What Color Tie Goes with a Purple Shirt?

Mastering the art of matching ties to your suits and shirts is a must for every man. But learning and perfecting it might take a while. You see, it’s not easy to mix and match a tie with a shirt, especially on shirts with an unusual color, like purple.

There are many rules when you wear purple clothing, but the first thing to remember is that such a color should be combined with contrasting muted hues. If you’re still searching for combination ideas, Men’s Venture is here to help. We’ve listed some tips and guidelines on how to mix and match your ties and shirts… even if they’re purple.

The Basics: Tie and Purple Shirt Combination

You can wear purple easily with navy, gray, black, and beige. These are 4 of the most classic and versatile menswear colors in a wardrobe.

Navy Blue Tie and Purple Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a navy tie and a purple shirt. This combination never fails to give that macho, yet elegant look. Matching these colors will introduce an element of sophistication without being overly bold. 

Gray Tie and Purple Shirt

If you like to look trendy and dapper, you can always partner a tie with a lighter shade and purple shirt. This combination is soothing to the eye and can be used at work or in more social settings.

Beige Tie and Purple Shirt

Matching a beige tie with a purple shirt will allow you to look elegant and sophisticated without necessarily taking you out of your comfort zone.  This combination is a safe and easy way to look stylish. It can also be used in any setting, from work to presentations, meetings, and even more formal social settings such as weddings.

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Black Tie and Purple Shirt

For more edge, the combination of a black tie and purple shirt is the one to try. This combination is best used in social settings, as its boldness may appear inappropriate for the workplace or professional settings.

The tie and shirt combinations listed above are the usual ones. However, you can always experiment when matching your tie with your purple shirt.

Colored Ties and Purple Shirts Outfit Looks

We’ve included some looks that we think you’re going to pull off perfectly with colored ties and your favorite purple shirt.

Creative Look

  • We recommend matching a purple striped shirt with a purple dotted skinny tie to introduce a classy and creative look to the workplace. Pairing this combination with white chinos is a guaranteed way to inject personality into your style. Brown leather monks will immediately smarten up even the simplest of getups.
  • You can match your purple shirt with a purple, black, and white striped necktie to achieve another creative look. This combination will also look good once paired with gray dress pants. Steal glances when you walk by your colleagues or friends as you complete this look with brown leather loafers.
  • Geometric purple with a stylish pink square necktie is another must-try if you want to achieve a creative and preppy look. This might be an out of the box combination, but wait until you the compliments start rolling in. Wear it with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a pair of beige suede brogues.

Minimalistic Look

  • By matching a wool chambray burgundy tie with a purple striped dress shirt, you establish a simple and unexpected look. The unique combination of colors gives you an urban and minimalist style that others will definitely want to imitate. Often captivating and trendy is the mix of textures and fabric weights. You can also opt to partner this tie and shirt combo with charcoal wool dress pants and a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes.
  • A polyester eggplant-purple tie will also create a minimalist look once paired with a light purple shirt. Try wearing a purple chino for a clean-cut sophisticated outfit. For something more on the classy side, complete this look with black leather loafers. This combination will give you a fresh and, at the same time, edgy vibe.
  • Another tie and shirt combination to look dapper is a fully-lined polyester satin fabric purple skinny necktie and purple shirt. This will help you achieve that minimalistic look whether in the office or when attending a special occasion.
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Fashion Forward

  • Put your khaki tie to work by matching it with a light purple striped dress shirt for a business professional vibe. This mix is innovative, quirky, and forward to trend! Wear this combo with a navy-blue suit or pair it with tailor-made navy chinos.
  • Another fashion-forward style that will match your quirky personality is orange with purple dots necktie paired with your purple shirt. Pair it with white chinos and black suede loafers to completely shake up the ensemble.
  • If you want a fashion-forward yet laid-back outfit, match a purple textured woven fashion necktie with your purple shirt. This combination will definitely go with your gray chinos. And don’t forget to make this outfit a bit more polished by finishing off with a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

Things to Remember When Matching a Tie and Shirt

There are many ways to match your tie and shirt, just like the ideas we listed above. But just in case you run out of ideas, here are some of the things that you should remember as you mix and match your tie and shirts.

  • Always partner a solid-colored tie with a gingham shirt. This is a great way to look stylish.
  • A white tie goes with any color and pattern shirt.
  • Never pair a tie and shirt with similar sizes and prints.
  • Do not match a floral tie with a floral shirt.

The Bottom Line

Matching a colored tie with a purple shirt is quite challenging, but once you discover which color goes with it, you’ll surely pull it off. Which shirt and tie are you going to try? Let us know!

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