What to Wear to a Visitation: Men’s Style Guide

Attending a visitation can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing the right outfit. Men may find it challenging to look respectful and appropriate without being too casual or overdressed.

What to wear to a visitation men largely depends on the occasion’s level of formality, but generally, a suit and tie is the go-to outfit. According to lovetoKnow.com, a long-sleeved dress shirt combined with dress pants and a simple tie is acceptable attire in certain places.

For those who want to substitute their business suit, a dark sports coat is always a good option. It’s conventional for men to stick to neutral shades such as gray, navy blue, black, or brown.

Based on the search results, it’s clear that men should opt for formal attire, especially if the visitation is in a religious or cultural setting. A suit and tie are always a safe option, and if that’s too formal, a dress shirt and pants with a simple tie will do.

It’s vital to avoid wearing anything too casual like jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers, as it shows disrespect to the person who has passed away and their family. It’s essential to remember that the visitation is a solemn occasion, so it’s best to dress conservatively, and for men, dark or neutral shades are preferred.

In the end, it’s essential to strike a balance between looking respectful and not over dressing. With this in mind, men can confidently choose the appropriate outfit to wear when attending a visitation.

Check out this Youtube video: “Proper Funeral Attire – YouTube” for some great ideas on what to wear to a visitation that will ensure that you show respect and make a good impression.

Variables to Consider

Choosing what to wear to a visitation can be a difficult task. There are several variables to take into consideration, such as the time of day, location, and religious customs.

It is important to do some research beforehand and find out if there are any specific dress codes or customs to adhere to.

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According to LoveToKnow.com, a long-sleeved dress shirt, dress pants, and a simple tie are considered appropriate for men at a visitation. Traditional attire such as a suit and tie is also acceptable, but a dark sports coat is always a suitable substitute.

When it comes to color choices, dark or neutral colors like gray, navy blue, black, and brown are typically preferred for men. It’s best to avoid wearing bright or flashy colors so as not to draw too much attention to oneself.

It is also important to ensure that clothing is clean, ironed, and well-fitted. This can show respect to the family and the deceased, and also make one feel more confident and comfortable in their attire.

Ultimately, it is best to err on the side of caution and dress more conservatively for a visitation. When in doubt, one can always consult with the funeral home or the family members for guidance.

Man wearing a suit at a visitation - what to wear to a visitation men

Appropriate Attire for a Visitation

When attending a visitation, it is important for men to dress respectfully, modestly, and conservatively. A dark suit paired with a tie and dress shoes is the most formal and classic option for attire.

If wearing a suit is too formal, a good alternative would be a long-sleeve dress shirt, dress pants, and a blazer or sports coat. It is important to avoid bright or flashy colors, patterns, and graphic tees as they are not appropriate for the somber occasion.

Stick to darker hues like navy blue, black, gray, or brown for a more appropriate and respectful look. According to LoveToKnow, gentlemen have the option to wear a long-sleeved dress shirt and conservative tie, or a dark sports coat with dress or suit pants if a full suit is not possible.


When it comes to attending a visitation, it is important to keep accessories simple. A wedding ring, a simple watch, or a religious symbol are acceptable accessories.

It is best to avoid wearing sunglasses or hats inside, as it may seem disrespectful. According to www.lovetoknow.com, men can wear a dress shirt with long sleeves, paired with dress or suit pants and a decent tie.

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Dark sports coat can also be an acceptable alternative to a formal business suit.

Man with simple accessories at a visitation - what to wear to a visitation men

Grooming and Hygiene

When attending a visitation, it is essential for men to maintain proper grooming and hygiene. Men should keep their facial hair trimmed and styled, and their nails should be neat and clean.

It’s also recommended to keep fragrance to a minimum as it could be overwhelming for others. A well-groomed appearance shows respect to the deceased and their loved ones.

Man with tidy hair and well-groomed beard at a visitation - what to wear to a visitation men

Rainy Day Clothing and Accessories

Attending a visitation during a rainy day can be challenging in terms of dressing up. It is important to wear a waterproof jacket or overcoat to keep yourself dry during the travel.

Carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the rain while walking outdoors. However, make sure to remove any wet items upon entering the funeral home or church to avoid discoloration and damage to the interiors.

Look for shoes with a good grip to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

Man wearing a raincoat and holding an umbrella at a visitation - what to wear to a visitation men


When attending a visitation, it is crucial for men to dress appropriately and show respect for the family and the deceased. Conservative, modest, and respectful attire is recommended, and considering the location, time, and religious customs can make a big difference.

Grooming, hygiene, and accessories are also important factors to consider. Ultimately, the goal is to show support and respect for the family during this difficult time.

According to experts, men should avoid wearing loud or bright colors and opt for muted and neutral tones such as black, grey, and navy. It is also recommended to avoid wearing clothing with logos or graphic designs.

When it comes to shoes, experts suggest wearing dark dress shoes or loafers. Sandals and sneakers are not recommended.

Men should also ensure that their shoes are clean and polished.

While ties are not necessarily required, wearing one can add a touch of formality and respect. If a tie is worn, it should be a muted color and a conservative design.

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Accessorizing should be kept simple and minimal. Watches, belts, and cufflinks are acceptable, but they should not be flashy or distracting.

Additionally, it is important to pay attention to grooming and hygiene, making sure hair is neatly trimmed, nails are clean and trimmed, and the face is freshly shaved or neatly groomed.

Overall, men should aim to dress in a way that shows modesty, respect, and sensitivity. It is important to keep in mind that the focus should be on supporting the family during this difficult time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is appropriate visitation attire male?

Men may opt to wear a suit and tie. However, a long-sleeve dress shirt, suit/dress pants, and a modest tie are acceptable in many regions. A dark sports coat is always acceptable in lieu of a business suit. Men generally wear dark or neutral colors such as gray, navy blue, black, or brown.

Is it appropriate to wear a suit to a visitation?

A suit is recommended, or a dress with hose and flats or a shoe with a small heel. Darker colors are custom, but not always necessary. Again, try and gauge the situation based on what people wore to the visitation.

Is it inappropriate to wear jeans to a visitation?

We recommend wearing dark or neutral colors, because darker colors reflect the mourning atmosphere of the service or visitation. Clothing can be formal (think suits and dresses) or casual (pants or nice jeans and shirts).

Can men wear jeans to a viewing?

The most common answer is that jeans aren't considered appropriate funeral etiquette unless requested by the family. However, dark, unembellished jeans paired with a shirt, tie, and blazer for men or a blouse and a blazer for women can be appropriate for a casual service.

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