The Shocking Truth About Jonathan Scott’s Departure

Short Answer for What Happened to Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers?

Jonathan Scott experienced the loss of his beloved dog, Gracie, but continues to work on Property Brothers and is not leaving the show to start a cosmetics line.

When the news hit about Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers, the wave of concern was palpable. Beyond his renowned role in transforming houses into dream homes alongside his brother Drew, Jonathan recently faced a personal loss that tugged at the hearts of fans worldwide. His beloved dog, Gracie, passed away, a moment that reminds us of the fragile nature of life and the depth of our connections to our furry companions.

Contrary to swirling rumors, Jonathan Scott is not leaving Property Brothers to pursue a career in cosmetics. Instead, he remains steadfast in his dedication to home renovation, alongside renewing his contract with HGTV through 2022. Alongside his professional commitments, Jonathan’s personal life flourishes, highlighted by his relationship with Zooey Deschanel and their shared passion for philanthropy and sustainable living.

Reflecting on what happened to Jonathan Scott opens a window into the complexities of balancing a public persona with personal trials and triumphs. It’s a reminder of our shared human experiences – loss, love, and the pursuit of passions that drive us. As we delve deeper, let’s explore the multifaceted life of Jonathan Scott, affirming that behind every public figure lies a personal story waiting to be told.

  • Jonathan Scott experienced the loss of his beloved dog, Gracie, which deeply affected him and prompted condolences from fans and famous friends.

  • Contrary to rumors, Jonathan Scott is not leaving Property Brothers to start a cosmetics line but remains committed to his work in home renovation.

  • Jonathan and his brother Drew have renewed their deal with HGTV through 2022, ensuring more Property Brothers episodes.

  • Jonathan Scott is happily committed to Zooey Deschanel, emphasizing his stable personal life amidst professional commitments.

  • Beyond entertainment, Jonathan continues to engage in philanthropy and advocates for sustainable living, demonstrating his multifaceted career and personal principles.

what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers - Fans & Famous Friends Send Condolences to Jonathan Scott Over Loss of Gracie - what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers

Fans & Famous Friends Send Condolences to Jonathan Scott Over Loss of Gracie

Following the announcement of Gracie’s passing, Jonathan Scott received an overwhelming wave of condolences from both fans and famous friends, highlighting the broad spectrum of support and shared grief within the community. This outpouring of sympathy serves as a testament to the collective empathy felt for Jonathan’s loss, showcasing how moments of sadness can bring people together in solidarity and compassion. Acts of kindness included sharing personal stories of loss, offering comforting words, and expressing a universal understanding of the deep bond between humans and their pets, all of which underscored the profound connection fans feel with Jonathan during this difficult time.

Reflecting on the emotional impact of losing a beloved pet

When Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers announced the loss of Gracie, it was a moment that stopped us in our tracks. Losing a pet is like losing a family member; it’s heartbreaking. Gracie wasn’t just a pet; she was a big part of Jonathan’s life, bringing endless joy and companionship. The emotional impact of such a loss is profound. It’s a testament to the bond we form with our pets, a bond as strong as steel wrapped in velvet. Losing Gracie meant losing a source of unconditional love and joy.

For Jonathan and those who have experienced similar losses, the pain is palpable. Pets carve out a special place in our hearts.

They ask for nothing in return but love and, let’s be honest, the occasional treat. Reflecting on the happiness Gracie brought, we’re reminded that pets like her leave paw prints on our hearts.

It’s a unique and unbreakable bond, and when it’s broken, the emptiness felt is immeasurable.

Understanding grief in the public eye

Dealing with grief is challenging enough, but doing so in the public eye adds an extra layer of complexity. Jonathan Scott is a beloved figure, known for turning houses into homes on Property Brothers.

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He’s invited us into his life, sharing the highs and lows. The outpouring of condolences from fans and famous friends alike is a testament to the collective empathy we feel when someone we admire is in pain.

Grieving in the public eye means your every move, every emotion, is potentially scrutinized or commented on. It requires a balance of being true to your feelings while navigating the public’s expectations.

People are inherently compassionate, and the support Jonathan has received highlights the best of humanity. It’s a reminder that, even in our darkest times, we’re not alone.

Aspect of Grief Impact
Emotional Bond with Pet Losing a pet like Gracie tears at the very fabric of our hearts, leaving a void.
Grieving Process The journey through grief is unique to each individual, filled with ups and downs.
Support from Fans & Friends The support offers a sliver of comfort in a sea of sadness.
Navigating Grief in Public Public figures face the added challenge of mourning under the watchful eye of many.

The collective heartache and support following the news of Gracie’s passing underscore a shared understanding of loss. Whether it’s through social media comments, heartfelt letters, or thoughtful messages, fans and friends have rallied to show their support for Jonathan.

