Men’s Yoga Underwear for Class and Exercise

All men know how it feels when it’s unbearably hot, and you are doing intense yoga poses, and your private parts can’t seem to keep cool. Such moments result in a lot of discomforts and heavy sweating down there. And you’ll notice that the same pair that feels amazing on workdays or casual weekends doesn’t work as well when you’re practicing yoga.

So, if you are having a hard time finding decent underwear that holds everything in place while also allowing you to move and be comfortable, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the perfect underwear for you to use in your next yoga class.

What to Look For a Yoga Underwear

If you want to have a productive and satisfying yoga class or yoga exercise, wearing the best yoga clothes is essential, including underwear.

Traditional cotton underwear absorbs moisture, making it sticky and unpleasant to wear during practice, and it can even cause chafing in certain places. Your usual pair might also be too rigid to handle the demands of your workout.

So, the question is, what should you look for in the perfect underwear for yoga? We listed some pointers for you.

  • Choose one with moisture-wicking fabrics. This will help you prevent chafing and bunching in the crotch area.
  • Make sure it’s breathable and comfortable. This means that the fabric and the cut must be chafe-free. And always remember that breathability is a must.
  • Should provide support. When doing hard-core yoga poses, there is a lot of intense movement, always at a furious pace. As a result, you should get the best yoga underwear that would prevent things from bouncing around down there.
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The three tips listed above are the most important points to remember when purchasing yoga underwear. Those will surely help you greatly in your next yoga practice.

Best Men Yoga Underwear for You

Since the popularity of yoga among men has skyrocketed for the last decade, so is the need for the perfect yoga clothing pieces. Clothing companies understood this kind of need, so many athletes and brands made sure to bring their A-games in terms of yoga clothing. A lot of men’s underwear for yoga was offered to the market, and every guy yogi was into it.

And to save you from dreadful hours of searching the internet for the best yoga underwear for men, we listed them down for you.

Lululemon Always in Motion Boxers

First on the list is, of course, Lululemon Always in Motion Boxers. Many people are raving about this outstanding athletic underwear for its ultra-comfy Modal fabric. It also has a moisture-wicking technology, which ensures you’re as comfortable as possible on any given day.

Under Armour Mesh Boxerjock

The Under Armour Mesh Boxerjock is another good option for yoga underwear. Your thing down there won’t surely get scuffed up because of the smooth, chafe-free flatlock seam construction of these boxer briefs.  Furthermore, the collection includes a highly stretchable performance waistband. This is also ideal for those scorching summer days when you need all the support you can get to stay cool.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer

This is considered as one of the best moisture-wicking active men’s underwear. The relaxed fit is a welcome change from the standard, and the polyester/spandex mix is smooth and comfortable against the skin. They encourage you to breathe freely and keep you supported rather than constricted; that is why many men out there love this. Not to mention, it offers a variety of styles, too.

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SAXX Sport Mesh Boxer Brief

The 3D hammock-shaped pouch on SAXX’s boxer briefs is designed to avoid skin-to-skin rubbing and keep you chafe-free. They come in six colors and are made of a moisture-wicking and odor-resistant material.

Adidas Sport Performance Athletic Boxer Briefs

These Adidas boxer briefs are one of the best and the finest, and we mean it. It has everything you might want in athletic underwear, and it’s also moderately priced. The moisture-wicking, climate-control fabric has a soft feel, and they remained lightweight and comfortable even when pushed to their limits.

Patagonia A/C Boxer Briefs

Patagonia is the holy grail in underwear for many people, and the A/C briefs continue the legacy. These boxers are made of a combination of lyocell and spandex and will keep you cool and relaxed all day.

Rhone 5” Athletic Boxer Briefs

If you are looking for exercise underwear that has a high-intensity-training capability, this one is for you. It keeps you cool, comfortable, secure and supported. Rhone’s boxer briefs are many people’s top choice because they won’t make you feel like being suffocated by some crazy spandex fabric.

Teamkit Boxer Briefs

For guys who do yoga, Teamkit has developed the most creative and comfortable boxer briefs and trunks. Their patented design allows a man to step confidently and comfortably in all of his poses.

Teamkit underwear can keep you comfortable and dry, but the comfort of The Clubhouse Pouch — built to keep your package right where it belongs — is the highlight of these value boxer briefs. Boxer briefs from Teamkit are absolutely game-changers. These boxer briefs are perfect for high-impact and high-intensity activities, as well as the rhythm of yoga poses.

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Mack Weldon Airknitx Trunk

The Airknitx from Mack Weldon is a microfiber blend with many features (including stretch, mesh, and a non-roll waistband) that make it a worthy choice. Furthermore, if you’re not pleased with your order, the company can assist you in locating a new pair or grant a refund; amazing, isn’t it?

There are so many underwears in the market, but the ones listed above had their way to the top of the yoga underwear hierarchy.

The Bottom Line

What you wear during your yoga class can make or break your practice experience. Comfort and flexibility are the names of the game, including the underwear you’ll use during yoga practice. So, we hope that we could help you know what kind of underwear you should look for and which brand offers the best. Will you be trying any of the yoga underwear we listed above? Let us know.

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