What are Men’s Underwear Sizes?

Your underwear is the first thing you put on when getting ready to go on a busy day and the last item of clothes you remove. That means you need underwear to function during the day. It becomes one of the essential pieces of your closet. Furthermore, you cannot live without it. So, if it doesn’t fit properly, it is rather disappointing.

It’s not always simple to select the proper size for your underwear, and it’s usually not when you shop online. Each man needs to learn to pick his underwear cautiously and precisely to prevent unpleasant shocks, whether they are purchasing new boxers or briefs. Who has never placed an online clothing order to receive too huge or, conversely, too tiny pieces?

There indeed is nothing worse than feeling stifled and crushed in your underpants. That is why you landed on the right website and article because Men’s Venture is here to help you.

How to Measure Men’s Underwear Size

The first step in selecting men’s underwear is determining your specific size. What more straightforward tool exists to measure your hip size and, more precisely, the whole rotation of your hips than a tape measure? Knowing your measurements will make it easy to select the correct size for your undergarments, whether you prefer a brief, boxer, or jock strap.

Measure Your Waist

The most crucial measurement for any kind of underwear is this one, particularly if you intend to purchase boxer shorts, briefs, or both.

Wrap the measuring tape around your waist where you want the underwear band to be positioned to get your waist measurement. You can even put on some old underpants to acquire an accurate measurement.

Avoid wrapping the tape around your waist too tightly. A finger’s width should exist between the tape and your skin. Moving about is simpler in slightly baggy underwear. Anything that is excessively tight can result in rashes, discomfort, and stomach bloating.

Also, don’t hold your breath while taking the measures. Keep your abdomen natural, your shoulders relaxed, and your back upright. Keep your muscles relaxed, and respire normally. Additionally, if you believe contracting your abs can make you look thinner in any type of undergarments, think again.

If your waist measures 35.5 inches and you are on the verge of the following size, choose the larger size. You’ll need the extra room. Few things are as bad as a pair of far too small jeans. Keep in mind that it’s always preferable to size up when buying pants rather than down.

Men’s Underwear Size Chart

US Size (Inches)

Body SizeUS SizeWaist (inches)Hips (inches)

AU/UK (Centimeter)

Body SizeAU/UK SizeWaist (centimeter)Hips (centimeter)

Note: The sizes of men’s underpants have absolutely no uniform norm. Each brand or manufacturer can set its sizing guidelines when creating men’s underwear. There are also a few standards that are nation-specific. For instance, brands from France and Italy typically specify lower average values for their sizes. Therefore, even though they have the same size label, men’s underwear from France or Italy frequently comes out slightly smaller than goods from German producers.

Men have a variety of body types and physical characteristics. As a result, there are some noticeable variations in underwear sizes.

The Bottom Line

It’s normal to feel disappointed when your underwear falls short of expectations. Unfit underwear is more frequent than you would realize. But now, everything is going to change. You have the most comprehensive men’s underwear size chart at your disposal.

Your physique and body type are unique compared to others. It follows that your size is distinctive as well. You can have broad shoulders and slim legs or the opposite. You might think putting on a pair of form-fitting underwear is not easy.

So, remember to refer to this guide if you run into trouble determining your size and follow straightforward instructions to guarantee that you obtain the ideal fit.

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