What is a Fedora Hat and How to Wear It?

Without a doubt, the fedora hat is one of the most refined and sophisticated headgears a man can wear. There is, however, a time and place for stylish dressing, and donning a fedora hat at the wrong moments can take this designer hat into a fashion blunder.

But before we go to the specifics, you might be wondering what a fedora is. Well, a fedora is a type of hat with a tear-drop-shaped and low-sitting crown. It also has a short to medium-sized brim that curves up along the edges and runs all the way all around the crown. Fedora hats have a hatband that wraps around the lower part of the crown and can be made of grosgrain ribbon, leather, or cowhide, depending on the variety.

Speaking of variety, there are still a lot of things you should know about fedora hats. So, let’s get started!

What is a Fedora Hat?

As we already mentioned, a fedora is a hat with a pliable brim that is usually two to three inches wide, and an indented crown with a center crease pinched on both sides. Even though initially made of fur felt, most fedoras are now made of wool felt.

Other materials, such as straw, cotton twill, synthetic blends, and even leather, are progressively being used to make fedoras. Since it renders itself to so many variations, the fedora shape is defined more by the essential features mentioned here than by a particular style or fabric.

The fedora hat dates back to the 1890s when it first appeared in Victorien Sardou’s play of the same name, Fedora. It was initially worn by the drama’s main character, a woman. The fedora was a variation on another famous hat known as the Homburg, which also has a low-sitting crown and a curled brim all the way approximately. After 1924, Prince Edward, The Prince of Wales, began to wear it as an alternative to the stiff Homburg hat.

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The Homburg was fashionable, but the prince preferred softer, more relaxed clothing and accessories. Because the prince was a fashion leader, men embraced fedoras and replaced bowler hats, flat caps, and top hats. It was mainly worn in urban areas for weather protection and stylistic reasons.

How To Wear a Fedora Hat for Men

To begin with, a fedora is a dressy hat. It looks best when paired with a suit and tie. It’s stylish and trendy that wearing it automatically equates to your good fashion taste. So, don’t give other people any reason to think otherwise by wearing it differently. That is why it is crucial to know how to wear it correctly and fashionably.

Most of the time, you can’t wear a Fedora hat casually. An iconic wool Frank Sinatra-style fedora cannot be worn with a t-shirt. Believe us when we say you’ll look like you eat potato chips for lunch and live in your mother’s basement if you do it.

However, as with all rules, this one can be bent, but only with caution. Fedoras can be downright fashionable when appropriately styled with a great pair of jeans. As long as the ensemble is forward-thinking and the clothes fit well, then you’re good to go.

But if you are attending a formal event, here’s how to wear your fedora.

Find the Perfect Fit

First and foremost, it should fit properly. The hat must not be too large for your head, nor should not slip down over your brow. The fedora hat should rest nicely above your ears and slightly above the center of your forehead. If the look suits you, tilt the fedora to the side slightly. Other than that, wear it straight and centered as this is always the safest bet for wearing a fedora.

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Match the Fedora to Your Outfit

Make sure your hat is not more extravagant than your clothes. A wool fedora with a nice hatband and a mildly stylish accent is a good choice if you’re wearing a sharp, tailored suit. Until then, you can save your ultra-sharp fur felt fedoras for your tuxedo or high-end suit.

The Color Matters

The fedora should be the same color as or lighter than the suit. In certain instances, a black fedora will look great with a lighter suit. A black fedora, for example, can make a red or green suit stand out. However, when pairing the fedora to your outfit, you’ll have to rely on your sense of color and style.

You can play it safe because not everyone has the perfect color fedora for every suit. A gray fedora can be worn with suits in blue, gray, black, and other darker colors. It’s a great color fedora to have on hand for any occasion.

Remember to stick to natural colors when wearing a casual straw fedora because they will go with almost any outfit. Darker straw fedoras can be worn with both dark and light shirts. Indeed, the final decision is entirely yours. You must decide which types of fedoras fit stunning with your outfits.

The Best Fedora Hats for Men

No matter how you choose to wear your fedora hat, we’ve rounded up some of the best ones on the market. So, it is time to buckle up, put one on, and ride out knowing you’ll look your best with the following fedora hats.

Stetson Cromwell Crushable Fedora

Stetson has been producing high-quality hats since the late 1800s, so they surely know a thing or two about creating a suitable wide-brim fedora. The Cromwell model is made of crushable wool, which regulates your body temp while also presenting a fashionable option for your dome. You can pair it with an entire jean ensemble and a stylish leather band and metal button to channel your inner energy.

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J. Crew Packable Panama Fedora

Aside from the semantics, this J.Crew hat is made of a lightweight, straw material ideal for hotter seasons or long days in the sun. So, make sure to pull up a poolside lounge chair and order a mojito while you rock this one.

Filson Tin Packer Canvas Fedora

Wool may be too tough for some, so a hat made of a durable canvas, such as this one from Filson, is a good substitute. This Tin Packer is a bit rounder in style, resembling a cross between a standard fedora and a bucket hat. On the other hand, the canvas offers additional protection from rain and makes it highly packable. It’s ideal for outdoor wear and will only improve in appearance as the canvas wears in.

Pineapple & Star Genoa Fedora Straw Hat

This lightweight straw fedora is ideal for the beach and warm weather. It’s made of UPF 50+ paper straw and polyester to keep harmful UV rays at bay. Also, it has an internal size-adjustable system and a removable chin cord strap for a custom fit.

The Bottom Line

The fedora hat, whether you like it or not, will be around to stay. Back when more formal dress codes and hat-wearing were the norms, you’d be unlikely to find a stylish man going out without one. And since then, the versatile headpiece has established itself as one of the most popular men’s hat styles.

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