What is Rugged Men Fashion?

Just in case you don’t know, before there were hipsters with hilarious mustaches and women’s jeans, there was the original beard-sporting, plaid-wearing men’s men. The originals, unlike the hipsters, had to fight for themselves in any way. And these days, we draw on our illustrious forefathers for ideas, add a dash of modern elegance, and create the greatest stylish hybrid: the rugged gentleman.

The Rugged Man is a physically masculine individual. He uses extreme strength to bend nature to his will, and he has a caveman stance that tolerates no-nonsense. The rugged man isn’t subtle, and everything in his life serves a specific, direct purpose. He’s an explorer, a mountain man, a warrior, and a blue-collar worker; all rolled into one. Great, isn’t it? No wonder people adapted it to fashion. So, really. What is a rugged fashion?

What is a Rugged Fashion for Men?

The versatility of a rugged style is its defining feature. Even if the function is more subtle than readily evident, a Rugged Man’s fashion never gives up function for form. A rugged gentleman achieves a sophisticated balance between form and function. He has a commanding presence, but he’s also well-versed in the latest hiking fashions.

And any man will look great in rugged clothing. Flannel, canvas, and leather are no-nonsense, utility-minded fabrics that deliver your wardrobe an earthy feel. There are no frills or decorative elements, no materials that can’t take a punch, and nothing too tight or too baggy to be uncomfortable. On the other hand, the right hair and accessories help take your outfit to the next level.

How Pull-Off the Rugged Fashion for Men

It may be beneficial to carry a shotgun, but it is not required. Look to purpose-built clothing designed for other no-nonsense men to master the rugged gentleman style. We have listed below some tips and tricks so you can make rugged fashion your own.

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Find the Right Clothes


The right pants are the foundation of any great rugged outfit. Avoid any flashy graphics or bright colors when shopping for jeans, khakis, and canvas with straight-cut legs. Also, try on pants to guarantee that they are comfortable. Because rugged fashions are all about functionality, the pants shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. So, look for a relaxed fit or straight-cut.

Denim is a must-have for any rugged look. Make sure you get dark or medium-wash jeans that fit well. Search for classic brands or cuts, which have more space around the ankles and inseam.

Another wardrobe staple for a rugged fashion is khakis. Khakis come in a variety of colors, and many of them go well with rugged looks. Avoid bright colors and go for rich brown or grey khakis with a comfortable fit. Avoid front-pleats as well; they’ll make you appear very much like an office worker than an outdoor person.

Rugged clothing often appears well-used, so invest in a pair of ripped jeans. Although you don’t need all of your garments to have holes, adding a couple of holey jeans to your wardrobe can give it a rugged look. Ensure not to go way over the top with the look and buy jeans only with a few holes.


While pants provide the foundation for a rugged look, shirts enhance and complement the look. From base layer t-shirts to thick wool sweaters, various shirts help complete a rugged look. Rugged shirts, like your pants, should be comfortable and simple, not too tight.

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Purchase some plain-colored V-neck or crew-neck shirts. Plain shirts in white, black, navy and neutral colors (brown, red-brown, dark green) work well as a base layer. Many stores sell plain t-shirts for a low price, and you may be able to get a discount if you buy multiples. Ensure that the shirts are comfortable to wear, and keep in mind that they may shrink in the wash.

Henleys are also cozy shirts with no collar and buttons at the neck. They’re available in long and short sleeve styles, and they’re an excellent addition to any rugged wardrobe. Purchase a few in neutral or earth tones.

Also, for years, flannel shirts have been a mainstay of rugged looks, and they go well with other rugged, stylish items. They’re available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so look for ones that match your underwear and pants. The classic color combinations of dark green and blue, as well as red and blue, can be found, but new and exciting colors can also be discovered. You can also start mixing your wardrobe’s color palette. Try orange and red or navy and white.


Outerwear is essential for tying your outfit together. Vests, blazers, and coats complete an ensemble and bring you a more functional and prepared appearance. To complete your look, look for pieces made of canvas, leather, or tweed.

Vests are great add-ons to your wardrobe because they add class and variety to a basic t-shirt and jeans look. From thin wool vests to down-filled outerwear vests, vests come in a variety of styles. Look for vests made of canvas, wool, tweed, or denim that match your pants and shirts. Workman’s vests in brown or khaki colors from Carhartt or Dickies will also bring your ensemble a no-nonsense impression.

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Find the Right Accessories

Since you won’t need too many accessories, a few simple wristwatches can help complete your look. Watches are a timeless fashion accessory that comes in a wide range of designs. And you can also spice up your look with a few leather or woven bracelets.

A rugged look will be ruined by too much jewelry. Rugged style is all about simple, iconic styles, and too much bling will throw the look off. Gold chains, multiple rings, and other extravagant jewelry should be avoided.

Find the Right Shoes

Shoes are an excellent way to complete an outfit and help to tie it all together. The majority of your wardrobe will be made up of leather, suede, and canvas, so look for the materials of the shoes as well. Pick just a few pairs of shoes that will go with different attire, then mix and match them to make new looks.

Leather boots are a must-have in “masculine” fashion. They also come in all sorts of styles to suit your taste. You can choose between low and high-rise ankles in brown or black leather lace-up boots. Both will look great with your outfits, so it’s a matter of personal taste.

The Bottom Line

You’ll be a polarizing force with your rugged fashion style. People will either despise or admire you. Many people will refer to you as trendy or hipster, while others will regard you as authentic. Some people will be intimidated by you, while others will respect you. And you’ll be a physical force to be reckoned with.

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