasions.

They pair well with blazers, dress shirts, and loafers. Avoid wearing cuffed pants to formal events or with sneakers.

4. Experiment with cuff width – The width of the cuff depends on personal preference, but a 1.5 inch cuff is a good starting point.

Experiment with wider or narrower cuffs to find what works for you.

Overall, cuffed pants are a fashionable choice and can easily elevate any outfit. Just remember to choose the right length and fabric, consider the occasion, and experiment with cuff width for a polished and sophisticated look.

When Should Men Wear Cuffed Pants?

Cuffed pants can add a touch of sophistication and style to a man’s outfit. The decision to wear cuffed pants should be based on the event, the environment, and the individual’s height.

Cuffs are generally more appropriate for formal occasions such as weddings and business meetings. However, cuffed pants can also be worn for casual events such as outdoor concerts and weekend activities.

In terms of the environment, cuffed pants are a great choice for cooler weather as they can help keep the pants from getting too long and dragging on the ground. Additionally, cuffed pants can be a stylish choice for taller men as they can help visually shorten the length of the pants.

Overall, when deciding whether to wear cuffed pants, it is important to consider the occasion, the environment, and personal style preferences. As fashion trends evolve, cuffed pants may come in and out of style, but they will always be a classic choice for men’s fashion.

2023 Men’s Pants Trend: Styles with Cuffs

In 2023, cuffs in men’s pants are expected to be on trend. Popular styles include the straight leg, tapered, and cropped pants with cuffs.

Cuffs give pants a polished look and can be styled casually or formally depending on the occasion. This style trend can be seen on runways and in fashion magazines.

So, yes, cuffs are in style for men‘s pants.

Choosing the Right Shoes to Complement Cuffed Pants

When it comes to selecting the right shoes to complement cuffed pants, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is essential to consider the occasion, fabric material, fit, and, most importantly, personal preferences.

Loafers, dress boots, and sneakers are all viable options. Loafers offer a dressy yet comfortable look, while dress boots offer more of an edgy look.

Sneakers are also a great option as they add a casual touch and provide extreme comfort. It is also advisable to match the shoe color with the color of the trousers or pants to create a visually appealing outfit.

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Myths of Cuffed Pants for Men

Contrary to popular belief, cuffed pants are not outdated or reserved for a specific age group. In fact, they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Another myth associated with cuffed pants is that they only work with certain types of shoes. This is not true as cuffed pants can be worn with various shoe styles, including loafers, oxfords, and sneakers.

Finally, some people believe that cuffed pants only flatter taller individuals, but this is also false. Men of any height can successfully pull off cuffed pants as long as the pants are properly tailored to fit their body shape.

Celebrities Who Rock Cuffed Pants

Cuffed pants have become a popular trend among men in recent years, and even celebrities have been spotted wearing them. Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, and David Beckham are just a few famous names who have been seen rocking cuffed pants.

They seem to prefer a slim fitting style, which is paired with a dress shoe or a sneaker. Cuffed pants offer versatility in style and can be dressed up or down.

When it comes to cuffed pants, these celebrities have shown that they are definitely in style for men.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are cuffs in or out for men?

Men who are tall and lanky look better in cuffed dress pants. Shorter men should stay away from cuffs unless they are wearing pleated pants. No-cuff pants elongate the legs, giving the illusion of a taller and leaner frame. If you prefer no-cuff pants, do not buy cuffed pants and have a tailor take them out.

Are pleated pants in style 2023 for men?

Menswear is making a huge step this year! We are making the change from the very slim fit that was popularized in 2012, and are now making pleated, relaxed…

Do men still wear pleated pants with cuffs?

Men with a lean and tall body type, it's your time to be in the limelight with cuffs on pleated pants. It'll instantly accentuate your proportions and bring in a healthy body-to-torso balance. Besides, it's a laid-back approach to stand out in the crowd, since they're just getting into a trend nowadays.

Should guys cuff their pants?

There's no law against cuffing, but for most pairs of jeans, with most pairs of shoes, on most pairs of legs, cuffing will sharpen your bottom half and draw attention to your footwear (this is another reason why it pays to invest in proper sneakers and/or boots. You actually want people looking down there.)

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