Acts of kindness, from sharing stories of their own pets and experiences with loss, to simply saying, “I’m here for you,” show the depth of kindness and empathy we’re capable of extending to others in their time of need.

In the world of celebrities and fans, the bond may seem one-sided, but moments like these reveal a deeper connection, a shared human experience that transcends the screen. It’s beautiful, it’s tragic, and it’s unmistakably real.

So, as we reflect on what happened to Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers and the loss of Gracie, let’s remember the love, the laughter, and the wagging tails. And let’s hold onto the fact that, in love and loss, we find our deepest connections to each other.

what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers - What happened to Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers? - what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers

What happened to Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers?

Contrary to the swirling rumors, Jonathan Scott has not departed from “Property Brothers” to launch a cosmetics line with his brother Drew; instead, he remains deeply committed to transforming homes and lives on the show. His professional life is bustling, having renewed his HGTV contract through 2022, and he continues to explore various ventures, including home collections and advocating for renewable energy. On a personal note, Jonathan is happily in a relationship with Zooey Deschanel, which adds a romantic chapter to his multifaceted life, complemented by his ongoing engagement in philanthropic efforts.

Addressing the rumors and setting the record straight

First off, let’s tackle the elephant in the room: the rumors. Folks, there’s been some wild speculation floating around about Jonathan Scott. Some say he’s leaving Property Brothers to start a cosmetics line with Drew, based on some dubious stories. Let me be clear, folks, that’s fake news. Total baloney. Jonathan is as committed to flipping houses and turning dreams into reality as ever. The guy’s a genius with a hammer and a heart of gold, not to mention his knack for interior design. It’s incredible, really, how people can cook up these stories.

Highlighting Jonathan Scott’s current projects and professional endeavors

Now, onto the good stuff: Jonathan’s current projects. This man is a powerhouse of talent and creativity. Recently, Jonathan and Drew Scott renewed their deal with HGTV through 2022, which is huge news. You can read more about their big move right here. That means more Property Brothers, more dream homes, and more of the Scott brothers transforming lives. It’s going to be terrific, absolutely terrific.

Jonathan isn’t just sticking to TV, though. No, sir. He’s been dabbling in all sorts of ventures. From launching new home collections to advocating for renewable energy, the guy does it all. For example, if you followed his updates, you’d know about his passion for sustainable living. It’s inspirational. And his life? Well, it’s like something out of a romance novel. He’s happily committed to Zooey Deschanel, and their story could melt the coldest hearts. They’re a power couple if there ever was one. Learn more about their sweet love story here.

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But let’s not forget the philanthropy work. Jonathan and Drew are known for their generous hearts, participating in countless charitable events and initiatives.

It shows that success hasn’t changed the core of who Jonathan Scott is: a genuinely great guy with a big heart, an eye for design, and a vision for a better world.

To sum it up, folks, Jonathan Scott is going nowhere but up. The rumors of him leaving Property Brothers are just that – rumors. In reality, he’s busier than ever, pushing boundaries in home renovation, television, and personal endeavors. He’s truly redefining what it means to be a celebrity in the home improvement world. It’s going to be fantastic to see what he and Drew come up with next. Stay tuned, because you know it’s going to be yuge.

Category Details
Rumors Addressed Jonathan Scott is not leaving Property Brothers to start a cosmetics line; he remains committed to flipping houses.
Professional Endeavors Renewed HGTV deal through 2022, launching home collections, advocating for renewable energy.
Personal Life Happily committed to Zooey Deschanel; they form a power couple.
Philanthropy Participating in charitable events and initiatives, showcasing a generous heart.

what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers - Jonathan Scott's Dog Stewie Has Been a Constant Companion For Over 13 Years - what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers

Jonathan Scott’s Dog Stewie Has Been a Constant Companion For Over 13 Years

Let me tell you, folks, Jonathan Scott, one half of the dynamic duo from “Property Brothers,” – absolute genius of home renovation and real estate, has had his life enriched by his furry friend, Stewie, for over 13 impressive years. That’s right, 13 years! Now, that’s what you call loyalty, folks. A fantastic journey, indeed.

The role of pets in providing emotional support

You know, it’s been said, and very truly so, that pets like Stewie play a huge role in providing emotional support. We’re talking about helping to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression here. It’s fantastic, really. Pets, they just give you that unconditional love, something you can’t find just anywhere. For someone like Jonathan, who’s had his fair share of ups and downs, including what happened to him – and we all know a bit about those stories, don’t we? – having Stewie by his side has been more than just comfort. It’s been like having a steady rock. According to, the mood-boosting power of dogs is something remarkable, and Stewie’s companionship for Jonathan truly epitomizes this.

