Should Men Wear Thongs: A Comprehensive Guide

Should men wear thongs? It’s a controversial topic that has been debated for years.

Some believe that thongs are meant for women only, while others argue that men can rock the style just as well. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of men wearing thongs, tips for wearing them comfortably, and some of the top brands to try.

So, let’s dive in! According to, thong underwear is no longer just a popular choice for women, as men are also increasingly embracing this style.

This trend has led to more brands offering a wider selection of thongs, complete with better design, enhanced comfort, and greater functionality.”

When it comes to the question of whether men should wear thongs or not, opinions are divided. However, as men’s fashion evolves, thongs for men are becoming increasingly popular.

The increased demand for this style has led to more brands offering a variety of designs, materials, and colors, allowing men to choose what suits them best. While some may still believe that thongs are only for women, the trend for men’s thongs is growing.

In the following sections, we will explore the pros and cons of men wearing thongs and provide tips for those who are considering trying them out. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your confidence or looking for a more comfortable alternative to traditional underwear, this guide will help you make an informed decision on whether or not men should wear thongs.

Check out this Youtube video: “I Wore a Man Thong For a Week And This Is What Happened” and discover if men should really wear thongs, a hot topic in the world of men’s underwear.

Men’s thongs are a type of underwear that features a narrow strip of material that runs between the buttocks. This results in minimal coverage and maximum comfort.

The popularity of this style of underwear has increased in recent years, and more and more brands are offering a wider selection of thongs for men. According to Underwear Review, men embracing this style is becoming a trend.

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Why should men wear thongs?

Thongs are no longer a style of underwear exclusive to women. Men are embracing this style, and for good reasons.

According to Underwear Review, many brands are now offering a wider selection of thongs for men, complete with better designs, enhanced comfort, and greater functionality. Wood Underwear also notes that thongs are an ideal choice for a lightweight, front-end support that holds your private parts perfectly without any excess fabric or discomfort caused by constant readjustments.


One of the main reasons why men should wear thongs is comfort. Thongs don’t bunch up or create visible panty lines, making them an excellent option for men who want to avoid these issues.

They allow for more breathability and can help reduce chafing, providing ultimate comfort throughout the day.

Man wearing thong - should men wear thongs

Enhanced Support

Thongs provide enhanced support for men who are active or engage in sports. They can help keep everything in place and prevent unwanted movement or discomfort.

Thongs are also perfect for tight-fitting clothing that require minimal lines or excess fabric, especially in athletic wear.

Sexy Style

Thongs can be a unique fashion statement and add a sexy twist to any men’s clothing attire. They can be a confidence booster in the bedroom as well and are a popular choice for men seeking a sexier look and feel to their everyday wardrobe.

Why should men not wear thongs?

While thong underwear is becoming increasingly popular for men, there are several reasons why certain men may not want to wear them.

Uncomfortable sensation

According to Wood Underwear, thongs may take some getting used to, especially if you are not used to wearing this style of underwear. It can take some time to adjust to the sensation of having a strip of material between your buttocks.

This may be uncomfortable for some.

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Hygiene concerns

Thongs provide minimal coverage, which may cause concerns about hygiene for some men. According to Underwear Review, this style of underwear has the potential for more bacteria buildup, which can lead to a higher risk of infection or other hygiene concerns.

Visible bulge

Although thongs can eliminate visible panty lines, they may also cause a visible bulge in the front. This may be a concern for some men who do not want this type of visibility, according to Underwear Review.

While thongs are trendy, men should also consider their comfort and hygiene before opting for this underwear style.

men's underwear - should men wear thongs

According to experts at and, men can definitely wear thongs for its enhanced comfort, design, and functionality. To wear thongs comfortably, choose the right size, and opt for breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo.

A proper hygiene habit is necessary, like washing thongs after each wear, and keeping the area clean and dry.

To wear a thong, put it on like regular underwear, but straddle the string and slide it up to your waist, pulling it a bit higher than a regular brief. Once in the pouch, adjust yourself to get comfortable.

The premium-quality thongs have been designed to keep everything in place while you wear it, and you should not need to readjust at the rear.

Top brands to try

Men embracing thong underwear has led to a wider selection of thongs and brands to choose from. Here are some of the top brands:

Wood Underwear

According to Wood Underwear, their eco-friendly and comfortable designs, including their men’s thongs, are designed to give more movement freedom and ventilation, making them a comfortable and lightweight option for front-end support.

Wood Underwear Thong - should men wear thongs

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is known for offering a wide variety of men’s underwear, including thongs in a range of styles and designs. Their thongs are designed to provide comfort and functionality.

Andrew Christian Thong - should men wear thongs


Ergowear offers men’s thongs that are made with materials like microfiber and modal, providing extra comfort and functionality for the wearer. They are designed to stay in place and not require any constant readjustments.

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Ergowear Thong - should men wear thongs


Thongs are becoming a popular choice for men’s underwear. According to experts from, many men find thongs to be comfortable and stylish.

Thongs provide front-end support, freedom of movement, and ventilation, thereby giving the wearer needed comfort. While the decision ultimately lies with the individual, make sure to choose the right size and materials, practice good hygiene habits, and wear them with confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are thongs good for men?

Not only is it less fabric clinging to your body, but the design also lends itself to breathability. It's a bit like going commando but still maintaining support for your precious cargo. If you're facing high humidity, going with a thong is a great way to stay cool and maintain body temperature so as not to overheat.

How many men actually wear thongs?

Overall, about one percent of men in the United States wore thongs several times week, while zero percent wore them on a daily, or almost daily basis. The overwhelming majority of American men do not wear thongs at all.

Can a man wear just a thong in public?

It is not acceptable anywhere to appear in public wearing only your underwear. It would be considered bizarre behaviour. and you would be treated accordingly.

Can men wear women's thongs?

Yes, men can wear women's thongs if that's their personal preference. However, wearing a male thong brings more benefits since it provides more support and comfort.

Why are men into thongs?

Men's thongs are not only comfortable, but they also sit correctly to shield your front profile without disrupting the male genitals' ventilation cycle. While less coverage around the butt area might seem uncomfortable to some, it's designed to give the skin more room to breathe.

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