What Color Shirt Goes with Rust-Colored Pants?

In today’s fashion, there’s no denying that the color of rust is becoming a trend. Although it’s one of the most eye-catching colors, it’s one of the hardest to pull off. But with the right color of shirt and styling, you’ll definitely pull it off.

If you’re planning to purchase a pair of rust-colored pants, make sure that you also have the shirts that go well with it. White or Black colors go perfectly with rust trousers or pants. And since the trouser and/or pants are somehow casual, you can even pair them with a t-shirt.

To help cut the mixing and matching time while you browse your wardrobe for the perfect outfit, we’ve listed some ideas for you below.

Color Shirt and Rust Pants Combination

Having the basic shirt and t-shirt colors in your wardrobe is a must if you want to rock rust pants.

White Shirts with Rust Colored Pants

We said it before and we’ll say it again: white goes with everything, including rust pants. A white shirt will give you that fresh vibe that you’ll need during the summer or a casual walk in the park. It’ll also make you stand out from the crowd.

Black Shirts with Rust Colored Pants

A black shirt will surely complement your rust pants. They’ll give contrast without overpowering them.

Navy Shirts with Rust Colored Pants

A navy shirt is more comfortable to pull off with rust pants. Like black, it will also give a good contrast with rust pants because it doesn’t come off too bold.

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Gray Shirts with Rust Colored Pants

If there’s another color shirt that you should own if you want to pull off your rust pants, it’s a gray one.  Gray is neither too loud nor too soft – a perfect match (and it goes with blue denim too).

Rust Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

We mentioned earlier that wearing rust pants might be a problem for some, but with the right clothing pieces paired with it, you’ll kill it.

Here are some outfit ideas that we believe will look great on you.

Off-Duty Look

  • Match a white crew-neck t-shirt with rust jeans for an off-duty outfit; these 2 pieces match together well. When you compliment your ensemble with white canvas low-top shoes, the whole look comes together perfectly.
  • Consider wearing a navy knit turtleneck and rust pants for yet another off-duty but seriously trendy ensemble. Finishing this look with black suede tassel loafers is a seamless way to give this look a sense of refinement.
  • A grey crew-neck sweater, white under-shirt, and rust pants worn together looks fantastic. A simple way to breathe a splash of sophistication into this outfit is to finish off with black leather boots.
  • We love how you immediately look classy and trendy with the combination of a dark brown wool turtleneck and rust trousers. Complement this ensemble with beige leather low-top sneakers.
  • For ridiculously casual yet trendy attire, wear a tan cable pullover, white dress shirt, and rust trousers. Now, to make it a more stylish, wear white canvas low top sneakers with it.

Modern and Stylish Outfits

  • Wear an olive overcoat and rust pants for rugged style with a modern take.
  • For a refined outfit for a modern gentleman, a beige knit wool turtleneck and rust pants will look great. For the overall get-up, white canvas low top sneakers give this outfit an elegant twist.
  • You can also opt to wear a dark green crew-neck sweater with rust trousers for a modern twist. With shoes, you could get a little adventurous and add black suede loafers to the mix.
  • To look like a modern gent, wear a tan linen jacket, navy polo shirt, and rust trousers. Introduce a pair of dark brown suede driving shoes to your outfit to add a touch of fancifulness to your look.
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Formal Look

  • A navy blazer and white dress shirt looks so polished when matched with rust pants You can also switch things up by sporting navy suede tassel loafers.
  • Try matching a beige wool blazer with rust trousers for a new take on the classic formal. Complete your outfit with a pair of brown suede derby shoes if you want to pump up your ensemble.
  • A must-try look for any guy is the polished combination of a tan blazer and rust pants. Put on your tan suede double monks to complete your ensemble.
  • To look sharp, pair a charcoal blazer and navy waistcoat with rust pants. Now, a simple way to add some extra classiness to your ensemble is to complete it with dark brown suede oxford shoes.
  • A guaranteed way to introduce a classy touch into your current lineup is to combine a brown check blazer, navy dress shirt, and rust pants. A pair of black leather boots will definitely pump up this outfit idea.

4 Unspoken Rules of Wearing Rust Pants

Just like any colored pants, there are also a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing your rust pants.

  1. Steer clear of graphic tees if you’re new to the concept of rust pants. Opt instead for simple and plain ones.
  2. Let the rust pants stand out. Do not pair them with other bold hues.
  3. A bright rust trouser goes very well with a denim shirt.
  4. If you are carrying a bag (while wearing your rust pants), make sure it’s not a bold color. Brown or black leathers always work well.

The Bottom Line

Rust pants go very well with white, black, navy, and gray shirts. But you can always take the risk of pairing it with other colors (but not the bold ones). Whatever you wear, make sure you feel confident in it. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line!

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