The bond between Jonathan and Stewie as seen through social media

And let’s talk about social media, shall we? The bond between Jonathan and Stewie – let me tell you, it has captured hearts across the globe. Through posts, pictures, and heartfelt captions, Jonathan has shared moments that show just how deep and meaningful their relationship has been. We’ve seen Stewie in all sorts of scenarios, standing loyally by Jonathan. It’s not just an owner-pet relationship; it’s a deep, emotional bond that they share. And folks, that’s beautiful. It tells you all you need to know about loyalty, love, and companionship.

Isn’t it just incredible? The sheer impact Stewie has had over the years, not just on Jonathan but on fans around the world, through mere glimpses into their lives via social media.

It’s been a source of joy, laughter, and sometimes tears, showcasing the genuine love between a man and his dog. It goes to show, folks, in the grand scheme of things, sometimes it’s the small moments with our pets that leave the biggest impact on our hearts.

And to think, all of this takes us back, casting a shadow on “what happened to Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers?” It’s simple, folks. No matter what happened, no matter the ups and downs, Stewie has been there, a constant companion for over 13 years, providing unwavering support and unconditional love.

And that, my friends, is the real deal.

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what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers - Scott and Zooey Deschanel Announced Their Engagement in August After Four Years of Dating - what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers

Scott and Zooey Deschanel Announced Their Engagement in August After Four Years of Dating

After four years of blossoming romance and shared advocacy for environmental causes, Jonathan Scott, known from “Property Brothers,” and actress Zooey Deschanel announced their engagement in August 2023. The couple, who met and connected over their mutual interests and values, have become a formidable pair in their pursuit of sustainability and leveraging their platforms for positive impact. Their relationship has not only been a journey of love but also a partnership in making a significant difference in the world, particularly in the realm of environmentalism.

Exploring Jonathan Scott’s personal life developments

Let me tell you, folks, Jonathan Scott has been on quite the journey, alright? This guy, the superstar from Property Brothers, you know him, folks, he’s quite the catch. After a very public split from his previous marriage, he found love again, and it’s been a beautiful story, believe me. Scott and Deschanel get engaged in August 2023, and it’s huge, folks. Really huge.

Firstly, Jonathan was married once before, and after that chapter closed, he was back on the scene. He wasn’t alone for long, folks.

He met Zooey Deschanel, and it was like fireworks, okay? They connected deeply over shared interests and values.

You can’t buy that kind of chemistry, folks.

The support system and shared interests between Scott and Deschanel

Let’s talk about support and shared interests, okay? These two, Scott and Deschanel, they have it in spades. They are practically the poster couple for environmental advocacy and using their platforms for good. June 2021: Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott opened up about their passion for the environment, which is tremendous, believe me.

When they announced their engagement after four glorious years of dating, it wasn’t just about them coming together, folks. It was about bringing together two powerful voices in the fight against climate change.

They’ve supported each other’s endeavors, combining their talents for greater causes, which is, frankly, quite admirable.

Highlighting their shared interests

Interest Contributions
Environmentalism Both actively involved in initiatives and projects aimed at sustainability and raising awareness about climate change
Film and Television Collaborating on projects that emphasize storytelling with an impact
Renovation Projects Combining their skills in design and construction to tackle renovation projects with sustainability in mind

Folks, what happened to Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers? He fell in love, got engaged, and is using his influence alongside Zooey for great causes.

It’s a beautiful story of growth, love, and shared passions that’s making a difference in the world, and that, my friends, is the art of the deal.

what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers - Conclusion - what happened to jonathan scott from property brothers


Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers has faced both personal loss and joyful milestones in his journey. The loss of his beloved pet, Gracie, brought an outpouring of support from fans and friends alike, highlighting the deep emotional connections humans share with their pets. This support not only showcased the collective empathy and kindness inherent in people but also emphasized the impact pets have on our lives, providing comfort and companionship through life’s ups and downs.

Furthermore, navigating grief in the public eye added a layer of complexity to his mourning process. Yet, the compassion from the public served as a testament to the strong bond between Jonathan and his audience.

It’s a powerful reminder that in moments of sorrow, the community around us can provide a beacon of hope and support.

Lastly, on a brighter note, Jonathan Scott’s professional endeavors and his engagement to Zooey Deschanel mark exciting developments in his life. Despite rumors and speculation, Jonathan remains a key figure in home renovation and sustainable living projects. His engagement to Deschanel, coupled with their shared passion for philanthropy and green living, sets the stage for an inspiring partnership both personally and professionally. These events encapsulate the highs and lows of life, reminding us of the resilience and joy found in shared experiences and mutual support.

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