What Type of Shoes Should Men Wear With Ripped Jeans?

At the time, having ripped jeans was seen as more of a sign of your carelessness than a fashion statement. Fortunately, they have strengthened their standing in the modern man’s closet. Still, it would help if you learned how to wear them correctly and what to pair them with, including shoes, so they seem flattering and not shabby.

Your entire appearance can be improved by wearing the proper shoes with your ripped jeans, transforming a casual outfit from ordinary to trendy.

But when you throw on any old shoes with your favorite pair of ripped jeans, you pass up a great chance to look put together. Far worse, picking the incorrect style of casual footwear is not just a wasted chance; it is also a drawback that can reduce your appearance.

Type of Shoes to Wear with Ripped Jeans

Men should at least have a pair of ripped jeans in their closet because they are classic and can be worn for casual days. While wearing jeans is usually a good idea, selecting the proper shoes to go with them is crucial to putting together a stylish outfit.

White Sneakers

Your casual ensemble will have a hip, youthful, and even faintly sporty vibe if you wear a neat pair of classic sneakers.

They’re a terrific choice when you want to feel comfortable while showing a strong sense of personal styles, such as when doing chores or meeting friends for brunch. They go nicely with ripped jeans, especially in the summer when you may wear canvas sneakers instead of the more common white leather ones.

Black Sneakers

Wearing a black pair of sneakers with ripped jeans is a terrific way to give casual clothing a slightly dressier look. This is because black shoes are typically connected with formal attire.

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For reference, a traditional casual outfit would include a basic white t-shirt, black denim, and white sneakers. However, switching the white sneakers for black ones elevates the entire ensemble by giving it a more sophisticated and edgy feel.

Chelsea Boots

Although Chelsea boots have many different styles, colors, and sizes, their lack of laces makes them unique.

Chelsea boots are perfect for wearing with ripped jeans because, while they can have a sleek-toe design. It makes them appear sophisticated, pull-on boots are typically seen as being more casual.

Driving Shoes

Driving shoes resemble land-based boat shoes in many ways. Although they are typically made of leather, they are more informal than a pair of dress shoes. This is because of their rubber sole, which helps your foot grasp the pedals when driving.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to go for a casual appearance, they’re kind of the ideal shoe to match your ripped jeans. And although they are a little dressier than sneakers, they are still casual enough to offer you a laid-back appearance. With this, you will look more put together without being overly dressed.

Work Boots

A comfortable pair of work boots is easy on the job site, where bootcut jeans are frequently seen. However, wearing a pair of hefty work boots with ripped jeans is a timeless look appropriate for both the street and the workplace.

Also, there are a few straightforward guidelines to follow when donning work boots casually:

First, remember that enormous, chunky boots look best when paired with looser-fitting jeans. It is to make the top of the boot be covered by the ankle of the trouser.

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Second, remember that a pair of tan work boots go well with light- and dark-washed ripped denim. However, your jeans should match the color of your shoes if they are darker.


Many brands have recently begun taking the traditional components of traditional shoes and fusing them with other designs. They do this to create hybrids or crossovers that fall halfway between the two. There are derby shoes made of breathable polyester. There are also dress shoes that resemble sneakers in comfort, and just about any conceivable combination, you can think of.

These crossover fashions are excellent for everyday wear and go well with straight-leg, slim-cut jeans and, surprisingly, ripped jeans. They’ll give you a more polished appearance while offering much greater comfort and support than other dress shoes.

Casual Ripped Jeans and Shoe Outfits for Men

Men’s vintage ripped jeans are the ideal option when you’re not pressed for time. Because consequently, you are not immediately in need of them. You must choose footwear and clothing that will look good with all those rips and tears.

Chelsea Boots and Ripped Jeans Outfit

Consider wearing a gray sweatshirt with your ripped jeans if you favor comfortable clothing. And if you are unsure of how to complete this outfit, you can dress it up by wearing a pair of black suede Chelsea boots.

On the other hand, you can also wear a black bomber jacket and ripped skinny jeans. This will give you a casual yet incredibly stylish look. Also, you may consider wearing a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots to add a touch of class.

White Sneakers and Ripped Jeans Outfit

When it comes to fashion, everybody strives for practicality. And speaking of practicality, the modern pairing of a black and white print crew-neck t-shirt with ripped jeans is a practical example. You can opt to add a pair of white leather low-top sneakers to this ensemble. With this, you’ll surely finish it off in a more refined manner.

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Another outfit option for every man was pairing a tobacco corduroy jacket and ripped jeans. This will make for a comfortable outfit with an urban twist. And while you’re going towards the urban and modern man vibe, why not add some extra elegance to this ensemble? Try pairing it with a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers?

Work Boots and Ripped Jeans Outfit

A tan long sleeve t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans are two simple clothing pieces you can wear for casual days. This casual ensemble will surely add a touch of subtle dapperness to your outfit. Also, the ensemble will look a little more put together when you finish off your appearance with a pair of work boots.

If you want a more stylish outfit, consider pairing a black parka with ripped skinny jeans for an off-duty style. These two items blend well together. And you can opt to complement this outfit with a pair of work boots for added style points.

The Bottom Line

It’s not always simple to put together an all-around combo, choosing a model or picking colors that will work gracefully with your attire. Although ripped jeans may initially give off images of relaxed, informal dressing, they may also be sophisticated. And they may add the ideal twist by reshaping a formal silhouette into a casual one with just the right pair of shoes.

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