Discovering Beret Hats and How to Wear It

Berets have seemed to come back to the fashion scene. Many gentlemen consider it as a wardrobe staple, and we couldn’t agree more. Berets can turn your simple outfit into a classy one instantly. And wearing a beret may appear to be a difficult sartorial move, but actually, it isn’t. But what exactly are berets?

Whenever people think of berets, they think of France, the military, painters, and other things. For hundreds of years, berets have always been an iconic style of hat. Although the modern beret has only been around since the nineteenth century, similar hat styles can be traced back to the Bronze Age. The beret is a round, flat hat made of woven, hand-knitted, or crocheted wool.

What is a Beret?

A beret is a round, flat, visorless cap that has been worn for centuries. It has pinches all over that are evenly rounded and loosely fitted. Berets are made from circular pieces of knitted, woven, or felted cloth, sometimes velvet, drawn underneath a string, thread band, or leather thong to fit around the head. They are sometimes worn with a slant and have a small tail on the crown. They can also be embellished with ribbons, plumes, pins, tassels, jewelry, precious stones, fabrics, and cords.

Berets are a classic piece of several armed forces uniforms, in addition to being a fashionable accessory. Berets, more than any other hat, bring out the wearer’s fashion sense and style.

History of Berets

Berets are used in the uniforms of armed forces all over the world. On the battlefield, the beret is considered an ally. It became a part of the military uniform not only in France but eventually for armies worldwide.

Many Americans may think of the United States Army Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets. Still, military berets can be found everywhere, from the Danish Jgerkorpset to the Spetsnaz Soviet Internal Troops.

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The political revolutionary is another group genre with solid ties to the beret. The beret is a symbol of nonconformity. People who create, commit, militate and resist wear it by that time. The Black Panthers are one example of a revolutionary movement that used the beret as a symbol.

What to Look for a Beret Hat

Even after a rainstorm, a good beret will keep its shape and size. It’s probably better to find out if yours is a good one before it’s irreparably water-damaged by a heavy shower and your money is wasted.

It should preferably be handcrafted from refined felted wool and lined. If the wool felt is too thin or flimsy, it will lose its structure or shape; if it is too thick or stiff, it will settle instead of fit naturally.

How to Wear a Beret Hat

You can wear your beret in various ways or go for a vintage look with a black beret. Also, you can match the color of your beret to your coat or your hair. You can also choose a bright color to add interest to your ensemble. Remember that to achieve a well-put-together look; you should know how to wear your beret hat properly.

We have listed below some ways on how you can wear your beret for your reference.

Get the correct size.

Fit is critical when it comes to berets. Just keep in mind that the tighter the fit, the better.

Get the right angle.

When putting on your beret, make sure you get the right angle. It should not be too horizontal, not too diagonal. Play around with it in front of the mirror until you figure out an angle that suits your face and is comfortable for you.

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Make sure you have the right amount of hair sticking out.

This isn’t necessary if you have short hair, but ensure a bit of your fringe peeks out from under your beret if you have long hair.

Wearing a striped top is not recommended.

Berets go well with almost everything, except for one piece of clothing: the striped top. Wearing a beret with one of these will make you appear in a fancy-dress outfit, which we believe is not your intention.

Different Types of Berets for Men

Berets are traditional artist hats with French and Spanish origins that have never gone out of style since their outset. And some numerous styles and designs distinguish berets, and they are sometimes referred to as the King of Hats.

French Beret

Berets originally came in France and Spain in the nineteenth century, making French Berets the earliest and original style of Berets. Berets are an integral part of the French authenticity and are thus worn on most national holidays and commemorative days in France. They can also be worn casually or to show off one’s French pride.

Even though they are less popular nowadays, French Berets will never go out of style. They are always in style. However, they are best suited for winter and fall because they are typically made of wool or wool substitutes, just like warmer fabrics. They have a distinctive round shape and a small tail on top, near the center of the crown.

Military Style

Military berets have a slight tilt or excess material pulled to the right side of the head. This is the traditional way to wear Military Berets. The military’s Coat of Arms badge is pinned on the left raised part. Most military uniforms use round berets shaped as per regimental rules by dipping them in water and pulling the excess to the right.

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If you want a Military beret for casual wear, you can buy them pre-shaped. Each regiment shapes it differently. Some have a canal in the center, but all are pulled and slated to the right.

Leather Beret

Leather Beret is a fabric classification rather than a Beret shape classification. They can have a buckle closure at the rim made by a tailor. Those with the tail have a similar appearance to newsboy hats, with the stitching resembling a 6-sliced pizza. There are, however, other shapes, such as the tilted beret.

These can be made of natural or faux leather and look great with both formal and casual attire. Their wearer can appear artistic as well as stylish. Because designs on leather are not always possible, leather berets are mostly solid in color.

Straw Beret

The straw beret was created to replicate the stylish beret look during the summer months. Straw berets that are lightweight are breathable. The weave construction and material make it suitable for the summer and spring seasons, as well as hot weather.

These have become an essential part of beach and sunbathing attire because they protect you from the sun while keeping your head cool. As a result, straw berets can take any shape, providing various options to suit your personality.

The Bottom Line

Berets are becoming increasingly popular. They are timeless and ageless. Classically, a modest hat, berets are now seen partnered with great outfits and worn by some of the world’s most famous and respected fashion, music, and film stars.

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