Were Just Normal Men: The New Trend in Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion has been known to showcase bold, extravagant and sometimes bizarre styles. Recently, there has been a shift to a more minimalist and practical approach to men’s fashion.

This shift is evident in the “We’re Just Normal Men” trend, which focuses on simplicity, practicality, and functionality.

The focus keyword, “We’re Just Normal Men,” relates to this trend as it emphasizes the idea of keeping fashion simple and accessible to all men, regardless of their status, occupation or lifestyle. It’s about embracing the idea that fashion is not just about making a statement but also about feeling comfortable and confident in your skin, without the need to conform to any societal standards or expectations.

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The Origins of the Trend

The trend of redefining gender norms in the fashion industry has its roots in the history of men’s fashion and traditional gender roles. For centuries, men were expected to dress in a certain way, with suits and ties being the norm for formal occasions.

However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards more relaxed and comfortable clothing for men, which has opened up new possibilities for fashion.

This shift has been driven in part by the growing acceptance of gender fluidity and non-binary identities in modern society. As more and more people reject traditional gender roles and embrace their true selves, fashion has become a powerful tool for self-expression.

Breaking Down Barriers in Men’s Fashion

Fashion has long been viewed as an arena for expression and creativity. While for a long time there were unwritten “rules” for what was considered acceptable for men to wear, those barriers are now being broken down.

Men are becoming more confident and embracing their own personal style, regardless of societal expectations.

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One notable example of this is the trend of men wearing dresses and skirts. Music icons such as Prince and David Bowie paved the way for men to experiment with fashion and express themselves in a way that had previously been off-limits.

More recently, Jaden Smith has made headlines for his bold fashion choices, such as wearing a skirt on the red carpet. These men are setting an example for others to follow, proving that fashion knows no gender.

Examples of men breaking the mold in the fashion industry. Example: Jaden Smith wearing a skirt

Grooming for “We’re Just Normal Men”

Grooming is an essential part of the modern man’s lifestyle. It is a reflection of self-care, personal hygiene, and individuality.

As the world changes, there is an ongoing trend of redefining gender norms and embracing individuality. Men are starting to wear dresses, skirts, and makeup on red carpets and on stage.

Grooming plays a significant role in this trend, allowing men to express their identity, beliefs, and personal style in unique and confident ways.

To achieve a natural and effortless look, grooming should come as second nature. Men should clip their nails regularly, trim their beard if they have one, take care of their teeth and breath, and smell great always.

Cleaning ears and nose hair, taking good care of the skin, and addressing foot care is also crucial. Getting a proper haircut regularly ensures a cohesive looking style.

With a consistent grooming routine, men can appear effortlessly attractive, confident, and put-together.

A good skincare and haircare routine are also essential in achieving an overall put-together look. Skincare and haircare can be achieved through a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, and using quality products suited for the individual’s skin and hair type.

When paired with a consistent grooming routine, the perfect look of effortless grooming is achievable.

Grooming for We're Just Normal Men fashion. Example: A man wearing a natural hairstyle and a clean shave

Men’s Clothing: The Essentials

When it comes to fashion, the “We’re Just Normal Men” trend is all about keeping things simple and classic. Here are some essential clothing items to achieve this look:

1. White T-Shirt

A plain white t-shirt is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. It can be paired with jeans and sneakers for a casual look, or worn under a blazer for a more formal event.

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2. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket can elevate any outfit and it’s perfect for layering. It looks great with a t-shirt, hoodie or even a collared shirt.

3. Black Jeans

Black jeans are a must-have item for a “We’re Just Normal Men” wardrobe. They are a classic staple that can be dressed up with a button-up shirt or dressed down with a simple t-shirt.

4. Chinos

Chinos are a great alternative to jeans and they are perfect for creating a smart-casual look. They can be paired with a blazer for a more formal occasion or worn with a t-shirt and sneakers for a more relaxed outfit.

5. Oxford Shirt

An Oxford shirt is a classic item that never goes out of style. It can be dressed up with a blazer and dress pants or dressed down with jeans and a sweater.

6. Leather Shoes

Investing in a good pair of leather shoes can elevate any outfit. They are versatile and can be worn with anything from jeans to dress pants.

7. Hoodie

A hoodie is a comfortable and stylish addition to any casual outfit. It’s perfect for those colder days and can be paired with jeans or chinos for a laid-back look.

8. Sneakers

Sneakers are a classic footwear choice that can be worn with almost anything. They are comfortable, stylish and perfect for those casual days.

Styling these essential clothing items is easy. Pair a white t-shirt with black jeans and sneakers for a casual look.

Dress up the same outfit with a blazer and leather shoes for a more formal event. Wear a denim jacket with chinos and a collared shirt for a smart-casual outfit.

The possibilities are endless!

Essential clothing items for We're Just Normal Men fashion. Example: A white t-shirt, denim jacket, and black jeans

The DIY Mindset of “We’re Just Normal Men”

The modern man is now embracing the DIY fashion trend and the concept of customization. More men are now taking their fashion sense into their own hands and using it as a form of expression to set themselves apart from the crowd.

This “We’re just normal men” mindset is becoming more and more prevalent in fashion for men.

DIY fashion projects are becoming increasingly popular as men are trying to find unique ways to express their fashion style. Some DIY fashion project examples for men include hand-painted designs on denim jackets or jeans, stenciling on basic t-shirts with spray paint or fabric paint, and upcycling old clothing items into new trendy pieces.

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DIY fashion projects for We're Just Normal Men fashion. Example: A man painting a design onto his denim jacket

The Future of Men’s Fashion

The trend of We’re Just Normal Men in fashion is all about embracing individuality and breaking gender norms. This trend is definitely here to stay and could potentially take men’s fashion in a more gender-neutral direction.

Men wearing dresses, skirts, and other traditionally feminine clothing is becoming more accepted and popular, especially on red carpets and runways. This trend may encourage more designers to create genderless clothing, which could lead to a major paradigm shift in the industry.

The impact of this trend on the men’s fashion industry is immense, as it is promoting a more inclusive and diverse future. This trend is pushing more brands to cater to the needs of all genders, which could lead to an increase in sales and brand loyalty.

Additionally, the rise of social media has allowed for more men to express themselves through fashion and showcase their unique personal style. This trend is definitely shaping the future of men’s fashion, and it will be exciting to see where it goes from here.


Embracing individuality in men’s fashion is important as it allows individuals to express their identity and personal style. This helps them stand out and feel unique and confident.

It is essential to remember that we are all just normal men, and there is nothing wrong with expressing ourselves through fashion. By grooming regularly and having the essential closet items, we can elevate our outfits and look great always.

DIY clothing projects for men are also a great way to embrace individuality in fashion and stand out from the crowd. Remember, fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and we should embrace our individuality to stay true to ourselves.


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