What is a Trapper Hat?

Trapper hats for men are an iconic wardrobe staple with significant retro style appeal. The trapper hat, also known as an aviator hat or bomber hat, is associated with daring people who enjoy being outside in even the coldest weather.

Historically, these hats are made of shearling sheepskin suede or leather and trimmed with a wide range of furs such as coyote, raccoon, mink, fox, and rabbit fur. Such styles are still common today, but more modern options such as plaid, corduroy, and waterproof fabrics, are also popular in the fashion world.

But there is more about the trapper hat than meets the eye. So, allow us to introduce to you some facts about this kind of hat, and enjoy. Let’s go!

History of the Trapper Hat

Hunters traditionally wore the trapper hat. They are worn in uncharted territory where ears, chin, and nape needed sure-guard safety from the elements. With its distinctive earflaps, you’ll see people wear the trapper in colder climates across North America, from the Appalachian Mountains to deep into Canada.

Again, the other name for the trapper hat is the aviator hat. At the start of World War I, it is one of the requirements to shield a pilot’s head and ears from the chilly winds they encountered in the first accessible biplanes to fly over Europe.

By the time of World War II, planes had advanced to the point where they could fly at much higher altitudes. Those in the legendary B17, B24, and other bombing fighter planes would wear the aviator hat, then known as the bomber hat. They wear it to maintain their head, ears and chin warm in unpressurized cabins that reached 30,000 feet throughout their 8–9-hour missions.

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What to Consider When Looking for Trapper Hats for Men

The trapper hat is now popular among fashion-conscious people of all ages, from teenagers to oldsters. Although hunters no longer wear the hat as they hunt, it is still very famous for skiers and people who do other cold-weather outdoor activities.

So, try to consider the three essential factors listed below when shopping for a trapper hat.

The Exterior Material

Trapper hats are made from a wide assortment of exterior materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the actual trapper hat exteriors such as fur and leather and faux fur are still available today.

On the other hand, wool and cotton plaid are two other popular exterior materials today. But in cold, rainy weather, a synthetic exterior made of polyester or another water-resistant material is usually the perfect option. Aligning the outer fabric of your hat to the current weather conditions will almost always help you make the best choice.

The Interior Material

The old trapper hats, worn by trappers and hunters, had real fur interiors for a specific purpose. Fur was the warmest and most readily accessible thermal insulation material on the American frontier at the time. Hats with fur interiors are still available and prominent. Still, interiors made of artificial materials are just as notable, if not more so.

The interior materials of trapper hats range from wool to cotton to faux fur to synthetic. All have their ups and downs in terms of comfort and warmth. Some trapper hats even have polyester blend components on the inside to wick sweat away from the head and warm you up in the extreme cold.

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The Color

Color, while majorly subjective, is an essential factor. Bright, primary colors are more casual and are better for recreational activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Red plaid is a timeless classic that you can wear casually or for outdoor work. Browns, greens, and grays are among the most preferred colors for trapper hats.

In cold-weather situations where more formal attire is required, the increasingly common black trapper hat is fashionable and classy. You can wear it well with a full-length coat. Trapper hats are also available in camouflage and hunter orange for hunters.

Best Trapper Hats for Men to Try

By this point, you’ve almost certainly known what a trapper hat is. These cold-weather hats are well-known throughout the world for their instantly recognizable furry look and dopey-looking side flaps. And by now, we believe that you already know how convenient it is to have one. So, we have listed some of the best trapper hats that you can buy in the market today.

Columbia Winter Challenger Trapper

The Columbia Winter Challenger Trapper comes in four various colors, allowing you to pair it with your favorite winter jacket. This hat also has a faux rabbit fur lining that extends to the ear covers and offers a comfortable wearing experience. The hat is covered in a waterproof yet breathable membrane to keep the water and stains at bay in extremely harsh climate conditions. The strap is also straightforward to adjust for a comfortable fit.

Outdoor Research Frostline Hat

Thanks to its slimmer design and lightweight fleece lining, the Outdoor Research Frostline Hat looks and feels like an advanced trapper hat choice. It’s designed to withstand extreme cold, and it even has a built-in, secret face mask for when situations get cold. This hat also has a water-resistant shell that is breathable for ultimate convenience. There is also an external drawcord adjustment for a more secure fit.

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Obermeyer Trapper Knit Hat

This Obermeyer Trapper Knit Hat, available in herringbone and grey matter, will keep the cold at bay. The faux-fur lining and brim provide a snug fit. The fold-over earflaps have a snap-button closure to eliminate the inconvenience of tying the ear flap straps. Depending on the climate and mood, you can also choose whether to wear the laces up or down.

San Diego Hat Company Heathered Reversible Trapper

The San Diego Hat Company Trapper is a reversible choice with an adjustable chin buckle for a comfortable fit. The faux fur lining and large ear flaps ensure that this winter hat is prepared for any snow day or winter storm. Furthermore, the hat has a simple buckle for wearing the flaps up on gentler days.

The Bottom Line

Trapper hats have a long history as the go-to headgear for those who work outdoors and in freezing temperatures. Thanks to their rugged style, signature ear flaps, and no-nonsense ability, it will surely keep your head warm in the harshest winters.

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