What’s the Best Fabric for Men’s Underwear?

Men typically pick the first pair of underpants they see. Consider it a deal if they like the color. And similar to socks, men’s underwear is all too frequently an afterthought. But having these little daily details correctly is essential to having a lovely day and effortless style. You will never regret investing in the best when it comes to your underwear, whether you prefer boxers, briefs, or tighty-whities.

And the best doesn’t just depend on the label they bear. The best balances ease, excellence, fashion, and, more than ever, sustainability. And at the center of it all is material. Generally speaking, most men don’t care what material their underwear is. Interestingly, though, the fabric determines the comfort level of underwear. The ideal material for men’s underwear is a good decision for your manhood there.

So, the question remains: what’s the best fabric for men’s underwear? Let’s find out.

Best Fabric for Men’s Underwear

By default, jerseys and cotton are used by most underwear manufacturers. Due to the fact that these two materials offer all the support, breathability, and comfort you need. Modern fabrics have, too, entered the scene as the textiles industry has developed. And they’re well renowned for keeping your manhood cool and fresh.

Pure Cotton

Cotton fabric has excellent breathability and can also easily absorb moisture. Its two characteristics make it a fantastic option for material that will be in close contact with some of your most delicate skin. Health professionals advise cotton underwear because it allows for optimum airflow, which can help avoid fungal infections and other health issues. Cotton also quickly absorbs liquids, preventing them from pooling on the surface where they could irritate your skin by rubbing against it.

Therefore, cotton should be your preferred material for regular briefs. It could be slightly more expensive than some materials, like polyester, but overall it offers a more reasonable alternative. Lastly, cotton is also incredibly snug and pleasant to the touch. Most people are aware of the exceptional softness of the cotton; thus, you can find it in underwear designs like men’s boxers.

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Recycled cotton

Because of the growing focus on sustainability in the production of clothing, there are coming more fabrics from recycled sources. This can be plastic bottles turned into polyester-mix for t-shirts or leftover fabrics from cotton products upcycled into yarns for new products. This way we use more of the material that’s already made, grown or found in the world. And that is a big plus. But we still need to keep an eye out for the work environment our products are fabricated under, the distance our products are shipped and the ways they are being transported (plane vs. sea vs. roads).

One example of a way to use upcycled cotton is the small Scandinavian brand SKARN which simply produces socks of recycled materials from pre-consumer fabrics. The vision is to integrate the post-consumer fabrics, eventually when this is possible. In Scandinavia, countires are rolling out more collection and sorting of textiles, clothes and fabrics for recycling. The next step is to get a hold of what to use these materials for – and how to get them turned into recycled yarns etc. For this we might need to transport the fabrics across Europe, to get them spun into threads – and produced into new products in Spain, Turkey and Portugal etc. That’s thousands of kilometres of transportation, just to recycle the material. Whereas the upcycled pre-consumer fabrics can be found already in countries like Turkey where they come as leftovers from the clothing industry. These fabrics can be saved and turned into new yarns locally, and new products and be produced in the same country. This is a great place to start.

Cotton Jersey

Today, rather than weaving cotton fabric, the cotton jersey is manufactured by interlocking loops of thread. A jersey knit is frequently seen in t-shirts, hoodies, and various everyday undergarments like briefs or pants. Because it blends cotton’s softness and breathability with extra elasticity produced by the fabric’s manufacturing, this cotton fabric makes some of the most excellent underwear.

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Plain-weave materials seem far less stretchable than knit fabrics. The knitted fabric is soft and supple because of the countless tiny loops that enable it to expand and retract effortlessly. Consider how flexible and elastic your favorite t-shirt is.

Of course, besides cotton, other materials can be used to create jersey knit. There is a lot of polyester jersey knit underwear available. To ensure that your apparel has the maximum softness, stretch, and breathability, read the product description carefully and purchase only genuine cotton jersey knit underwear.


Is wearing spandex underwear healthy? Actually, no. You risk becoming sweaty and chafing if you wear this underwear style frequently. You may even develop infections because it is entirely waterproof and does not absorb moisture properly. However, the material of practically all types of underwear does contain some elastic fibers, such as Spandex or elastane. This gives your underwear the necessary elasticity to keep it in place while you wear it.

Additionally, Spandex continues to be a staple in the underwear market, largely thanks to its extraordinary flexibility and shaping power. There will be a lot of Spandex in your selections if you need shapewear or “invisible” underwear.

You could even consider it necessary in some circumstances to use shapewear or other undergarments made mostly of Spandex. In this situation, look for clothing with an interior lining made of more comfortable cotton.


The pulp from beech trees used to make modal is extensively processed. Because of how soft it feels, this extremely eco-friendly form of viscose has just begun to be used in place of cotton. Additionally, it can soak up to 50% more moisture than cotton while providing many of the same advantages. Modal can offer good breathability, depending on the fabric’s composition. In a jersey knit shape, it excels in this area exceptionally well.

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A piece of partially synthetic viscose fabric is developed by chemically modifying bamboo or wood pulp fibers. Depending on the manufacturing method and the type of wood or bamboo utilized, this fabric’s softness and comfort can differ significantly.

In general, viscose feels soft and silky to the touch. Some kinds, like viscose made from bamboo, could even feel more delicate than cotton. This explains why products like bamboo bed sheets are so popular right now.


Nylon is a fantastic material for active wear-style underwear because of its many positive attributes, including its capacity to drain away sweat. It does not provide adequate ventilation and is not a fantastic fabric for daily underwear. Polyester tends to harbor scents, mainly the oily aromas produced by your body. This means that even after washing, polyester clothing like underwear could not smell good.

Unfortunately, both men’s and women’s nylon underwear is widely available. Nylon boxers and lightweight briefs have become more common among males recently. As you work out, sweat may be removed thanks to nylon’s ability to feel silky smooth against your skin. Additionally, it is far less expensive than cotton. The drawback, of course, is that it does not ventilate well and, when worn too frequently, can cause fungal infections or other health issues.

Take some time the next time you go shopping for underwear to consider the fabric it is made of, how it looks, and how it fits. Cotton is the nicest, cozy, and healthiest fabric for men’s underwear. Cotton has a cozy, comfortable feel and offers vital ventilation that keeps you healthier.

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